Colorado to Spokane with Kelley

As I sit down this early morning just outside of Bend, Oregon I realize I have a months worth of traveling to write about. After we left Moab our trip was filled with visiting friends and lots of travel. I find it hard to make the time to sit and write when I’ve got people to spend time with. I am not a person who has to be electronically connected all the time or want to spend time on the computer when I have real people to be with. It has been great, but took me totally out of my normal routine. We are on the last stay before we hunker down in Klamath Falls, OR  for our month of volunteering at the Klamath wildlife area. For me taking too long of a break writing is like stopping exercising…once I stop it’s hard to start again. My writing muscles have atrophied and are now sore from starting again.

After leaving Moab, we only had one night to spend along the way before getting to Berthoud for a stay at Sue and Carol’s. We stopped at a little campground just past Grand Junction that was between the Colorado river and the highway. It ws a good overnight stop. I loved the drive up through the mountain passes and through Vail even though we got snowed on again. Really nice canyon drive. Did I ever mention how much I love driving though all of these fantastically beautiful places?

Berthoud, Colorado

When we arrived in Berthoud I would stay two weeks and Kat would only be there 6 days before she left for a two week work trip. I don’t remember exactly when I had this genius idea, I think it was in Moab, but instead of me staying in Berthoud while Kat was away I suggested I find a temporary copilot and keep moving towards Oregon. If we waited until Kat got back we would have to hurry to get to Klamath Falls for our volunteer job starting on July 1st and we wouldn’t be able to stop in on some of our friends staying in Portland and Estacada. Luckily our friend Kelley was available and up for some adventure. She would come out to Denver and spent a few days with me there after Kat left and then would drive with me up to Spokane.

Our visit in Colorado was as good as last time, but just shorter. It was nice to catch up with Sue and Carol on all the news since our last visit almost a year ago and meet all the new chickens, ducks and one very confused turkey. That turkey is growing up in a group of young chickens and ducks and I bet he feels different. He doesn’t seem to be being bullied though, so that’s good.

I immediately resumed my goat and cow feeding role and was pretty happy I didn’t throw out my old shoes from before. I did have to borrow some boots though because it had been pretty rainy and the cows had really created a mud pit. I can happily report that I think they remembered me and seemed a little less afraid. Hand feeding them clipped grass over the fence was a key to our newfound friendship. Kat and I didn’t do too many exciting things while there except order and setup solar panels and other Amazon items. We also went into Fort Collins to do a little shopping.  Sunday after I dropped Kat off I came back to help plant 8 fruit trees.  I sure hope they do well after all that work.

Kelley arrived Thursday and her first adventure was to learn how to feed the goats- lucky her. After only one day she decided that they weren’t something she would want to own – too smelly. Haha- they are, but they are cute and fun to watch. We went to Fort Collins one day and checked out the university and old part of town, then we had a nice lunch and did a little shopping. Saturday we were doing (walking) a 5k in Berthoud to celebrate Berthoud day. There was also a parade and a big block party after that was really fun. I have not been to a parade that had so many tractors or had so much candy thrown at me! Earlier in the week we had checked out the brewery, so didn’t need to do that again. I was amazed that such a small town had two brew pubs. Welcome to Colorado.  That night after running some errands we were treated to delicious build your own chicken pot pies to be eaten while relaxing and watching a movie.  I have never had better pie crust than what Carol makes!  A nice last evening.

I asked and he said he was mowing the grass!


Early on Sunday we needed to head out. We had some long driving days ahead of us to get up to Spokane to pick up Kat on the following Saturday. We got up early to get things ready on the camper and say goodbye. We had some struggles with navigation at first and after one u turn and a 4 mile dirt road we were on track! It takes some figuring out in the beginning, but Kelley kept at it and figured it all out. The beginning of our adventure.

Firehole Canyon, Flaming Gorge, Wyoming

We drove 6 hours into Wyoming and we really only went that far so we could spend more time near the Grand Tetons the next few days. When we arrived at Fire hole canyon in Flaming Gorge just outside of Rock Springs. (So many jokes in that!) I was happily surprised to find the campground almost empty since we were just doing the walk up thing.  It was incredibly hard to park in a spot since there were concrete barriers lining the narrow road. I couldn’t get the turn radius and space I needed, then it turned out when I did the Shady Lady was too long. We tried to get into that one spot for about an hour before we finally gave up and went to a spot I thought I could just go straight back into. It took 10 minutes! We didn’t chose that one originally because we didn’t want to encroach on the only other nearby campers privacy. At some point I decided to just say screw it and do it. So glad I did. I was tired and frustrated and not thinking straight anymore. I could see the look on Kelley’s face that read something like “oh crap, is it always going to be like this?” I do feel good about my backing in skills now, but this was a real test. I got some practice at least. Kelley was understanding and patient and she got to work on our hand signals. Even Kat and I struggle with that every now and then.

