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Almost the end of Napa time

I usually blog when we move from one state, area or campsite and since we have just been bouncing back and forth between two campgrounds only a mile apart in Napa. I really didn’t feel inspired to post about it, … Continue reading

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Holiday Vacation

Happy New Year! We’ve been away from our home on wheels for about two months minus 5 -ish days. It’s been good to spend time with friends and family, but I have found that while discussing our lifestyles and adventures … Continue reading

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My California Vacation

  I know that everyone thinks I am on vacation while we travel,( my mom certainly does) but really it is just our life for awhile. I don’t consider it a vacation, but it certainly isn’t a conventional life.  It may … Continue reading

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Ode to a mouse

  Ode to a mouse – a poem with very little pentametric prose by Kat There is a mouse.  In our house. A mouse, I tell you – a mouse! Come, come drive with us, mouse Stowaway in our little … Continue reading

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