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Klamath Falls,Or – part 2

In early August we finished our last 3 weeks at Klamath falls doing our volunteer work for the Wildlife management area pretty uneventfully. I was there the last week alone while Kat was away working and I didn’t get as … Continue reading

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Volunteering in Klamath Falls, Oregon

We really didn’t have a clear idea of what we would be doing for our month of volunteering at the Klamath Falls wildlife area and it could have turned out badly, but once again it seems we had some good … Continue reading

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More in Phoenix

It’s weird but kind of nice at the same time being in the same place for so long. We have days when we are just antsy and don’t know what to do with ourselves. We have tried to be productive … Continue reading

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Exiting Napa and Anthony Chabot

I didn’t really finish my blogging about Napa and there were a few so a few things I need to go back and mention before I return to Anthony Chabot. As always when it wasn’t raining we had a nice … Continue reading

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After leaving Utah we had around 500 miles to go to get to our next big destination, Reno, so we planned two quick overnight stops. We weren’t in any huge hurry to get there because some of our friends we … Continue reading

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

After only 3 days┬áduring our stay at the Great Salt Lake just outside of Salt Lake City we took a break from camping and traveled to Albuquerque so Kat could go do some work. We arrived on Sunday evening to … Continue reading

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Welcome to Idaho! My last state to visit in the lower 48 states! As soon as we crossed the Montana-Idaho border Kat said “where are all the potatoes?” We didn’t see any until right around our campground and they were … Continue reading

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Return to Montana

After Devils tower we headed West again and chose to go up through Montana since we had only spent one night there previously and had not volunteered there yet. A couple of things I forgot to mention in my last … Continue reading

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More from South Dakota

Another week in Rapid City…. Monday was a day for hiking. I packed up my little Turkey sandwich, we usually take lunch with us when we go out because a lot of these parks we are visiting have limited selections, … Continue reading

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Cody Wyoming and Yellowstone

The drive on Saturday to Cody, Wyoming wasn’t bad even though it was long due to our detour around the Yellowstone fire. The audio book was a helpful diversion. The canyons and mountains were pretty as we drove and that … Continue reading

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