June Numerology

Hello hello, it’s time for your monthly statistics checkup.  Now turn your head and cough……

Sorry, wrong checkup.  This one’s all about the numbers, and there are more than just your vital statistics being discussed here.  We’re talking specifically about June, the month of the summer solstice and the rancid mouse.



Days in the reporting period: 30

Total number of miles driven in June: 2016

Total number of miles driven in the trip:  3837

Average number of miles traveled per day: 67.2

Miles travelled towing the camper in June: 593

Miles travelled towing the camper in the trip:  1271

Average number of miles towing between campgrounds in June: 98.8

Number of places stayed in June: 6

Total cost of accommodation: $674.43

Average cost of accommodation per night: $21.76

Our cost per night was particularly low this month, as we stayed at a Harvest Host site one night (Quickie in Illinois) and also at our friends Rich and Debra for 6 days in June (and for a bit in July too, but I’m getting ahead of myself here).


Highest diesel cost per gallon:  $2.399

Lowest diesel cost per gallon:  $2.199

Average MPG: 15.31

Average cost of fuel per mile:  14.8 cents

Total spent on gas in June: $143.55…….. super low because when Bert left her job, she got the most awesome gift ever – Shell gift cards.  We really spent $344.06, but $200 of that was at Shell gas stations.  We’re nearly getting to the end of the cards (1 left), but it’s been really helpful to have.  Now we just have to get to San Diego to spend that Rubios gift card……….


Mice in the camper:  Unknown

Mice in the traps: 2.  Odes written to the ex-mice: 1 (Ode to a Mouse)

Distilleries visited: 2  (Jim Beam and Buffalo Trace)

Bottles of bourbon purchased: 1 – very restrained.  It helped that we visited in the morning, so it was less of a temptation when mixed with toothpaste………

Breweries visited: 1 (Budweiser)

Wineries visited: 1

Factories visited: 1 (Corvette)

Number of Corvettes I wanted to buy just so I could build the engine in it (an option that ‘only’ costs $5k) : 1


Eating out in June: $273.70.  We re-realised that ‘free’ does not mean ‘free’.  Over $100 of that was spent as a direct result of getting something for free – free wifi, free live music, free overnight stay.  On the whole, it was a good exchange (apart from that one McDonalds where I bought an chocolate fudge sundae and then couldn’t get on the internet), but it’s just something to be aware of.

Number of snakes we saw:  0.  Not particularly disappointed about that one.


Fastest reversing into a campsite:  13.5 minutes.  Into a site that we had just backed out of.  Getting better, but still, not that impressive.


Repairs to the camper: $647.  Most of this were the landing legs that needed replacing (after I broke one, and then if you’re replacing one, might as well do both)


Culinary highlight of June:  Ikea meatballs.  I love Ikea meatballs, with some sort of Swedish gravy goo and lingonberry jam.  (never fear – there’s some good July culinary highlights, with Richs’ sous vide steak (super yummy) and Richs’ pink fish (aka salmon)…… the best cooked pink fish I have ever eaten).


Number of days this post has been languishing on my computer waiting for me to post it:  10


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