My California Vacation


I know that everyone thinks I am on vacation while we travel,( my mom certainly does) but really it is just our life for awhile. I don’t consider it a vacation, but it certainly isn’t a conventional life.  It may sound weird, but I did just have a nice vacation in California while Kat was working. I got to wake up and watch the news, go to the gym, shower and just do whatever for the day. The hotel where we were staying had bikes that you could borrow and just go out and ride. Alameda has a lot of paved paths all around that are just awesome. They go all over the place and you can really get a good view of San Francisco as you ride along the bay along with all of the cool houses that line the street across from the beach, the beaches and the numerous pelicans at the water just off the park at the end of the island.. It was nice and flat and there were no cars to worry about, the only downside was the wind that comes off the bay every afternoon. That really required a bit of extra effort to get any speed up. The bikes are beach cruisers with only the footbrakes, so you aren’t going to get going fast anyway, its pretty relaxing. I love just tooling around on those types of bikes. It didn’t hurt that I had downloaded a bunch of different music onto my shuffle and bought a better pair of headphones. Most days I got in a good ride and sat on the beach for an hour or so just reading and enjoying the view. Not at all a bad way to spend a day.



We had dinner out or with friends every night except Sunday. That was fun to meet new people and see some colleagues from work who live in the area. All the food was good and I probably could have stayed a few more days to get to the places I missed. Good thing I got in all that exercise.

Thursday we took the ferry over to San Francisco to have dinner and go the Exploratorium. Thursday nights are adult nights so you don’t feel bad about pushing the kids out of the way and not letting them play with things. I really think it is more for adults anyway since the exhibits were a lot of advanced science, mathematics and physics. Sure, kids would like it because of the interactive aspect, but would they really understand or learn anything? I noticed it was like nerd date night or even just groups of friends, maybe co-workers hanging out and playing with all the exhibits. There was some cool stuff to see and do, so it was fun to be there. One neat thing other than us getting to see the dissection of a cow’s eyeball was the Strandbeest exhibit. Those are kinetic structures made of PVC pipe by a Danish guy, Theo Jansen, they use the wind to help them move. The way the PVC is put together uses the wind to push it and there are joints like legs that move the thing forward. It is eerily life like.

P1150588 P1150595


P1150590 P1150604 IMG_7154 IMG_7153



The only bad part about this trip was I don’t like waking up to the fog and then waiting for it to burn off to see the sun. Every day started that way, so why should I be surprised  that was the way Friday at the beach started. In the morning I took the BART to Fremont and Joe K. who I had worked with picked me up so I could join him and his family at Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk. It was only 64 degrees and foggy until about 2pm. The corn dog was delicious and it was fun to watch the boys play, but eventually I needed to get up and move around. Of course I went over to the pier to check out the sea lions. I could watch those things for a very long time. But, we had meat to smoke for dinner and we needed to get going just in case of traffic too. It was a good day at the beach. Dinner was awesome along with playing of go fish for a couple of rounds with Colby. The drive back to the hotel near the airport was quick and uneventful, as I was hoping for the flight back to Denver the next day. It was.

P1150606IMG_7160 P1150612 P1150630 P1150624 P1150621

Not that living in the camper and hanging out at campgrounds is stressful, but anytime you are away from home it is a change and can be good to break routines. It was good to get home to the camper and start thinking about where and when we were headed next. We had a general idea, but some decisions needed to be made soon.

As much as I felt at home in Berthoud I was ready to get moving. I hadn’t felt that way since we left on our journey. Up until that California trip I was pretty content to go from campground to campground and just relax at each one, no real plan or motivation, just taking it as it came. I wasn’t thinking of what there was to see or all of the things I wanted to do while I was traveling, like experiencing new things and meeting new people. Well, I don’t know what happened to me in California, but I feel like I have had my reset button pushed. I am ready and motivated to get going, do some real sightseeing and make the absolute most of this trip. Maybe it really did take me 108 days to decompress and get to this point, but whatever, I feel great, rejuvenated and ready to take it to a new level of getting out there and seeing what there is to see.



Being in the vicinity of so many National parks out in the West may have something to do with it too, but anyway-

I do love California.

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  1. Breck says:

    Diagnosis: Severe “hitch-itch”
    Rx: Connect trailer to truck and “move along”… repeat often as needed

  2. bert says:

    I agree with your diagnosis and have been able to fix the issue.
    I guess it happens to the best of us because I have heard of this before, just never experienced it. All good now!

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