Happy Anniversary!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to our traveling adventure!
We officially left Raleigh on April 29th. Our last day and evening was spent cleaning the house and garage of all the last little things. Our neighbors all came over and joined us in the garage for a final farewell. The rain came down heavy for a short while and the neighborhood kids had a blast playing in the downpour. I admit that I may have instigated that a little, but that is the kind of neighbor I was. I hope to be again someday.
Settle in a comfortable spot and enjoy some of our favorite pictures from the places we have visited in  the last year. I did my best to choose as few as possible, but that was hard since we have so many.

We will be on the road for one more year, so we hope to share many more pictures and tales of places we visit. I’d like to say we have an absolute favorite place that we were able to go, but as Kat says “There is something good to be said about everywhere we have gone, sometimes it is totally unexpected.”  I agree, whether it has been the weather, the scenery, the people, the food or whatever, we have just made the most of everything and tried to be happy wherever we were.

Goodbye home and great neighbors….see you again!

Our first week was spent in Sevierville, TN at an RV rally.  Good start!


Visiting Cousins and The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.


Louisville, KY






Bailey’s point, KY


St Louis.


Omaha, NE



A quick stay in Illinois.

Sterling Lake, Colorado

Berthoud, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.



Great Salt Lake, Utah


North Dakota.  Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Montana- site of Custer’s last battle.

Wyoming- Grand Tetons, Laramie, Yellowstone and Cody.

Devils Tower, WY

South Dakota






California (January and February)





New Mexico



Thank you to everyone who we met up with on the road, old friends and new ones.  You really have added a lot of enjoyment to the trip for us.  We appreciate you taking the time to hang out, eat and drink, letting us park in your driveways (or pastures), allowing us to do laundry and shower and just enjoy each other’s company.


We will spend our 1 year Anniversary in Amarillo, TX and it will probably be rainy and cold.  Yeah, I know, but you have to take it as it comes, so we will make the most of our day and just have fun.  Hope you enjoy yours too.








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11 Responses to Happy Anniversary!

  1. DebbieM says:

    Happy RVersary! You’ve been to some really cool places and done some really great things. Loved the photos. We enjoyed meeting you both in Arizona. Travel On!!

    • bertski3@msn.com says:

      I forgot so many of the places we went, so it was fun to go through the pictures. I still am thinking of more places we went and I didn’t include. Oh well. Hope to see you again in the next year!

  2. Diane says:

    That was an awesome recap! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Julie S says:

    Bert and Kat – What a great year ya’ll have had! Thank you for allowing us to journey along with you via this awesome blog. It was a year ago today that Casey and I left Austin to attend the RV-Dreams rally where we met these two funny, lovely, friendly, wonderful ladies – YOU!
    I’m glad you have decided to spend another year on the road. Hopefully those travels will bring you to the Portland area where we can treat you to some delicious food and beer.
    Happy trails,
    PS Be sure to check out Palo Duro Canyon while you are in the Amarillo area.

  4. Becki says:

    Happy annRVrsry!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Happy Anniversary . So glad we got to be a small part of it!

    • bertski3@msn.com says:

      Thanks. We are really happy you were a part of it too. Hope to see you again up in Oregon!

  6. Breck says:

    Nice summary of the year….. we hope you keep enjoying the experience!

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