Catching up


Thursday, May 19th

An exciting day! Today the black tank “burped”. That means it can’t hold anymore and needs to be emptied.  If it isn’t emptied it has nowhere to go but up.  Yuck.  We had planned on emptying it today anyway because of the weather prediction for Friday was when we needed to move on to the next campground and didn’t want to do it in the rain. We were kind of testing how long we could go without doing it and 10 days was pretty good, but I don’t feel it was really an adequate estimate since part of the time we had been moochdocking and not using our own facilities full time. After I emptied the black tank (without gagging!) we had a nice 7 mile hike up around the lake at the Defeated creek campground.  We had no idea it would be so technical or so up and down.  But, we really enjoyed it.  We had lunch on a rock overlooking the lake and then continued onward. The trail goes 10 miles, we did about half of it.  When we stopped for lunch I found few woodticks on my pants, figured I would need to check myself out when we got back.  I didn’t find anything on inspection later. When we were hiking back I spotted a snake sunning on a rock and so we quickly went around him, then later as we were almost coming off the trail back into the campsite we saw another one, but bigger!  I wonder what would have happened if we got closer?  They seemed to be enjoying the sun and didn’t notice us too much, but we weren’t taking chances. From what FB people have said they were Timber Rattlers. hmm, glad we avoided them!

The lakeside dinner of chicken on the grill with potatoes, zuchini and mushrooms was delicious.  We had a nice campfire just to burn up the remainder of the firewood because they don’t like people transporting firewood from campsite to campsite in case of introducing new bugs, fungus, etc. to other areas.  Afterwords we did as much packing up as possible because of the predicted rain for the morning.  Slept well.

Friday, May 20th

We woke up to rain as expected and good thing we emptied the tanks yesterday so we didn’t have to do it in the rain.  Packup was quick and we drove in the rain, heavy off and on.  It wasn’t too bad when we arrived (Kat here – I have to add an editorial comment here.  Yes, the rain wasn’t so bad if you were sitting in a nice warm, dry truck, but unfortunately ONE of us had to be the navigator OUTSIDE.  In the rain.  The very wet rain.  Thanks.), but we did have to setup in the rain.  Took us 30 minutes to get into our site, that means backing up and going forward quite a few times.  I am so jealous of those who can back in correctly in about 5 minutes.  I guess we will get there sometime.

For most of the day we hung out in the camper and did some reading and when it cleared up we went for a walk.  Everyone comes out when the rain stops, so it was interesting to see the different people all around.  We sat outside and enjoyed a beverage for a few minutes before dinner and that is when I spotted the tick on my leg.  We picked him off and started dinner.  (Why do we always refer to ticks as male?). Kat found a tick on her leg after dinner and we picked him off then did a full tick check- found one more on Kat.  We assume they were from yesterday and we will be more diligent in tick checking right after a hike and showering changing our clothes. Gives us the creeps to have a bloodsuckers on us, no matter how tiny!

Saturday May 21st

After breakfast we started out on a walk up the road that leads out of the part and then to the day camp area, shelters and cabins so I could see if there were any biking opportunities, but we got sidetracked by another hiking trail and found that we could have gotten there on a nice trail along the river instead of the road. We lost interest for some reason and came back to the camper via the nice river trail and took a bio break (maybe that was the real reason we came back).  We took the truck to explore the area and decided to head down the road a bit to see what was around.  We ended up in Lewisburg where there is a Walmart and plenty of other stores.  Oh my, Walmart again!  I am going to ask my statistician to add the number of weekly visits to the spreadsheet.  We did need some things, so it all worked out ok. The campground was full by the end of the day.  We were really lucky to find the cancellation and get a spot.

Sunday- May 22nd

A lovely day to wake up to, weather was good and the sun was shining.  No plans, so I suggested first thing in the morning before we get sucked into computers and reading we go hiking on the trails we found Saturday.  We ended up doing about 5 miles. It was mostly alongside the Duck river.  We went to an observation tower that looked over a field, but the tower was like a Treehouse. The view seemed boring, but If you were there for awhile at the right time maybe you could see some wildlife?  It was a beautiful hike though. The afternoon was sort of lazy.  I cleaned the truck a bit and organized storage under the camper “the Belly” and Kat did computer stuff.  I was feeling a little mellow and introspective. Dinner was Bratwurst, potatoes, broccoli and salad.  No campfire and it was hard to stay away until 10pm.  Somehow this camping keeps us from staying up late and sleeping in late.  The birds do start chattering at about 5am.

Next stop- Monday at Jack Daniel Distillery!

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3 Responses to Catching up

  1. Debbie says:

    I love these posts! Both of your humorous additions make me smile (like the blog site’s name implies). Keep us posted. It sounds amazing.

  2. Alli says:

    I’ve been keeping up on your blog and adventures! I love it! I can’t wait to see some of your posts once you get out of the east side of the states. It’ll be interesting to see how different the camp grounds are in the Midwest and south. I love all your descriptions Bert, although I definitely can’t see you emptying out your poo pot. Maybe it makes it less gross when it’s all yours and Kats? (By the way, talk about a test of the strength of your relationship-cleaning each other’s poop out.) I’m definitely looking forward to the next statistical analysis post, that was definitely a good thing. And Kat, all your little editorial notes make me laugh.
    I hope you guys are having fun and having lots of introspective thoughts! That’s one of the best things about trips like this! Wish I was there!
    Love you both!

  3. Breck says:

    Kat, if you write another spreadsheet that explains why you should drive, I’m sure that Bert will get out in the rain and provide directions! You should have seen our maneuvering today (had to unhook the tow car) to get a fairly great price on diesel in a very tight gas station. Oh, and stop playing with the ticks and snakes… not fun.

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