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It’s weird but kind of nice at the same time being in the same place for so long. We have days when we are just antsy and don’t know what to do with ourselves. We have tried to be productive and get some of our jobs done around the camper. For example we finally put in the bathroom fan and got started on the inverter installation. Those took quite a few trips to Home Depot. There were also a lot of breaks to chat with people walking by and commenting on our work. It’s amazing how seeing a woman working on a camper with tools all around her brings so much attention. I think Kat enjoyed it and I teased her that she was just sitting out there looking productive.  We bought and put up our map showing the states we have traveled through and have done a lot of other little jobs. We have even done our taxes! I have never gotten too excited when I got a refund, but this year it makes a difference. I feel more relieved to get them done than I thought. Turbo Tax took barely an hour!

We did go out and do volunteering at St Mary’s foodbank. St Marys was the very first food bank in the world apparently. Who knew? It was a little more exciting than just sorting food items because we were working with female prison inmates. I almost made a joke when we first got there and a woman in her orange jumpsuit showed us where the sign in office was located, I am so happy I kept my mouth shut. The big letters ADC (Arizona Department of Corrections) was a tip off. It was probably and hopefully the closest I will ever get to Orange is the new Black. Everyone was really nice. We found a couple of other opportunities, but they were bad times for us because they were always on days we wanted to spend with the kids. We almost signed up to work at the Final Four basketball tournament, but even the orientation was a long commitment. I hate to think we are picky volunteers, but it was not really helping anyone in need, except us needing to go to the tournament.

Our herb garden is going well now that we have everything up on a table where the rabbits can’t eat everything. We have been able to enjoy cilantro, rosemary, basil and lettuce without a trip to the store. I miss having a big garden and a yard to go out to and putter around. No doubt we would be at the farmers market every weekend if we were home. Kat met one of the neighbors who lives here permanently and he told us we could pick as many of his grapefruit as we want. So, we had a second night with Alli and Logan where we enjoyed fresh squeezed grapefruit cocktails. We even got Alli to try some green curry. We think she liked it enough to at least eat it without making a face of disgust. The Asian market was the cleanest one we have ever been in and they had everything we needed, which is rare because those Kaffir lime leaves are hard to find. I am still searching for a Thai Basil plant or at least a pack of seeds to start growing my own.

We took a drive up to Sedona Wednesday and that was a pretty trip even though it was almost a two hour drive. Just outside of Phoenix there were so many Saguaro cactus it looked like a forest. I am looking forward to Saguaro national park outside of Tucson. The red rock formations around Sedona were amazing and I can see why it is famous for its views around the city. Our camera gave out and so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but it was still nice. We stopped at Montezuma’s castle on the way there and at Tuzigoot monument and ruins on the way home. Both very cool to see. In Sedona we just went for a walk and had lunch. We hadn’t planned on a hike, but that would have been good to do and I bet it would have been really pretty.

Montezuma’s Castle

Tuzigoot ruins

Thursday night we all went out to dinner for steak at Lonestar steakhouse. It was nice to have everyone sit down together. We were able to put our gift cards to good use and enjoy them in a great way. We convert credit card points to restaurant gift cards and that way we kind of get a free meal. When we feel we need to go out we can do it guilt free with no worries about breaking the budget. Our budget the month of March was pretty much shot, but this didn’t affect it at all. It’s a great way to make use of money we had spent anyway. I used to get I-tunes cards to rent movies to watch when I traveled, but I like this much better. I like this life much better period!

At dinner my niece told us about a walk to raise money for Oral Cancer awareness on Saturday that she might attend and Kat thought it would be cool for us to volunteer at the event, so with a couple of emails to the coordinator we were in. We showed up at 5 am on Saturday morning and helped get the tables, banners and other displays set up. By 9 am everything was wrapped up and we were finished. The event was at the Zoo and we got free passes to go in along with a t-shirt. We walked around for a little bit, but were so tired we didn’t stay too long. The rest of the day included a nap and a whole lot of nothing.

It sounds as though we stayed busy and were having a good time and we kind of were, but we were also in funky moods for a few days late in the week. Luckily earlier in the week when I went out shooting with Kyle I was in a good mood.  We shot his AR-15, shotgun and 9 mm.  I am no sharpshooter, but it was fun to do that together.  I can’t pinpoint the exact cause for our moods, but I was a little restless and I think Kat is having to get used to not working. I went through that a long time ago and am usually pretty good with not having too much to do. When you live in such close quarters and spend almost every minute together 24/7 your moods feed off of each others. Think about it, if your spouse or a close co worker is in a bad or even good mood you pick up on it and it can affect your own mood. I like the good mood transfer much better and was done being in those moods, so on Sunday when I went out to Walmart on my own I decided to shape things up and get us back on track. I proposed a couple of activities and in the end we went out to Lake Pleasant for a picnic lunch. We packed up some leftover bratwurst and nibbles along with our postcards and headed out. Of course it was a sunny nice day because most days are in Phoenix. We checked out the campgrounds around the lake to see if they are somewhere we would stay when we return later in the year. Yes, we would stay out there even though it is a little far from family. It was really beautiful and I guess the 6 dollar fee was worth it. Later we bought a roasted chicken and had Kyle and his wife Abbey over with Alli too. Eric was busy with a friend of his who was in the hospital. It was a nice visit and by the end of the day we were feeling much happier. It does seem like whenever we get together we just eat and hang out, but it’s a good time to talk and I guess really that is what happens at family get-togethers. We really do need to get back on our simple little meals and feel fit and healthy again. Oh well, we will.

Our month stay here at Desert shadows is done today and we are moving a bit further away to Usery Mountain Park. We want to stay in the Phoenix area a little longer so we can attend my Nephew-Kyle and his wife Abbey’s gender reveal party. I had a few ideas on party games and although they provided a good laugh, they were nixed. A little nudity was involved and so I kind of understand, but I thought it was pretty funny and would do it if I were having a baby. ( Haha-not gonna happen.) We also have friends who we want to see that are going to stay there too. Tracy and Lee are couple who we met at the RV rally in Tennessee during our first week of our trip. They have a great blog that we follow:  As Rv full timers they are full of good advice and we hope to learn some new tips and tricks from them about living on the road as well as having some good laughs. Although we are doing quite well it never hurts to learn from other people’s experiences. And it is so nice to see people you know when on the road who live the same lifestyle. I even feel connected just by sending postcards that let people know I am thinking of them. Dare I say I am getting a bit homesick? Maybe its just being stationary that has given me too much time to reflect. Geez, I am even thinking about getting my resume updated and about what I will do in my next life stage. I think I need to go for a walk and get these things out of my head!

Goodbye to Desert Shadows

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  1. Sounds like we are seeing you at the perfect time!! Can’t wait. Loved the post btw. Cool to hear how you are feeling.

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