May 18th Another night in Defeated Creek

Sunset over the lake-1

Sunset over the lake-1

Yesterday did not get warm like we hoped. The local Walmart was about all we explored and it was amusing because people seemed to meet up with their friends there to chat in the middle of the aisles. We never did go hiking because we had a couple of things happen that needed immediate attention…1. Crap, we realized-it’s almost Memorial day and we don’t have a reservation anywhere.  That is one of the first things experienced RV’rs will tell you: make sure you have reservations on Holiday weekends, parks fill up fast.  2.Uh-oh- Kat is needed at work over the Memorial day weekend in Switzerland.  Now what?

We started with our next location for the upcoming weekend so she could figure out where to fly from. That alone was a challenge, but we found a cancellation in Henry Horton State Park near Lynchburg, TN.  Yep, the Jack Daniels distillery is there!  So, guess where we will be going soon?  🙂  Then we decided Nashville would be the airport to use and we found a KOA that is in Lebanon, TN- 10 minutes from downtown Nashville.  Typically we try to stay away from KOA because it seems they are all super chaotic, full of families just out for a quick vacation (nothing wrong with that) and the sites are kind of But this one just became part of KOA and seems like the sites are in a pretty wooded area. I hope the site we reserved is big enough, it sounded like it might be a tight fit, we will see. We really have no choice and are just happy to have a place over the Memorial weekend, well, I am only happy because since I will be hanging out alone for about 8 days and don’t want to spend it in a Walmart parking lot.   There is a shuttle to downtown, so I think I will have to do some city exploring.  Anyone want to hang out in Nashville?


sunset over the lake-2

sunset over the lake-2

The day ended well and it did start to clear up in the evening right around dinnertime. The sunset was beautiful and lasted a long time, constantly changing.

Today, the sun is shining,clear blues skies and its warming up nicely, so I am packing some sandwiches and we are headed out to do some hiking.

Bert out.



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  1. Karl S. Kramer says:

    Have a shot for me!

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