Finally starting the Road Trip Travel Blog!

Hello finally!

When I left my job at the end of January and when I told friends and family I was leaving to go travel around the US for a year or so I also said I would start a blog so they could read about our adventures and know where I was.  I have gotten a late start, that is for sure.  At first I was thinking I had nothing to say because I hadn’t left Raleigh yet and then I got so busy trying to get ready to go. Do you know how long it takes to clean out that drawer full of odds and ends in your kitchen or nightstand? Or sell that awesome lamp in the corner of your living room?  And I have always been one to take a lot of pictures so I found boxes and boxes of them that needed some cleaning up.  We sold all of our furniture and only stored 4 boxes of items we just couldn’t ever replace.

We did take a break in March and go to Florida for 10 days and that was not only for a mental break, but to see how everything worked, how well we could drive on highways and just to figure out how we were going to really live this lifestyle. Yes, a bit backwards-like we did a lot of things and maybe to late to change our minds, but it went super well and we came home and got to work to get going.

Before we left we planned on camping locally the weekend before we planned to leave and we ended up just staying there all week. Hopefully to get some things done before we really moved in, get acclimated and in the end have a place to sleep after we sold the bed and the house was empty.We left the house empty and clean on Thursday, April 28th. We were only able to actually get out of there on that day because we had a lot of help from neighbors and friends.  We did pile  some stuff in the camper that needed to be sorted out and organized once we had some downtime.  It is day 3 in the camper fulltime and we are still organizing!

We didn’t go too far from home, just up to Boone, NC.   A great little mountain town with a lot of hiking and other little towns around to explore.  Not that we have done too much yet because we feel we need to get the camper in order, but we did go out a little on Saturday and explore.  Why did we never come here before?  Anyone reading this should really think about where they live and what there is to do right in their backyard.  We are staying in Flintlock campground about 3 miles away from town and it’s so nice here. It’s a small little campground with RV sites, cabins and tent sites. We are backed up to a little creek and chipmunks are running around, there aren’t a lot of bugs, and best of all it’s not crowded.

I realize I have a lot to say, but will have to backtrack on a lot of it.  We were on a waitlist for a RV seminar and they called this morning to say we could come, so tomorrow we head to Seveirville, TN  Dolly Parton country!  We will be there a week learning a lot of things about RV’s.  Stuff like how to get the best internet service, backing up and parking, driving safe, maintenance, etc.  Maybe I can learn how to keep my fingernails clean and the bugs out of the camper.  Two things I have found tough to do.

Bye for now.


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3 Responses to Finally starting the Road Trip Travel Blog!

  1. Crystal Arthur says:

    So happy for you guys! Can’t wait to follow along!!

  2. Karl S. Kramer says:

    Check out the Thermocell products for controlling mosquitos, available at most larger sporting goods store. The Off lanterns and Off belt disks work well to available at Home Cheapos, Lowes and most larger pharmacies. Don’t forget to check for ticks and kill every one you see!!!
    This is always fun after a long hike and a hot shower!!! Be safe and ENJOY!
    Love you two!

  3. Debbie says:

    Great that you can now learn how to properly live a RV life…after the fact.

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