Goodbye California by Melissa

We just dropped Melissa off at the airport for her long day of flying to get home. It was really fun to spend time with her and let her get a taste of what our life really is like. Other than the last step on the stairs going outside and not having her own private suite, I think it was well received. We kept her happily entertained, fed and full of wine. She was a great guest blogger and here is her last little bit that she wrote before she left. Hopefully Kat will blog next and then it’s back to regular business by me.

Here’s Melissa:

Wow I can’t believe my time in California is almost over! The week has sure flown by. I left off with Wednesday being a day of rest with the Shady Lady at Anthony Chabot Campground. It sure is a beautiful area. It was nice to have a day of downtime to just read, relax, play games and unwind.

Thursday Bert drove me around to see the Coast of California with notable areas of Half Moon Bay through to Santa Cruz and came back inland through to San Jose. It was an overcast & drizzly day, but I still enjoyed the scenery and lovely views! The beach and coastline here are so different from what I am used to in New Jersey. Of course, there is no denying the majestic beauty of either coast. We got back and I continued adventuring by eating Thai Green Curry that Bert cooked. I have never had Thai food, but I think I like it.

See how overcast and drizzly it was? Still beautiful as we drove by.

Lights out.

Today is Friday and we decided to go back into San Fran. We were going to take the BART, but we ended up driving Fat Henry (well Bert drove and Kat navigated) into the City. Hard to find parking for an over sized truck ( his clearance is 7ft) so most garages have pretty low clearances. It all worked out as I got a driving tour of the city! Kat dropped Bert & I off to explore the Russian Hill Bookstore ( I had gone onto Pinterest and looked up bookstores as I love to read and explore bookstores). It was smaller than I thought it would be, but it had gotten great reviews as a place to find unique cards and I could have spent hours looking at them. A large selection of cool gifts, San Fran items and a small room with used books. Next we headed to Chronicle Books which I went into and it was a fantastic little gem. They had a wide variety of books-from cats to cooking to travel and a nice kids section. It was bright and airy and had the heady scent of new books!!!!!

Just a quick snapshot.

Chinatown as we drove through.

I then went to the Papyrus Card Store a few doors down. It was very cool. They had all sorts of cards (I did used to work at a Hallmark store thus the obsession with cards!) and I could not resist buying one for a friends’ upcoming birthday.

I made my way back to the truck where Bert & Kat let me know we would go to AT&T Ball Park!!!!! I have been NY Yankees fan for years, but had watched Tim Lincecum pitch 2 no hitters a few years back and was amazed at how young he looked ( like a 12 year old!) and started to pay attention to the Giants. I know he was traded, but I do still keep track of the team. This was a very unexpected and super pleasant surprise for me!!!! A spot was found to park Fat Henry in and off we went for some lunch which naturally included beers. After a nice bite to eat, off we went to the ball park. It was so neat to be able to walk around and see the views of the bay and even some of the ballfield as we walked around. It is a popular spot and with a marina right there, too! There was also a public fishing pier which I did not go out onto as it was quite windy and brisk by the water. It was really cool to be able to see the ball park and I of course bought a shirt for a souvenir!

Checking in on FB.

We are back at the Shady Lady settled in for the night. Kat is making us a delicious smelling dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese. A few observations from my trip: California sure has a lot of highways and traffic! I thought nothing could be worse than NYC, but I was wrong! They also have so much to see-wineries, the coast, the cities, the State Parks, etc. If you are considering visiting friends with an RV, be sure to listen to your hosts as far as types of clothes as they won’t lead you astray. Be aware that there are space restrictions-don’t pack the biggest suitcase you own as having a spot to keep it in could be problematic. I had borrowed a very small suitcase which fit everything I needed clothes wise. I have a CPAP machine which travels with me & one other bag as my carry-on. Bert was very surprised to see just how little my suitcase was! The photos are proof of that. Your hosts also have limited space and likely have a routine in the kitchen so offering to help is appreciated but probably wont be accepted. If you do decide to take the trash or recycles out, watch out for that third step-missing it WILL cause you to crash to the ground I can assure you. Overall, it is an experience I am glad I took advantage of for my vacation.

Tomorrow I am flying back home to New Jersey and still have Sunday as my last official day at which time it’s back to real life for this bricks and sticks babe( what non-RV’s are apparently called?! Breck says so.).

I look forward to reading more of Bert’s & Kat’s adventures via the blog as they continue their travels.

For now I am signing off as Melissa the guest blogger.

Bert here:

I am pretty sure Melissa had a good time and she is a great houseguest, but the best part for me was to see her realize she has dreams of travel and adventure. One dream of hers is to go to baseball parks and although it is in the back of her mind she didn’t really think or plan of doing it here in San Francisco, or she didn’t say so. Really, what happened is we should have taken the BART in and not tried to park the truck in the city, but it all worked out really well with that visit to ATT&T park as a last ditch effort to make the day fun and memorable. Kat did a good job suggesting that (parking options helped her create that idea, but she gets full credit and we had a good time in the end.) I hope Melissa will take the easy steps to really start following her dream of going to different ball parks. Seriously, she lives in an area that is easy to go to many baseball games, Mets, Philis, Baltimore, Yankees (been there a few times) and Boston. Start there we said and when opportunities for other places pop up, find a way to go! People always say how much they wish they could do what we are doing or that their dreams have to wait. Well, talking to Melissa made me think about her situation and say why not take baby steps towards your big dream? Short trips or excursions if it’s about travel. For many, a dream may just be a dream. Or they may just have something they really like and have a thought about doing more with it, but it is just considered a goal or big idea or plan. It may not even be considered a dream. You may have dreams and not even realize it because you don’t call it that. I think they can all be lumped together, big plans, dreams, ideas, goals. They can get sub-categorized individually based on how achievable or realistic it is. They may be built up in your mind with no realistic expectations. What if you don’t really like it when you actually do it? It is always possible that something just sounded good at the time. That happens on a regular basis to lots of people when attempting to have an adventure or fulfill a dream (or just do something foolish to begin with). You need to try it and little steps is a great way to do it. With our decision to change our lives we got lucky and it is working out well. We wouldn’t have known that it would until we tried. We had pretty realistic expectations though and a back up plan.

Melissa, Thanks for your blogs and I hope you get busy on those goals and dreams.


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  1. Debbie says:

    What a magnificent experience and time spent together. I am sorry Melissa is a NY Yankees fan, but I won’t hold that against her. She’s an excellent writer. I’m in Phoenix now on way to East Coast…it’s sunny so drive safe and perhaps we’ll see each other very soon.

  2. Breck says:

    Melissa, it’s “bricks and sticks people”, not babes – LOL – I would be in serious trouble if I said that! Kat and Bert – you’re close to Pinnacles… a rather new National Park where half of it started out in Los Angeles, millions of years ago, but is slowly creeping northward. Good hiking, good views. We visited the east side of the park.

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