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Leaving Tennessee

Leaving Tennessee… It’s about time we moved on and left Tennessee- Kentucky, here we come!  We left Raleigh on April 29th and spent only 3 nights in Boone, NC before we passed into TN.  We have been here over a … Continue reading

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The Volunteer State (…..of mind)

The Volunteer State (…of mind) Kat here again.  Bert’s looking the other way, so I’m in control at the moment……. Bwah haha. So it might look like we’re just decided to leave everything behind and lead a nomadic and carefree … Continue reading

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Jack Daniels Special Edition

Jack Daniels Special Edition- by Bert Go back with me in time a bit, no, not to when Jack Daniel started making whiskey at the age of 13, but to Monday, May 23rd when we went to the Jack Daniels … Continue reading

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Chillin solo

Wasn’t such an exciting 8 days home alone…. I haven’t been feeling particularly chatty the last few days. I think 10 days alone in a camper is a bit much. I do ask myself why being in a camper is … Continue reading

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Where does the time go?

Is it really Thursday already?  Once again, I have to backtrack on my posting.  I either need to step it up and keep current or just accept that this is the way it will be.  It’s sort of funny to … Continue reading

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Catching up

  Thursday, May 19th An exciting day! Today the black tank “burped”. That means it can’t hold anymore and needs to be emptied.  If it isn’t emptied it has nowhere to go but up.  Yuck.  We had planned on emptying … Continue reading

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May 18th Another night in Defeated Creek

Yesterday did not get warm like we hoped. The local Walmart was about all we explored and it was amusing because people seemed to meet up with their friends there to chat in the middle of the aisles. We never did go … Continue reading

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May 16-20th Carthage, TN

Tuesday, May 17th. We left my Aunt and Uncle’s house yesterday, Monday, May 16th.  I had some second thoughts on leaving that day and was thinking of delaying until Tuesday because it was so nice to spend time with the … Continue reading

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May 10-Knoxille, TN

I never thought time would go this fast while not working. It seems we are always busy doing something.  For last week it makes sense because we were at an RV Rally and the days were pretty busy and in … Continue reading

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