We set up camp and had a relaxing beverage before walking down to the lake. That was after we almost had a four foot snake go across Kelley’s feet! Haha- she dumped her chair over and then went about 6 feet in the air! ( it was a harmless gofer snake we found out later). We sat by the lake for a few minutes and then out of nowhere the wind and a little rain sent us back up to the camper. No matter where we were the views were incredible. As our camp host (Gordon)  informed us about the twin towers of Wyoming we turned to snap pictures of the rainbows. I have never see four rainbows in one day before and even a double! Amazing- all that driving and parking was worth it! We got some fantastic pictures.

4 ft gopher snake just passing by.

Kelley’s chair after it went 8ft in the air!

Later there were little rain showers off and on, but there are really nice shelters over the picnic tables that provide great protection while we still got to enjoy our view.  We were bothe too worn out to cook the steak we had planned on eating, but Kelley made us some nice sandwiches.  There was a strange buzzing or humming noise, but I couldn’t figure it out. It sounded like a swarm of bees or bunch of drones.  I really have no idea what it was, but it was gone in the morning.

Coulter bay, Grand Tetons, WY

It wasn’t such a long drive to the Grand Tetons which was good. I like the 3 hour days where you can arrive and get setup and do stuff before dinner. It was a beautiful drive and the rivers are really flowing with the snow melting off the mountains. We got to sit and enjoy the views more than once while waiting on road construction delays. The snow that remains on the mountains is beautiful. The water in the rivers was red because it was running down the mountain taking mud with it. It was so green later down the road and the spring flowers were out to add their beauty to it all.

It was super cool when we arrived and got the very same spot that Kat and I had stayed at the summer before. And it was SO much easier to just pull n quickly and be done. We hot some campfire wood and we headed out to Jackson lake on a short walk before going back to the camper. Kelley went out for another walk afterwards and I prepared dinner to go on the grill. We ate like queens and hung out by the fire for a nice relaxing evening.

We started our day with coffee in the beach with a great view. I really needed some internet to quickly get some bookings in for the rest of the trip, so we decided to forgo the hike Kelley was dying to take and so we went to Jackson. We stopped a lot on the way to get pictures and when I was done at Starbucks and Kelley was done shopping we had lunch. The best part was that after getting the rest of the trip planned I had figured  it was possible to stay another day and get some hiking done. We got back after a quick stop at the store to buy more firewood right as the rain started. Too bad for our campfire, but it was nice to hear the rain on the camper and just chill out. It was surprising to see that there were quite a few more campers parked around us. The rain did stop later and we had our fire after all.


We did get our hike in the next day. The trail around Jenny Lake was closed for maintenance, so we went to Bradley lake and hiked about 6 miles through some gorgeous trails. We stopped and had lunch which in hindsite I was thinking might not have been a good idea since there were warnings about bears being seen. However, I don’t think any bear would have stood a chance of getting Kelley’s cheetos! A really beautiful day for a hike with all the wildflowers and views of the snow-capped mountains. I was happy we stayed another day.


Last year Kat and I didn’t get to drive through Yellowstone because a fire had the road closed, but it was all clear for Kelley and I. We had another 4 hour drive ahead of us, but I had hoped to stop at Old Faithful to let Kelley check it out. Hmmm-she wasn’t really interested, so we just kept going. We did see some of the geysers from the road and it was a great drive. Two things we did see were a lot of snow on the roadside and of course the Buffalo. Those buffalo just take over the roadway and make it their own, which I guess is only right, but I sure was happy we weren’t behind them. Itn the other direction there had to be about 5 miles of traffic backed up going at a buffalo pace.


In Montana we stopped at the one campground I had picked out and all the electric sites were taken, so we went to my second choice and the one the ranger suggested, Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park just up the road. That part of the country is just so beautiful, I know Montana is called big sky country, but I can’t capture its beauty in pictures or explain why the sky seems so big. It is a fantastic drive though. L&C park was off the highway about 17 miles and inbetween some huge hills/little mountains, so of course we lost all cell signal again. That was getting old! At least we had electric to recharge the batteries. Even though we had power I wanted to test the solar panels and let Kat know how well they worked. They were easy to setup and everything worked fine during the two hours I got to have them in the sun. I think that was the first night without a campfire and since we had power we watched my favorite movie- Love Actually.

Superior, MT

Back on the road the next day (Friday)- our last night before we get into Spokane and get ready to pick up Kat. More of Montana’s beauty to gaze at as we drove along and that really makes driving so great. The campground Quartz Flat was an awesome find! It was a bit tricky to actually find the entrance to and if we paid more attention we would not have had to go through the 14′ tunnel to get across the highway to the side where RV’s were easier to park. I sent a picture to Kat and I could hear her gasp before she asked me “how tall was that tunnel and do you know how tall the camper is?” My response was ” it was 14′ tall and I think we are like 12′ 10”? But don’t worry I had read that most campers can get through ok,” Haha. She didn’t sound too pleased that I took the chance. I had Kelley watching as I started to pull through and it was going to be fine or I would have just backed up and turned around. I now know we are 12′ 10” and I would do it again.

The campground is on both sides of the highway, but the one we wanted was better for RV parking. It is so convenient because it is right behind the rest area, which makes it a bit noisy, but it was fantastic. There were only a few other campers, there were easy pull through sites and the host provided free firewood, which we took full advantage of for a few hours. There was a short hike which had a good little interpretive map to go with it to identify trees and stuff around the area, so we did that before lighting up (the fire).


Next and last stop for the Kelley and Bert drive would be Spokane. I was happy that I had a reservation because that would allow us to get settled in and stuff before we picked Kat up late that night. We drove through Spokane and about 15 miles west on the highway before we got to our exit and it was really pretty, but we were both thinking…where are we going? Why are we headed into the middle of nowhere? Yep, we lost signal as we pulled into the campground again. I knew we were going to have a problem as soon as we pulled into camp. It looked like a redneck scary village and there was a sign that even said “you are entering redneck country, there may be rednecks, confederate flags and firearms, if you don’t like it you can leave”. And leave we did. Lucky for us the spot we were assigned was not going to fit us. Then the lady offered us the option to take up two spots for the price of one. I declined. She was going to not charge us so I was happy not to have to deal with that, but now what? We were almost out of fuel, no cell signal, no campground planned and I had about 5 hours to get to the airport to pick Kat up. I needed somewhere relatively close to the airport because Kat had just spent 27 hours on planes and was sure to be tired and possibly grumpy. Later she told me she wasn’t thrilled about the 45 minutes to get to the redneck campground, so I was extra happy we didn’t stay there.

Down the road, a gas station, a cell signal, some phone calls and finally we just went to the fairgrounds. Not a beautiful location, but partial hookups, a field all to ourselves, relief at having somewhere to stay was good for me, plus only 15 minutes to the airport! We cleaned up, went shopping and next thing you know we were driving Kat home.

The fairgrounds campground.

Spokane, WA

Sunday there was to be an Elk Fest and we were pretty excited thinking we were going to a big street party with music, food trucks and stuff like that. I was sure we were going to be eating elk and enjoying cold beer, so we went for a morning hike to get in our exercise first. The Riverside State Park is almost right in Spokane and full of hikes, so that was easy to get to from our campground. We walked along the river and told Kat all about our adventures and she and Kelley got to catch up since they hadn’t seen each other in a year.

The Elk fest was our plan for afterwards, but it was not what we expected at all! There was music, there was beer and two food trucks, but that was about all. It was just one side street closed off and nothing else. We did eat lunch at the restaurant next to all the activities and got to people watch for awhile, so we had fun anyway.

Monday we went downtown for a little walk and to look around before we took Fat Henry for an oil change. When the oil change was done we went back downtown and walked around a bit more before heading back to camp. Kelley had an early flight out the next morning and we were heading out that morning too so it wasn’t a late night. Kat and I were headed towards Portland which will be another post.

I appreciate all that Kelley did for me while we traveled (even the 1 million selfies we took). I know it was alot to throw at her by asking her to navigate through so many states. You may be thinking it is not so bad to navigate, but in our world it is a lot of responsibility. I depend on that person to make sure we have the best route and are not going down roads that the camper shouldn’t go down and to tell me where to turn, etc. They also have to hand out the sandwiches for lunch, provide twizzlers and tic tacs upon request, find gas using gas buddy and make sure its a station I can get in and out of easily. They also have to search the internet to look up information about things we see on the way. They are also the DJ and when we tire of music they have to talk and keep me entertained. Thanks for all the help Kelley, it was great having you along on this part of the trip.

Defrosting the fridge.

Great hand signals!

Next stop…Oregon!














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Moab, Utah

I’m having to backtrack quite a bit, but will do my best to fill in the blanks with my notes. Lately it’s been a lot of moving around and a lot of visiting and traveling with friends lately which distracted me. As well as super bad internet service in most places. Here we go on a journey from Northern NM through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and to Spokane, WA then Portland, OR. I will break it up though or you will be reading for hours and looking at pictures until your eyes cross. It was a great adventure and we saw spectacular things.

We stayed in between Santa Fe and Albuquerque at Cochiti lake for a few days after leaving Santa Fe. It really feels out in the middle of nowhere, but is only 25 miles from Santa Fe and not too far from Albuquerque. There is a convenience store in the little town of Cochiti lake, but for a town of only 500+ what can you expect? We didn’t venture back to Santa Fe, but we did go to Tent Rocks National Monument. That was really an awesome hike through a really impressive canyon with a fantastic view from the top at the end. We took the lower trail to see the cave and weren’t going to take the second part through the canyon, but man are we happy we did! It was so worth it. The rock formations were our first taste of these unique rock formations and they were beautiful and magical. It really isn’t a well known place and not heavily advertised and without just happening to be close by we probably wouldn’t have gone, but it made me very happy that we have these national parks that are protected and their presence is made known to the public. Thank you President Roosevelt for creating the National park system and Bill Clinton for adding this one.


When we left Cochiti we were going to stop in Angels Peak campground for the night, but I was in driving mode and really wanted to get further along in the direction of civilization, so we kept going to Valley of the Gods in Utah. Kat did a great job of finding it on the fly as we drove. We usually have a plan of where to go, but I threw it all off by wanting to keep going. Sometimes not having a reservation at a campground has its benefits. We went through the beautiful northern NM and towns of Farmington and Shiprock, which were a bit of sad little towns. Sorry for any offense to those who live there. We were originally going to head right into Colorado and up to stay at our friends farm (Carol and Sue) who we had stayed with late last summer, but as I looked at the map I saw that Arches and Moab could be on the way. We have it in our plans to go to Bryce and Zion in the fall along with Arches, but this would enable us to stay on the West side of Utah when we go back there in September. The drive was great, crossing the border into Arizona and then into Utah was spectacular with red rock formations in the distance and just great big wide open spaces filled with views of far off formations of rocks, cliffs, canyons and towering rocks. It was exciting to see what more was to come as we drove on.

You could see all the rock formations in the distance as we pulled off the road into Valley of the Gods. We knew that we could just pull over into any site that had been stayed in before, but not to go more than 3 miles. The road, although a bit bumpy of a dirt road was ok. We found a spot we really liked backed up against some rock formations and of course after getting setup we needed to see more, so we went out for a drive to see what was further down the road. It just kept getting more amazing, but we made the right choice not to go further with the camper. Dinner and relaxing was next on our to do list and we did it well. I was so amazed by the views from our camper that I just had to share a photo on FB, which I don’t do too often. There wasn’t great internet service, so I was glad it went through.



The next day we took a drive to Monument Valley which is known for its towering sandstones. We planned to stop at Gooseneck State Park to see what there was to see and then take a driving tour through Monument Valley when we got there. The driving tour was full of fantastic views and was terrific, except for the roads. I suspect they don’t care about keeping them maintained, they are dirt so that may be difficult, but if cars could easily drive down those roads how would the tour groups stay in business and there were many! When we finished the tour I saw that I had a comment on the picture I had posted. It was from our friends, Greg and Cori that we met in Usery Park, AZ (LINK). They were going to be staying at Valley of the Gods starting that night! What a crazy small world. And if the park had more than one road in we would have a small chance of finding them, but as we drove into the park….there they were! We stopped in and made plans for dinner back at their camper a bit later. We had a super dinner and good conversations, then made plans to meet at our camper for breakfast. We planned to make green chili egg burritos, say goodbye and hit the road. Things didn’t go as planned. As I packed up outside I noticed one of our camper tires was looking very low. Sure enough it was 1/4 of what its PSI should have been. A bit closer of inspection showed we had a screw embedded in it. This was after breakfast and Cori and Greg were still around. I feel like an idiot admitting we didn’t even have a lug nut wrench to take off that tire and replace it with the spare. We were so lucky Greg and Cori were there! He had what we needed to get the punctured tire off, replace it with the spare and even let us use his compressor to get the spare to pressure after we fried our little one by running it too long. Darn it, we use that quite often and now will have to replace it as well as figure out how to make it easy to put air in when needed. So happy I posted that FB picture! Thanks again to Greg and Cori for the help. We got the tire repaired on the next stop for 20 bucks.

Gooseneck park.

Enjoying a cup of tea while checking out the views!



We needed more awesome rock formations and our next stop was Moab, Utah. Arches National Park was our real goal. We once again had no reservation and with the tire issue we were later arriving than we wanted to be, but we got totally lucky in getting the last spot at Kens Lake campground, just about 9 miles from Moab. I was dying to go check things out in town, so off we went after setting up. Really, I needed some civilization and city life as we had been in nowhere land for a long time. The first thing we did when we arrived was to get Kat some food. She was fading fast and this was not going to end well if we didn’t. More good luck shined down on us when we parked and on the corner of main street was the fabulous food truck: Quesadilla Mobilla. Wow. I have never had that much meat in a Quesadilla, or seen so many people lined up for a tortilla folded over with stuff in the middle. It was great and even though we had to wait a bit we enjoyed the outside seating area and people watching. They were mostly bikers and hikers. One of the first things I noticed about Moab was that almost everyone had a bike on their truck or car or they had a trailer with an ATV. If people weren’t in a car they were dressed for hiking or doing outdoors things. Definitely an outdoorsy place. So many shops there to accommodate that lifestyle as well. Gearheads outdoor shop even provided as much free filtered water as you wanted and the Maverick Gas station had free water for campers and a free dump station, we made use of both.

The view from our campsite at Ken’s lake.

Quesadilla Mobilla.

Crazy ATV riders!


Of all the places we have been we both agreed that Moab is one place we would think about living. Well, there are probably more, but we fell in love with the area and the town. The weather was good, the outdoor vibe of it, the views and activities were amazing. Arches National park was just fantastic, even better than I imagined. Wewent to Arches on Friday night and hiked to Delicate arch to see the sunset. It was a nice 3 mile round trip hike over and through some really cool rocks. The viewing area was packed with people waiting to get a good picture. We didn’t stay until sunset because we didn’t want to have to hike back down with all those people and instead we drove to Fiery Furnace area and took some pictures there and drove out of the park. The park is doing road construction and the only time it is open in the evenings is Friday and Saturday, the rest of the week it closes at 7pm. We planned to go back and do some of the hikes later in the week because we both love the area and were going to stay around as long as possible and do as much exploring as we could before we head to Colorado. We booked ourselves into a ranger led walk through Fiery Furnace on the following Friday at 1pm before we hiked another trail on our own one day. All the hikes were great and we saw a lot of different, but all very cool sights.

Fun part of the hike to Delicate Arch.

Fiery Furnace


Arches is actually one of the smaller parks and we wanted to get in more exploration of the area which meant off to Canyonlands park we went for new sights and hikes. We started out one day by driving to the Needles section of the park where we took a six mile hike. It’s hard to describe, so pictures will have to do, but again…just amazing! After our long hike we did a shorter little walk to see where an old cowboy camp was found. That was pretty well kept and one part of the trail required climbing up a wooden ladder. The weirdest thing ever was that at the top of that ladder we both smelled pepperoni pizza. I mean seriously, how can we both smell it like it was right there hot and ready to eat? Weird, we must have been really hungry! Unfortunately, there was definitely no pizza around.

The other section of Canyonlands we went to was at the other end of the park called Island in the sky. It wasn’t a great weather day and we thought rather than hang around the camper we could at least go for a drive and maybe the weather would be ok up there. Haha-nope! We got snowed on and other than a quick break in the clouds and fog for about 20 minutes we couldn’t see anything much. Kind of fun anyway. Canyonlands is a great park. The name sort of sounds like an amusement park and I guess it is for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers, bikers, climbers and anyone who likes being out in nature.


My favorite places lately have been Carlsbad Caverns and Utah. Comparing the two is odd because they are both wonderful to see, but one is beautiful because it is forming new amazing formations and the other is beautiful because it is eroding. Who knew rock formations could be so beautiful? I always wanted to go to the Parks in Utah, but it was a thought that was just in the back of my mind and not a solid one. Wow, so cool and I wish everyone could see it. For those who aren’t into biking or hiking or ATV’s it is still a wonderful experience because the park system has been kind enough to create scenic drives with lots of pull offs to view the scenery.

We stayed in the area as long as we could because we loved it so much before we needed to head to Berthoud, Colorado so that we could spend time before Kat headed out for a two week work trip. We did spend some time in Moab at the library using the internet and supporting their book sale. We got 28 books for $20! Of course now we have to find places to keep them all or quickly read them and give them away. We didn’t eat out in Moab except for the food truck, but we did enjoy some nice meals cooked on our little grill. The wind made that challenging sometimes, but Fat Henry makes a nice wind block. Staying without power for so many days without power convinced us that we should bite the bullet and buy some portable solar panels. We could have them shipped to Berthoud and get that all setup while parked there. Sad to leave Moab, but we were excited to go see Sue and Carol again. Colorado here we come with more adventures to follow as I get caught up on all the fun getting to Portland, