Leaving Tennessee

Leaving Tennessee…

It’s about time we moved on and left Tennessee- Kentucky, here we come!  We left Raleigh on April 29th and spent only 3 nights in Boone, NC before we passed into TN.  We have been here over a month, but at least not in the same the same campground. At this rate it will take us about 5 years to get to all 50 states!  We aren’t in a hurry, so who really cares?  We are going to stay places as long as we want to, there is no rush.  And we don’t really plan to go to all of the states, just the ones we haven’t ever been to or we were too busy working, so we had no time to explore.

This last week or so in Tennessee has been good. When we moved from the KOA to Cedars of Lebanon State Park it was a good thing. That was after Jack the mobile RV repair guy fixed the landing gear.  It’s good to know what condition they are in as we move around.  He was a great guy and very helpful, even if he did always call me “girl”.   It is so much quieter and peaceful here in the State park.  Instead of listening to the traffic on I40, we hear only RV air conditioners and birds.  That can’t be helped and we used our AC too, it was pretty hot and humid, so if you don’t get a breeze there is no choice unless you like being super hot and sweaty-constantly. Even I can only take so much, imagine Kat and her fragile English body temperature.  The rain and thunderstorms while staying in the Nashville area have been incredible.  I have never heard so much thunder and after a torrential rainstorm the other night we couldn’t find the mats outside our door, so we thought someone stole them. I was confused as to why anyone would steal a mat.  After we got home for the day after being out it was raining really hard again, we had to walk up a small river to get to our door, so that made us think they just washed away and after we did some exploring we found them 10 feet into the woods.  I was hoping we wouldn’t wash away that night because it was another crazy storm.  The noise definitely gets amplified in the camper, but that storm was probably bad in a house too.  That sure cooled things off though.

our campground

our campground

We hung around in TN these last 4 days so we could get into Nashville and do some sightseeing and exploring as well as our Volunteer work.  Kat already told you about the volunteering and she mentioned the coordination of the event.  I was disappointed in the amount of delegation and leadership.  I’m interested in seeing how other events work out in that department. After we finished the event I couldn’t get the song out of my head with the lyrics “Pour some sugar on me, I’m hot, hot, sticky, sweet…” by Def Leppard.  Seriously,  Kat was red and blue on her clothes, hands and feet and I had melted cotton candy in my hair, on my face and up and down my arms.  It was fun though and I can now probably work at a fair or circus.  In hindsight, we should have just stood out in the pouring rain when we got home.


Nashville. We got the real Nashville experience.  Sunday afternoon we went into downtown to check out Broadway Street. We had read that there were a lot of live bands that plan in the bars there.  No Joke!  Every bar had a band in it and they draw big crowds.  We watched country bands, drank beer, ate some chicken wings, saw our fill of cowboy hats, boots and daisy duke shorts.  Broadway Street has a similar smell to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, lots of music like in Austin, TX during the South by Southwest festival and also feels a bit like Beale Street in Memphis.  But it is unique in its own way too because it just feels country.  We had a good time and that was as much time as we spent in Nashville.

Broadway street

Broadway street

Inside Tootsies, listening to music

Instide Tootsies, listening to music


A little about our stay at Cedars of Lebanon.  There is no internet or Verizon!  I care, but not really because my computer is FRIED!  I think during one of the rainstorms I left it under a window that was cracked and water and electronics just don’t mix well.  We disassembled it and dried it out for 3 days, but no luck.  I didn’t have too much stored on it, so not too big of a deal, except now I need to buy a new one. During this week if I was lucky I could get a very weak Verizon signal, but we were able to use ATT&T.  I’m glad we have both because it wasn’t the first time only one of us had a signal.  We spent some time using McDonalds and Starbucks free Wi-Fi.  Other than those two things it is a really nice park.

It has a nice layout. One loop for big RV’s and campers and two other loops for tent camping and smaller campers. I am surprised a lot of those tent campers didn’t pack up in the night and leave during those storms!  There is a huge pool, hiking trails, playgrounds, cabins, picnic shelters and open fields. There is also Frisbee golf, we have seen quite a few of these courses and I wonder if it really is that popular or leftovers from a past fad.  I need to pay attention to that in other states. I liked the paved roads for long walks and bike riding, which I enjoyed a lot.  It sounds like it’s a crazy, busy zoo, but it’s all wooded and just beautiful.  I can’t wait to see what Kentucky has to offer.  I wonder if the mouse who seems to have been traveling with us will like it too?  The evidence is in the chewed up bag of rice and the droppings.

Before I go I have to tell you that the back road driving is gorgeous!  Green hilly fields,  Farms with horses, cattle, goats, chickens and some growing all the hay that they need.  The barns are so picturesque they make you want to pull over and take a dozen photos, but that guy with the big American flag hanging off the back of his truck may come barreling down the road any minute, so you better not.  Actually, you will most likely hear him before you seem him, they like their trucks loud!

Thanks for a good time Tennessee!


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5 Responses to Leaving Tennessee

  1. Diane says:

    Sounds like you’re onto a great start!

  2. Susan says:

    Your post put a smile on my face.

    Sorry about the laptop. I got a cheap one myself this week at Costco.

    Thanks again for the post!


  3. Breck says:

    Get some mouse traps and add peanut butter – just remember where you set them if you like to roam at night. And if you figure out how to get your rig to Hawaii, you are really an experienced traveler.

    • bertski3@msn.com says:

      If I use peanut butter I will not only kill the mouse, but also Kat….she’s allergic to nuts. I think we got it…used cheese.

  4. Claire says:

    Sorry about the laptop. Sounds like you’re having great adventures though. Frisbee golf is still a thing; my brother-in-law works for Innova Discs. They are going strong selling discs and building new courses! Have fun and I love reading about your travels!

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