Couple of quick stays- Montana and North Dakota


Leaving Cody we headed to Montana for a quick overnight stay at the Hardin, MT Koa. We were surrounded on one side of the campground by sugar beets and the other side was alfalfa. It was pretty hot out and we set up quickly, turned on the air and headed the road to Little bighorn National Battlefield. This park gives the history and strategy of the fight between the US Army’s 7th Calvary and the Cheyenne and Sioux Indians. The Indians were fighting to preserve their way of life. They didn’t want to be resricted to living on a reservation. Who can blame them? Why did we take all the Indians’ land when it now is just wide open space? Pioneers had visions of ranches with cattle and crops on land can’t sustain that and a very harsh climate to boot. Ir really is a shame. This was the place of Custer’s last stand. There is a scenic road to ride along with historical facts about the battle to read. It was really pretty and a short drive was a perfect way to beat the hot day. We did have a dark sky come upon us later, but it turned out to be just gusty wind.


A sugar beet factory across the street from the campground.


Alfalfa field.


Fat Henry resting for the night.

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Friday, ND- Medora, ND- Sulley State Park. It was amazing how once again the geology/terrain changes, we went from long slow hills covered with grass and really big skies to hills that looked like mounds and lots of canyons. We stayed in another equestrian campground surrounded on one side by cliffs and the other by hills with horse trails. It was a wide open campground with amazing views of the stars at night. The horse owners were quite a group, they all seemed to know each other and were having a good time. Later that night we enjoyed that while listening to the donkeys talking to each other.

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After another quick setup we went right out to Theodore Roosevelt national park. It was a really neat scenic drive, but we didn’t drive it all since we had already been driving all day and were hungry. We did want to see it what it was all about, check out their campground and we needed to get a stamp in our book, so off we went. It was super pretty the views of the hills, cliffs, and formations were spectacular. Prairie dog towns were busy with fat little prarie dogs who liked to get their pictures taken. We forgot it was labor day weekend and it would be busy in the campground, but it wasn’t too bad. I think we get robbed of holidays because we are always on holiday, so it is nothing special for us. I do miss getting together with friends on long weekends.

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Saturday we left to drive on to Bismarck, ND. We had a night together in campground named A Pleasant Breeze before I took Kat to the airport so she could fly off to a week of work in Barcelona. We went out to a late lunch of mexican food, which was surprisingly good before checking out a state park that I would move to on Tuesday. The campground was quiet and about 10 miles outside of Bismarck. It was a lot of workers, we figured that out by all the work trucks parked around. I checked out the dam close by and found no dam, but it did have a nice little lake where you could do hiking or kayaking (rentals were 5 dollars for an hour!). The weather didn’t coooperate all weekend, so I didn’t get to go, but oh well.


Salem Sue- the worlds largest Holstein cow.



Lots of fields of sunflowers in ND.

More on Bismarck later…

Signing off for now.


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