Loving Louisville!

First off,  I need to  comment on Kat’s post.  I have no idea where or when she became obsessed with unicorns and rainbows.  I have no responsibility in this.

I also have a few stats to add:

  • Number of spreadsheets Bert keeps = 0
  • Number of receipts Bert has lost = too many to count (throwing off Kats statistics). She says it is about 327?

Anyway, I just wanted to get that on record.

Back to my update on our status: We are staying about 45 minutes outside of Louisville in Carrollton, KY, at  General Butler State Park.  It was pretty busy when we got here last Friday, June 10th.  It was like a giant party of weekend campers.  There was an obstacle race here at the campground on Saturday, so it was extra busy.  The race was a 5 mile/35 obstacle course race.  It’s called Battlefrog and they go all over the country, looks like American Ninja warrior competition outside for beginners.  After the weekend it settled down. At one point there were only 9 other campers here out of 111 spaces.  Right now I am chilling by myself again while Kat is away at work. I am in a private and  lovely quiet spot in a cul de sac.  From the camping registration tags and the amount of cars and trailers pulling in I can see it will start filling up tonight. Today is a partly cloudy and cool day. Time for a hike around the lake soon.. its a nice 1.6 mile walk.P1130855

What is so nice about Louisville, why are we lovin it?  Well, we haven’t done too much in the city because the 45 minute drive is long and boring, but we did have an awesome day on Saturday at a volunteer opportunity for a 5K race.  It was a Power with Pride race and we had the most fun job of just cheering people on as they came up the last hill toward the finish line.  It was pretty organized in the fact that when we showed up they told us what to do and where to be right away.  Also, they had a get together planned for afterwords at  Bearnos pizza in the highland district of Louisville. It seems like a super cool neighborhood and a lot of race people showed up.  It was a small place, but had plenty of outside seating and cold refreshments.  The people we met who volunteered or ran in the race were all super nice.  They were so appreciative of our volunteering and concerned about our impressions of Louisville,  it was really touching.  At one point we felt our efforts weren’t much, but those who ran and had to get up that last hill said we made a big difference.  That was helpful to know and felt good.

It was a hot day and after the race we spent most of it just meeting new people while enjoying some wings and pizza.  Afterwords, we stopped at the grocery store (Aldi’s- our favorite) and picked up some stuff before heading home.  Sunday was a low key day.  Monday will be talked about in another post because it was a trip to the Jim Beam Distillery.  Tuesday was another low key day and Wednesday Kat left for work then I did some biking and walking around the campground. Thursday I was blessed with the company of a past work person and his wife (Josh and Jana).  We enjoyed some steaks and chatted for a bit.  This Friday is going by slowly, but I am good.  I have yet to find us a place to stay in or near St Louis next week, doesn’t seem to be a lot around there, but I will find something.  Good thing I have pretty good Wifi, but I bet that changes when all the other campers arrive tonight and tomorrow.


Bert out for now…gonna go do some exploring and check out the other campers.

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  1. Rob sutherland says:

    This is awesome. Sounds like a great trip

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