Family fun in Phoenix

The campground we are at in Phoenix is called Desert Shadows. It’s a really big campground with about 600 spaces. However, there are some camper sites and a lot of permanent spaces. A lot of the permanent ones have nice porches and patios. No one really has much of a yard though. When I called originally to make the reservation we were given a spot right across from the office on a corner. The lady called me back and said it was getting booked as were speaking, so it was her mistake, but we couldn’t take that spot, but they had another one. The only problem was that the second spot was next to the gate, the dog park and the dumpster, so it could get loud and busy. We discussed it and said we would go ahead and give it a shot. We are pretty happy in our spot because we DO have a lovely little back yard off of our patio and throughout the day there is always a shady spot to sit. There are a group of quail that wander around and so cute to watch. We also get to chat with all the people at the dog park and it is super easy to take out the trash! The best part is that we are across the street from Costco and since we renewed our membership while in Simi Valley we can go over for free samples or cheap yogurt as often as we want! It does get busy sometimes with people going in and out and taking the trash, but it hasn’t bothered us really. We enjoy checking out everyones spaces as we go on walks and it’s fun to see groups of people having cocktails in the evening and I even saw a big breakfast gathering today.

There are quite a few amenities here to keep the snow birds busy during their winter stays: there is a hot tub and swimming pool ( it’s indoors, so kinda useless in the summer if you ask me), shuffleboard courts, bocci ball courts, a card room, a billiards room, a library, an exercise room and a very lame and useless computer room. We have each gone to the exercise room once and I used the rowing machine for 30 minutes and lifted some weights then couldn’t walk right for 3 days and that was it for me. I would rather walk outside and get my exercise that way. The best thing other than the library is all of the grapefruit trees! People leave out boxes of them and we get them that way or we just grab them off of trees (we usually ask first).

It was pretty nice for the first few days we were here and then it got HOT, HOT, HOT. After almost a week of temperatures in the 90’s we found the refrigerator wouldn’t keep things very cold, so we borrowed a blow dryer from Alli and defrosted it. Took about 1/2 hour, but helped a lot. Also bought a fan to put inside and keep the air circulating. The fridge is directly in the sun until late afternoon, so we are thinking of getting some sun protectant fabric. It’s just hard to figure how to attach it to the outside.

We need to wash and wax the camper, so we got two estimates from companies who come onsite here in the park. Both made us really regret not getting it done in Quartzsite. One was for 280.00 and the other was 850.00! When the guy said 25 bucks per foot, we almost broke out laughing, thinking he was joking. Nope, he was serious. We tossed around the idea of going to Yuma and getting it done, but that is going backwards quite a ways, so maybe we will look in Tuscon since we are headed there next. Or, we could wait to get to Texas and maybe if we stay with our friends Laura and Miriam they will be ok with us washing and waxing it in their driveway. That is cheapest, but a lot of work!

A few days after we first got here Kat told me she felt like she was truly on vacation. Haha- took almost a year for her to feel that way, but then again she has had periodic spurts of work. We haven’t done anything super exciting or amazing since we have gotten here. We do a lot of running around to visit everyone and run errands, buy things we need to fix little things around the camper. We have been hiking a couple of times early in the mornings and the desert blooms are beautiful. We were also lucky enough to get to see an Owl sitting on its nest. You definitely need to get out there early before it gets too hot and also wear sunscreen! One afternoon we played disc golf with Alli’s boyfriend, Logan. That was almost like hiking, but with a purpose. We really liked it and I could see us possibly even playing on our own. We do as much walking around the campsite as we can when we are home, but usually we either have company in the evening or are out.  The desert trails are really pretty right now and the sunsets are amazing too.

It has been terrific visiting with my niece and nephews and their dad. We have had tried to have some time alone with each of them and we have had really fun and delicious family meals too. I’ve always tried to visit when I was traveling for work and so have seen them pretty much at least once a year since they were little, but getting to know them as adults is really cool. I like learning more about them and their lives. Their happiness, troubles and worries are interesting to hear about and discuss. They are great young adults and I am very happy to be in Phoenix visiting with them. My heart is happy and my feet are warm. Life is good.



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  1. Fantastic shot of the owl in the tree!!! I love getting to know my nieces and nephews better and grown people also. One of the best parts of the lifestyle is spending time with family. We are going to be at Usery Mountain regional park April 3 – 8th if you are still in the area ..would love to get together.

  2. Diane says:

    Very nice! I love the owl picture. It belongs in National Geographic!

  3. Lisa Ham says:

    Gorgeous photos. I wish I was there!

    • says:

      Wait until you see the pictures for the next blog. Desert campground is rustic and just beautiful. A bit windy though.

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