May 10-Knoxille, TN

I never thought time would go this fast while not working.
It seems we are always busy doing something.  For last week
it makes sense because we were at an RV Rally and the days were
pretty busy and in the evenings we were getting to know other people.
We met so many cool people who are from so many walks of life and in
all different stages of getting into Full-Time RV’ing.  It was really
comforting to meet others who have the same plan or who have been doing
it for awhile.  We learned some good tips and tricks on how to make things
easier and keep them from going wrong.  It was very different from any type
of meeting I have been to because mine were all work based and everyone is
checking their phones and computers for emails, worried about what is happening
with customers; not here, as people were really focused on the meeting content to learn.
(could be also because it wasn’t required you attend, but you paid to be there).
My two favorite stories of talking with people were: when we met one lady (she
was not small) she said loves being in her RV, but she misses having a bathtub,
all the bathtubs she saw in RV’s are small and for her it’s like putting an elephant in a
teacup.  The other one was about a large man who bought an RV and then found out that
his shower was so small that he couldn’t lift his arms up enough to soap himself, so he
was joking that the only way to get clean was to soap up the walls of the shower and just spin around.  haha
We are now “moochdocking” at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Powell, TN.  Just
outside of Knoxville.  Moochdocking is when you park in someone’s driveway or
yard and use their electric and water for free. Yep, I did two loads of laundry yesterday
and had a long, hot shower with no worries about how much water I was using.
We need to do some maintenance on the truck this week and the best part is my cousin
changes her own oil in her diesel truck so she is going to help us do ours and save some
money. Did anyone know that it takes 13-15 quarts of oil to change the oil in the truck,
an oil filter costs nearly 20 bucks and a fuel filter kit costs $50?!  We also found that one
of the shocks on the trailer was bad, so we will replace that too.  Kat can actually sit up
under the trailer, so she is going to do that part.
While the weather is nice today we are going to go with my cousin to the Smokey
Mountains and do a little hiking. We didn’t have much time last week while at the rally.
Too bad because we were camped not too far from an entrance. My other cousin may
take us out to the lake on the boat later this week if the weather is good.
It’s nice to get to spend time with them all since its been awhile since
we saw each other.
If anyone is wondering where we will go next, well, we really don’t know. We do plan on
going to Nashville and up into Kentucky to hit the Bourbon trail, but that’s as far as we
have decided.
No hurries and no worries.
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5 Responses to May 10-Knoxille, TN

  1. Debbie says:

    Love the updates. And the storytelling is great. That is super hilarious how resourceful people can be when in confined spaces. Too bad there isn’t a good smelling, hypoallergenic soap that’s safe for the body and doubles as a cleaner for the walls of the shower? And whoever is a Melaleuca Rep, please don’t tell me about their products…I said good smelling 😝. Have fun and be safe.

  2. Debbie says:

    Tell me more about the Bourbon Trail. Is that where they make bourbon? Or do you drink bourbon while you hike? Or what?

    • says:

      You can join a tour and get driven around, drive yourself or bike, but walking might take quite sometime because they are sometimes far apart. We aren’t sure how we are going to do it yet, but I would like to complete touring all 9 distilleries rather than just visiting a few. Maybe we can camp in between them and just go to a few each day? We really haven’t finished our homework on it yet. Want to join us for it? Only takes 3 days apparently. Take a look at this link.

      • Debbie says:

        Looks like a lot of fun…you know that I’m pretty booked until at least June 30. But yes, I’d love to meet up at a point or two in the near future…we’ll see where you are around September?

  3. Kelley Underwood says:

    Love the term moochdocking! Have fun on the bourbon trail!

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