Happy Travels home by Melissa

Melissa wanted one last blog documenting her trip home, so here she is again:
Saturday was my long day of traveling to get home after my week of RV adventure living! My flight was at 7:30 am out of Oakland going to Las Vegas for an hour and a half layover then onward to Philly. I had finally gotten used to the time change (3 hours) and was not looking forward to losing it on the way home. Got dropped off at a little after 6am and has TSA pre-check which means you don’t have to take off shoes, belt or light jackets. No need to have liquids out of bag or laptops either so you get through fairly quickly. I walked around a little to check out the airport- boy it is all spread out which was a weird layout to me. It’s always fun to people watch people at airports. We were delayed about 20 minutes as one of the flight crew had been on another flight that was late coming in. This flight was only 1 hour and 20 minutes and I had a long enough layover so I decided to sit in the back of the plane. For those who haven’t flown Southwest Airlines, you have no assigned seats instead you board by letter and number. I was C4 so I was in the last group. It was not a full flight but as always, people were crammed in the front of the plane like Sardines! I sat in the very last row aisle seat. I had a National Guard guy in the window seat and his co- worker was across the aisle in the window seat. They were cool guys and had been in California for training. My seat mate had very interesting stories about places he has been. He said he likes helping people which is why he got into the Guard. Across from me was a lady with her dog-Jasper going to Michigan to visit her 101 year old Mom. She said her mom was finally ready to leave this earth. She was sad about it, but also very grateful her mom lived such a long, prosperous life. Put things in perspective when you sit next to people and hear what they are going through.

The rest of the flight was awesome! The group of passengers in the back of the plane were rambunctious and the stewardesses had fun with us! I don’t think I have ever laughed so much while on a flight! Jasper got tons of attention from all of us. He was a great traveler and has been across the country 5 times now! Bert had given me a drink coupon so I had a coffee with Baileys which I finished in plenty of time for landing. Time to check out Vegas airport!

Got off the plane and my next flight about 20 steps away! A few fun facts for those who haven’t been to the airport in Vegas. 1. You can walk around with a beer in your hand! 2. Slot machines are a good way to pass some time. 3. They have a smoking/slot lounge!! 4. The have plenty of water bottle filling stations as well as lots of charging stations.

I decided to have a cocktail or two (I am still on vacation remember) and found a nice bar where you could stand as they have no stools. I got to talking to the bartender Katherine and we had plenty of laughs. It was time to get on board for the next leg of my journey. This time I was A group and wanted to sit closer to the front of the plane so I could get off quicker once we landed. I lucked out and got an aisle seat in row 8 but alas this group of passengers were not the chatty kind. I had plenty of books so I settled in and used my last drink coupon. The flight was uneventful and we got in early to boot! Got off and went to the shuttle to pick up my car.

The last bit of my trip was just me driving home from the airport. Felt good to be back in my tiny Honda compared to Fat Henry! Not a bad drive home which I figured since it was early enough on a Saturday night. The best part of coming home was seeing my cat Mittens! He was so happy to see me! He ran around, meowed a lot, jumped on me and was super snuggly.

Looking back on my vacation, it was a perfect mix of relaxing, exploring, being adventurous, trying new foods and making two of my dreams come true-wine tasting in Napa and visiting AT&T ballpark!

I can’t see myself living in an RV, but I will happily visit Bert & Kat anytime they invite me so we can create more memories ( and I could blog again! ).

Until my next visit,

Bert- I am really happy we had pretty nice weather while Melissa visited because we had only one more nice day before the rain started again. It has rained almost all day everyday since she left. Saturday was a nice day and that worked out well for us because we had some local people over that Kat works with here in the area when she comes out for work. What a nice group of people. They were great and even brought delicious food, wine and chocolate. We really enjoyed that visit and are looking forward to meeting up with them again later this week for lunch. We had hoped to take our bikes with us when we go for lunch so we could get some fresh air and exercise, but the forecast doesn’t look good. It hasn’t been too bad hanging out we watched the superbowl, saw some turkeys and heard some trees crashing down in the woods. Maybe we will get some postcards out soon too. We are now hoping that the creek down the hill doesn’t flood and that Fat Henry doesn’t have a tree fall on him and turn into FLAT Henry!

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3 Responses to Happy Travels home by Melissa

  1. Breck says:

    Melissa, not everyone can be a successful RVer . In Bert’s last blog, the key is to follow your dreams, whatever they may be. Life is passing us by every day, so keep enjoying it in your own way. We love to wander because we wonder, and that is wonderful to us.

  2. Karl S. Kramer says:

    It sounds like you had a great vacation Melissa!
    Take care Bert and Kat. We’re getting snow today which started as ice so the weather sucks her too.

  3. Daily alexa says:

    To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.

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