May 16-20th Carthage, TN

Tuesday, May 17th.
We left my Aunt and Uncle’s house yesterday, Monday, May 16th.  I had some second thoughts on leaving that day and was thinking of delaying until Tuesday because it was so nice to spend time with the family. During our stay we ate some really good meals together and laughed at some old stories and just caught up on each other’s lives.  We also got a ton of things done on the truck and camper, which we did ourselves!  We feel much better about our safety and maintenance now. My Uncle was so helpful! We did get out to the Smoky Mountains We had a great week, but it was supposed to rain today (Tuesday) and we didn’t want to be packing and driving in the rain, so off we went.  During our travels we are going to avoid rain, wind and nightime drives as much as possible.
Moochdocking parking spot at my Aunt and Uncles house.

Moochdocking parking spot at my Aunt and Uncles house.

So, here we are in Carthage, TN- about an hour NE of Nashville. The park, Defeated Creek Campground is an Army Corp of Engineers park and very nice. Another beautiful campsite!  This one is on a lake in a shady, grassy site, it’s pretty spacious and quiet.  We hung out in the camper this morning during the rain that started last night and just relaxed while doing some reading.  After the weather cleared up we went for a walk, had lunch, then I went for a short bike ride.  There is a mountain bike trail just up the road and I hope to try it out tomorrow or Thursday. More reading done in the afternoon, then a short time spent looking at maps and trying to figure out a travel plan. We took another walk, built a fire and had a nice dinner. We are loving the little WeberQ100 grill we bought off Craigslist.  It uses the small little green propane tanks and cooks hot.  I am still learning the hot spots, but haven’t ruined any dinners yet.

Our camper parked in Defeated Creek Campground.

Right now I’m burning the hairs off my legs by the campfire because it’s easier than shaving your legs while in the camper shower. HaHa-Its really not that bad, I just always feel I have to hurry.  My evening visitors of two wild geese family are hanging out on the grassy fields in front of me while I just enjoy the view.  I am surprised at the lack of bugs/mosquitoes. I may be sorry I said that, but we experienced the most while parked at Jordan Lake in Raleigh way back in April and since then things have been good in that department.  Maybe its our showering habits?

An evening view of the lake.

Wednesday, May 18th
It’s our 3rd week into this new life and we both agree we can still have a relaxing lifestyle, but need to make sure we do some of the things we had planned like, blogging, hiking, learning about the areas we visit, volunteering and just make sure we aren’t treating it like a really long vacation of doing nothing.  I am sure we will get tired of reading and sitting around all day at some point?  This morning was the first day we have turned the TV on since we left at the end of April.  I don’t miss it at all.
A rainy start to the day today, but it has stopped now and is supposed to clear up. We are headed out to Walmart, which I have spent more time at in the last month than maybe my entire life!  Hopefully a hike this afternoon and a visit to the Ranger station to discuss volunteer opportunities.  A drive to explore the local area is needed too so we don’t miss anything. Hope all is well with everyone back in the real world.
View of the Smoky Mountains during the Cades Cove scenic drive.

View of the Smoky Mountains during the Cades Cove scenic drive.

Some pictures from last week…
Mill at Cades Cove visitor center.

Mill at Cades Cove visitor center.

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3 Responses to May 16-20th Carthage, TN

  1. Debbie says:

    Super curious…why did you turn on the TV? Is there a show you wanted to watch?

    • says:

      Just to see if I was missing anything big on the morning news…nope, I wasn’t, so back to the computer for keeping up on what’s happening in the world.

  2. Julie S says:

    Love your header photo, so nice to see those mountains in the sunshine. I love COE parks, we enjoyed our one night stop at DeerLick COE outside of Tuscaloosa on our way to the RV-Dreams rally, I saw several paved hike/bike paths running through the park that I would have loved to have had the time to check out. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to go back someday. Safe travels!
    Love and hugs,
    Julie and Casey

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