Busy times in St Louis

I’m not quite sure where to start with our St Louis visit. We did so much and had a lot of fun. I will try to go in order as much as I can. We had an invitation from one of Kat’s work partners (Rich) to park in his driveway while in St Louis and of course at first we were hesitant to take advantage of someone’s hospitality. As we searched around for campsites near the area we realized it would be an ideal situation to stay with him and maybe we could get to know him and his family a bit. People really do want to be helpful and share experiences and if they offer I am a firm believer that we should take them up on it and try to make new friends. So, even though we were nervous about the narrowness of the driveway and parking on the street we decided to take a chance. All of Rich’s information about St. Louis and it’s free museums and activities also helped us make that decision. He was well informed and a willing participant in whatever activities we chose.

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First off, Kat was a rock star backing the camper into the driveway, it went way better than any of us expected it to. She got it backed in like a professional! Rich had rewired an outside plug so that we had 30 amp power and that was great because it was a hot week and we definitely needed the AC. We also had water. We arrived on Sunday afternoon a little early than expected and after getting set up we had a bbq dinner of delicious ribs with the family. They have two girls who are getting started in careers and enjoying college life (Claire and Rose). It was nice to talk with them.

Monday we watched almost everyone go off to work. Rose had the day off. Unfortunately on Saturday when we were packing up I lifted the stupid power cable box wrong and pulled something my back and it was not feeling better, so I decided not to wait any longer to go to the DR. Off to the Doc in the box we went to get some help. Steriods and pain pills is really all they can do, so I just needed to help the healing process by icing it and resting. I was worried that at some point in this trip it would happen and at least it wasn’t too bad and I admitted early I needed some help. We did some laundry and internetting stuff for the day.

I was feeling ok on Tuesday so we went to Anheuser Busch for the free tour. It only makes sense since we had gone on a few bourbon tours and were now in beer country. The tour was free and you could feel it by the content of the tour. But, at least we got a free beer and it was only a half hour tour. We drove around a bit after, but weren’t feeling touristy, so we went shopping for Thai food ingredients so we could cook the dinner we promised. Kat was invited to go to yoga with Debra and Claire so she went while Rich and I chopped stuff up to be ready for dinner.

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Wednesday- We took Rose with us to and Ikea. Gotta have meatballs while in Ikea! Later hat evening we went to the Botanical garden for a free music concert. It was great weather and although very crowded with people picnicking it was really nice. Also the free music while people watching and munching on snacks was good.

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Thursday- We headed out to the art museum. Later that evening we met up with a couple we had met in Louisville. We met at a place that Rich’s wife had said was pretty cool called McGurty’s. Such a great out door dining place in a really interesting neighborhood. The atmosphere was awesome and I would say the food was just ok. Worth a visit to for sure.

Friday after a fun day at the Zoo with Rich and Rose. We had a plan to go out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. There is a neighborhood called “The Hill” which is predominately Italian and always has been. It is home to quite a few Italian restaurants. Seriously Italian and you can tell because who paints the fire hydrants with the Italian flag? There were a lot of restaurants to chose from, but we went to their favorite- Zias. Oh man, it was delicious!

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Saturday was a bit rainy and we shifted all the weekend plans around to make the most of our days despite the weather. We took a drive of about 1 1/2 hours out to Stone hill winery. It was an ok tour and only a 5$ fee to do tasting. A good rainy day activity. We had a quick bite to eat along with a bottle of wine before heading back home.

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Sunday was more rain off and on. We hung out in the morning and had a volunteer activity planned for the afternoon. Our volunteer work was with Campus Kitchen to help cook meals that would be delivered to some individuals and a men’s home. Most of the food donated was from Trader Joes. We made a red, white and blue cobbler consisting of Strawberries, blueberies and a crust. Before we headed home we stopped at IKEA to return a clock we had bought. After dinner we walked down to the park where they have a little fair going and shoot off the fireworks. There was a preview for the fireworks on the 4th that lasted about 20 minutes.

Monday, the 4th started out rainy-again! We had to run a couple of errands (walmart of course!) in the morning before taking the truck over to the parking lot of the fair so we would have a good spot to watch the fireworks. Then we went to the science museum. There were a lot of hands on things for kids to do and if you were an adult who wanted to try anything-good luck because the kids own that place! I guess every parent who was going to have to be locked indoors with their kids on a rainy day had the same idea. We had an awesome salmon dinner and a few drinks before walking over to the fireworks. Pretty good firework show and it was nice to just show up, put our chairs in the back of the truck and enjoy the show.

St Louis was really interesting architecturally and historically. We enjoyed all of the free activities and are greatful to have had such fantastic hosts. Tuesday we left about 11am and of course it was a beautiful day. Long, flat drive to our next destination.

One more post from Missouri coming up soon.

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