Almost the end of Napa time

I usually blog when we move from one state, area or campsite and since we have just been bouncing back and forth between two campgrounds only a mile apart in Napa. I really didn’t feel inspired to post about it, because who wants to hear about rain, flooding and boredom?   I am going to give the next to last Napa post and get caught up though. About a week ago today I picked Kat up  (Saturday night) and we stayed near the airport because I really didn’t want to drive back to Napa in the rain. It was dark and miserable. We had a really nice Sunday with friends at brunch in Alameda and then they were nice enough to let us watch football at their house even though they are Canadian and could care less about American football. Triple bonus was that I got to share some good beers and we took home a lasagna that fed us for 3 meals this week. Thanks Doug and Jackie! It was good to have so much company after a dreary week home alone.
The almost continuous rain finally stopped on Tuesday. Whew, thank goodness! That weather really had me starting to feel down. No walking, hiking or biking. Sure I could have done some productive things inside, but I got in a funk and just read and streamed Amazon TV shows with the intermittent bit of work and trying to learn WordPress online. (I did find a good course that has helped a lot).

I also got to thinking while hanging out alone and this is what I came up with…
Why is a Midlife Crisis called a crisis? What is it really anyway? A lot of possible scenarios here: It is a change you make in your life after you realize you didn’t do the crazy, impetuous things you wanted to do when you were young and ambitious. Did you find things that you wanted to do and just felt like shaking things up with something new? We all want to be adventurous in our own ways. Try a new recipe, go out with someone new and get to know them and possibly have a new friend in your life. Buy something to wear you wouldn’t normally wear, but it feels like something you always wanted to wear or maybe it reflects someone you think you could be. I love Tie-dye myself, but I have limited it to sleepwear for now.
Lets be clear here… I am NOT having a midlife crisis, just writing more of what I think about rather than just about our campsites. The goal is to go deep this year. I miss talking deep with friends. Everyone needs friends to talk to outside of their main relationship, it’s a good thing. When we take walks that is when Kat and I talk best. There are no distractions (except maybe the occasional mountain lion) No phones or computers, internet or books. Silence is nice on a hike, but you do eventually get to talking about the thoughts you have while walking. (They can be superficial or deep, just be ready.) At least we do. It usually takes about 1/2 mile. Maybe that is something the Europeans have on us…They do a lot of walking as families, friends or couples. Last November we went hiking to a mountain top with a friend in Switzerland and at the top was a bar- coffee shop-restaurant. I realized that many walks in Europe are followed by a stop at a coffee shop or a pub. What better incentive and a great way to spend the day walking with someone, friends or family if there is a reward at the end too. That last stop is a great way to finish and if it was fun to extend the time together. If it wasn’t so fun I hope you end up at a pub. Actually, coffee or tea and a biscuit works well too. So, now you should get up and go for a walk today.
When living in Raleigh I learned a lot about our neighborhood on my walks. Who has nice flowers, who sits in the garage and listens to opera because he wants to smoke cigars at the same time and she won’t let him smoke inside and she also hates opera, what houses are getting work done, what houses are for sale, just all kinds of things if you look around. It was also great to go walking with our neighbor, Amy. We got to know each other a little more and it was just nice. Now, when we walk around campgrounds we are checking out other campers, who has insulated hoses, how the stabilized their rig and where they are from. We sometimes get to chatting with people for awhile too and that’s fun. Everyone has a story. Sometimes I don’t actually get to talk to people and find out their true story, so I just make them up after watching them. (I call it observing, not being nosy.) Really, that probably makes the stories more interesting anyway. We have some pretty good laughs when I share them with Kat. Most of the time I keep them in my head because they can get pretty outrageous.
See? Random thoughts during that rainy week. If Kat would have been around she would have either joined me or given me kick and said to knock it off. Or maybe she could have made me some soup since she did leave me with a cold.  She did give me a kick when she got home, but it wasn’t a hard kick since she either picked up a new cold bug or the old one she left with got worse. She still isn’t feeling right (luckily I am), but we had to get out and get things done like grocery shopping and laundry.  We have company coming! My sister Melissa is coming to visit for a week starting tomorrow. It makes me extra happy that the weather looks good so she can see Napa in all its glory. Of course you don’t need sunshine to go taste wine and wander around San Francisco. But it will be good to be in the sun and warm 60 degree weather with Melissa and Kat to explore with. The workers can be seen in the vineyards and it is so green it seems like spring. Even the frogs are singing louder! I better go, I have to mop the floors and after those 5 minutes have passed maybe I will try to go to bed early.  No pictures this post, but I will definitely have some next time!  The sun is going to be out and shining bright.  Yipee!

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10 Responses to Almost the end of Napa time

  1. Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to see what RV life is like!

  2. Robert says:

    I totally get the riding and thinking on the bike. I ride my motorcycle for hours and think a lot about anything and everything. There’s a saying. “You never see a motorcycle in front of a therapist office”. Well I think it’s a saying. I’m really enjoying you road stories. Hope you guys get on this side of the continental divide and we can ride out to see you.

    • says:

      Thanks Rob, glad you like the posts. We are really looking forward to warmer weather and Kat now has a bike so we can ride together. We will keep you updated on our travel plans. Would be fantastic to see you.

  3. KU says:

    Rain is no fun-love and miss you guys! Have fun w/ your sister!
    Kat feel better soon!

    • says:

      I’m sure we will have a great time. Kat is already feeling better. We miss you too and hope to see you this year!

  4. Debbie says:

    I totally agree with the walking bit. I miss walking. I started running and I am not at all a talker when I run and…if people run next to me it frustrates me…so now I’m a lonely jogger. Ha ha. But seriously, some of my favorite times are when I go home to San Diego and while everyone is sleeping, my mom and I escape and we walk about 1 mile to Starbucks and enjoy each others company, talking about deeper topics than what we would with the family all around. Enjoy your sister visit and I hope Kat feels better soon.

    • says:

      Kat is on the mend and we will burn off any remaining germs with alcohol and sunshine. Hopefully we will get some walks in around the campground while the weather is nice before we move on to the next campground.

  5. Diane says:

    I love your new style posts!
    Have a great time with Kat & Melissa

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