Exiting Napa and Anthony Chabot

I didn’t really finish my blogging about Napa and there were a few so a few things I need to go back and mention before I return to Anthony Chabot. As always when it wasn’t raining we had a nice time exploring and just enjoying the sun. On one of our walks we stopped and picked some oranges and then in the campground I was able to get some grapefruit and lemons right off the trees. I had permission from the camp host, so it wasn’t stealing. There are so many trees around with fruit that people don’t seem to pick that I would have had no problem asking someone if we could pick our own anyway. I guess if you get so much fresh fruit like that all the time you just get sick of it, or sell it. I loved it and think it is awesome to have your own fruit right outside your door. I do miss my garden and being able to just go outside and pick green beans and things for dinner.


I also wanted to mention my volunteering in Napa. Napa has a great bike trail – The Napa Vine trail. When Kat was away on MLK day I went and helped plant Red Oaks along the trail. There were about 65 volunteers and we had over 35 trees to plant. We broke into groups and planted all of the trees in about 2 hours. It was really well organized with the holes already being dug by the city and all the trees and tools laid out. It was a really nice day and a lot of super nice people to work with. It was followed by a delicious free burrito lunch too. Bonus!


Back to Anthony Chabot:

Wow, the other night, weds- at about 4am I woke up and heard crazy animal noises, the kind you hear on the animal planet or a nature show. I thought it would be coyotes or wolves because of the barking, but the screeching and scream like noises were really freaking me out. It was like the sounds while watching a zombie movie- haha, I think? I haven’t watched many. I have been thinking about it a lot though. When we went for a walk the other day we saw a lot of animal poop (scat for nature or science people) and I wondered what animals were out in these woods. One of the piles of poop had a lot of little bones in it so I am pretty sure it wasn’t someone’s dog. It’s quite remote and a refuge for animals even though just about 6 miles away there are plenty of houses. We have seen turkeys right out the back window, heard them from a distance, and seen them around the campground. I like hearing them, but it is all exciting to sit and watch them while they are unaware of us. I was able to do that this morning. As for other animal sightings there have been none. We hear owls and see lots of poop on the trails, but that and the noise are the only evidence.


I told Kat if I heard the wolf/coyote, whatever noises again, I would wake her up so she could hear it and she said “Why?” She doesn’t want me too, but I already had her skip the owls because she didn’t want me to wake her up. Ok, but I hate for her to miss out. I think she should hear it and I bet she could go back to sleep ( no guarantees on the quality of the dreams though). I will let you know how this works out, but if you don’t hear from me…find Fat Henry!

The rain was relentless and we got out a few times so we didn’t go crazy. We went down to Alameda to meet one of Kat’s coworkers from Switzerland for sushi (Thomas). The drive back that night was treacherous. It was super foggy and I missed the turn, so we had to go quite a way down the road to find a decent place to turn around. It is a very windy, hilly road. And it sure gets dark out there!

Thursday we went down to West Oakland to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Playhouse workshop. The job was to help build playhouses for donation to community services for children with Blue Star Moms (mothers with children whose fathers are serving overseas in the military). The shop was really well organized and had the wonderful smell of fresh sawdust. It was noisy with the other two volunteers using saws and other tools to build all the pieces that go into a playhouse. We were assigned to painting the sides and some of the roofing. After all the pieces are ready they get put together by other volunteers. A lot of corporations come in and use the opportunity as team building or just to help out raising money. The houses also sometimes get sold and the revenue goes for houses to be built by the Habitat organization. It was a good day of work and the shop manager, Gus, was super nice and super nice to look at as well. We both agreed on that!


After all the rain the weekend was beautiful so we had some friends over to eat and drink. It was fun meeting new people. I can see why Kat likes coming out here to work. Well, there are also lots of good places to eat too. As usual we didn’t really want to leave, but wanted to get moving a little further south and we had used up our allotted time in that campground.


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3 Responses to Exiting Napa and Anthony Chabot

  1. Debbie says:

    1) I expected to see a pic of Gus. Next time you mention someone that’s good to look at, please include a pic so we can agree or disagree.
    2) You seem to enjoy investigating poop. Have you read Running with Scissors by Augusteen Burroughs? You should.

    Keep having fun.

    • Kat says:

      We thought we’d leave Gus to your imagination. Just think of a hot guy. And multiply by 10. The good lookingness factor, not the guy factor (that would be weird, like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity).

    • Bert says:

      Debbie, first off, thank you for commenting on our blog so often. It makes it all seem worthwhile to know people like you are following us. As for Gus, there is no doubt in my mind that he was adorable. A dimple on his left cheek and a great smile. To top it all off he was smart and really nice.

      Yes, I have read all of Augusteen Burroughs books. I really enjoyed them. We are still having fun.

      Come visit again when you can.

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