Goodbye Kentucky

We had a rude awakening this morning, Wednesday, June 22nd. After deciding last night not to pack up all the outside things because we weren’t leaving early in the morning we woke up a bit late…8am and I was hoping to have some coffee and finish my book before having to get things packed. As soon as I sat down I was hearing thunder grumblings, so I poked my head out the door and thought I felt sprinkles so I decided to get Kat up and get started. Good thing I did because within 5 minutes it was pouring and we were soaked. We tossed everything into the storage compartment and came inside to dry off. It is going to rain pretty much all day, so I guess we will just get wet as we hook up to the truck and empty the tanks. It’s not fun to tow in the rain, but we are only going about 1 ½ hours to our next stop. We will be leaving Kentucky’s General Butler State park in Carrollton and staying right over the stateline in Coryden, Indiana at O’Bannon state park.

At least that storm cooled it off. It was hot and humid these last few days. Sunday wasn’t too bad and that was good because we headed into Louisville to meet up with friends and go to the horse races. I have been to the Preakness in Baltimore, the Belmont in Long Island and now I can cross off Churchill downs in Louisville!
What a beautiful track. It wasn’t terribly busy and that’s not too surprising seeing as it was fathers day. We enjoyed some 10$ mint Juleps-because you can’t go to the Downs without having one. The 8$ chicken fingers were just ok. We didn’t make up for either of those costs with our betting, but it was fun. Dinner afterwards back at our friends house was delicious-shrimp and steaks!

IMG_6665 IMG_6666


IMG_5850 [30710]

Monday was pretty uneventful because Kat needed to do some work, so I did some reading and we took a few walks around the campground. It was pretty empty in the campground by the end of the day, only 9 of 111 sites were occupied. Our whole little cul de sac was empty again as it seems the weekly pattern goes. We decided to stay one more day because we missed our usual Monday distillery tour. We had a good time doing that, but that will be a separate post.


The weekend.


An empty camp during the week.

When I used to think of Kentucky I thought of Churchill Downs, Bluegrass, Bourbon and Basketball, but now I have other memories. For one most of the roads we drove on were not so nice, unless you like bumpy roads full of potholes, small windy backroads that have lots of trees hanging low over them (probably great for a convertible sports car, but not a big pickup with a big camper). The thunderstorms are loud, the lightning bright and the rain torrential, kind of like we experienced in TN. The mexican food was better than expected. It is supposed to be horse country, but we saw way more horse farms in TN, so maybe we were not in the right location to see them?
We had a good time in Kentucky, meeting new people and going to the track with Josh and Jana, seeing distilleries and the countryside.

The answer to Kat’s Mum’s question asking if we had Kentucky Fried Chicken is no.

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8 Responses to Goodbye Kentucky

  1. Tammy Smith says:

    Glad you guys are enjoy your adventures AND I am glad you are writing!

  2. Kat says:

    Thanks Tammy – we’re certainly having an adventure – not knowing from week to week what’s going to break next (yesterday was the fan….).
    Hope you guys are having some summer fun!

  3. Peggy Byard says:

    So glad you have not run into a tornado. We have had some really bad weather here in WV. I love reading about your adventures.

    • Kat says:

      Peggy, I saw that WV has had some terrible weather recently – floods and things. Did you think about getting a boat instead of an RV? Hope you’re OK.

  4. Jeff McLean says:

    Miss you guys. Jensen and I are without power after a storm tonight. Michelle has been out if the country for a week and will be home Sunday.

  5. Debbie says:

    That’s a bucket list thing to see the Kentucky Derby. That’s so awesome.

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