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The Random Numbers of a Year on the Road

Well, we’re sitting here in a chilly camper on a snowy, windy day in Amarillo, and now seems like a great time to review our past years trip statistics.  In some ways it hasn’t seemed like a whole year has … Continue reading

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2016 Summary – all the numbers you ever wanted!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – only slightly less rare than the “Guest Post by Melissa” spot – it’s an unusual sighting of the Lesser Spotted Statistics edition. So we have lots and lots of numbers.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Autumnal Equinox Update

Welcome Autumn!  And welcome to you too, dear readers.  Yes, as remiss as I have been in doing the update for August (i.e. not done), I’m on it for September, so I’m sure that makes up for some of my … Continue reading

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Some sort of Statistics for July

Well hello there.  What’s a nice reader like you doing in a place like this? Yes, it’s time again for some fantastic statistics, brought to you by the wonderful folks at Excel OverShare. Today we’re going to delve into the … Continue reading

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June Numerology

Hello hello, it’s time for your monthly statistics checkup.  Now turn your head and cough…… Sorry, wrong checkup.  This one’s all about the numbers, and there are more than just your vital statistics being discussed here.  We’re talking specifically about … Continue reading

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State of the Union in May

Kat again.  This time, I have some more statistics and our on the road spending, all related to our first month and 2 days of life on the road (all of May and the last 2 days of April).  Slightly … Continue reading

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The statistics edition

Kat here. Bert has very kindly asked me to make a guest post on all the interesting points of our trip so far (not really – I just used my own initiative and I’ll put it in when she’s not … Continue reading

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