Blown away by Kansas

We enjoyed Kansas much more than expected and that feeling started when we arrived at our campground. We had made a reservation at the Bloomington East area of Lake Clinton in Clinton, Kansas, just outside of Lawrence, Kansas. Clinton was a tiny little town, probably 25 houses and a tiny market. I did go into the market to pick up some beer and ice. Later we found out that unless you buy beer at a liquor store you are getting 3.2% beer! The lady running the store was super nice and the beer was cold and refreshing, so I guess it was worth it. We had reserved a site that looked as if it was backed up to the lake, but there were so many trees we couldn’t really see too much of the lake. It was a short walk down the road to one of the boat ramps where we had a nice view of the lake. We went down there almost every night. It is a really big lake, lots of boating and fishing going on there.

IMG_6808 P1140630

As we usually find in the Corp of Engineer parks it was well maintained and had plenty of space between campsites, so we were happy. We were in the Cedar Ridge area and there are three more camping loops, a beach area and a small marina with another boat ramp. I could easily get in 7-10 mile bike rides if I rode through all the areas. The campground and lake got a little busy during the weekend, but not too crazy. What a well kept secret.

Friday we headed into Lawrence to check it out and get groceries. It was a 20 minute drive so we didn’t want to have to keep going back. Lawrence is the home of University of Kansas and its town motto is “Unmistakably Lawrence”. It has the reputation of being a little bit artsy with a hippie-ish vibe. It was hot and no breeze at all to help cool us off, so we just walked around a bit on main street and then went shopping. We ended up getting a big fan that we can use when sitting outside. That makes it so much nicer to sit out sometimes. Stocked up and headed back to camp. It was a nice evening after we spent time inside cooling off in the AC.

IMG_6814 IMG_6824

Saturday was a lazy day. After I took a bike ride we took a drive over to the state park side and since it cost $5 just to drive in, so we skipped that, we just wanted to check out the campground and marina-oh well. Not much else done that day, but later we did meet our camping neighbors Renee and Darin who live close by and camp there a lot. They told us about some places to eat in Lawrence and what to do in Kansas City.

After finding out that Kansas City has a free Art museum we made up our minds to go explore KC starting early Sunday. It was about a 1 ½ hour drive. We found a mexican restaurant that does brunch in the Westport neighborhood near the art museum, which was really good by the way. And did I mention it was Free?! I should have gotten some pictures of the houses in the neighborhood, they were super cool with stone columns and facing. Definitely interesting. We went to the Body World Exhibit after our delicious brunch. The food was not only delicious, but I got the bloody mary bar. I actually had a bloody Maria (tequila instead of vodka). They had so many choices of pickled things to put in it along with a great selection of mixes. I got the verde mix which was spicy due to the serrano chilis in it. A delicious start to the day! Bodies was showing at Grand Union (an exhibit hall is in the basement of their train station). There is also a WWI museum, but they say it takes two days to really go through it. We decided to skip that and so we just walked around a bit. Another HOT day. We drove through downtown a bit, but there was a knife and gun convention going on and lots of construction detours, so we just headed home. A good day, KC is interesting and worth exploring.


The museum-“I think”


There were a few of these around the museum grounds.


Part of the sculpture garden.



Grand Union


View of downtown from the top of the WWI museum.


KC has a nickname- “city of fountains”


My creation!


So many choices…. you can’t go wrong.


Here we go.



Monday wasn’t terribly exciting, except for the wind. Most of the time our weather was hot, humid and very still, but that wasn’t the case that day. Holy cow! It was really blowing, I went for a bike ride and the hill I had gone down at 28 MPH the day before I had to pedal down! It was crazy. I went to Lawrence for a couple of things at Walmart and kind of just to go somewhere and then when I got back I did laundry. I was surprised to see some people out riding bikes on the main roads, they were barely moving against the wind.  We did find time to  make arrangements to do a Volunteer day in Topeka at a Habitat For Humanity house, which I will post separately.

It was a really pretty area. I am amazed by the farms, the farm machinery and all the corn and just the views themselves. The nighttime storms scared us a few times. The wind picks up, the thunder and lightning starts and we worry about a tornado blowing us away in our sleep, so we wake up and wait. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but it did cause us to delay our departure from Wednesday to Thursday. Before we even finished our first cup of coffee on Weds there were severe storm warnings and we didn’t think it would be good to drive, so we tried to be productive by cleaning and planning for future trips and were relatively successful. It did clear up so we were able to get outside a bit. Good vibes from Kansas.


Flat Kansas

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11 Responses to Blown away by Kansas

  1. Rich says:

    I didn’t realize Kansas was on the bottom of the world…

    • says:

      I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about until Kat showed me her view of the blog. I’m working on it. Thanks for reading though and watch for photos coming up correct.

  2. Diane says:

    That sounds like an excellent stop!

  3. Karl S. Kramer says:

    Sounds like Kansas is kind of like parts of Illinois! You seem to be having some issues with rotating you photos but I save them and they look great.
    While your out the try get into a conversation about deer hunting. You are in the center of big deer country!
    Keep the posts coming! Love them!
    Love You and Kat!

  4. Breck says:

    Bert, I just sent you a note with a step by step on fixing your images. I see the rotation issue in my email that your blog sends out, as well as the online version. Good news is you can correct it quickly.

  5. Julie S says:

    It appears that Kat has a new statistic to add to her ever growing list: # of photos posted sideways or upside down on the blog. Ha! Ha!

    Glad to hear that Kansas is worth a stop, especially with such a nice COE park.
    I can relate to the uneasiness of nighttime storms, heck, even the daytime ones aren’t a lot of fun.

    Love and hugs,

    • says:

      I am determined to fix the pictures. They come out fine on my preview and when I view the blog. Guess I will have to do some more posting with pictures to test it out!
      🙂 🙂

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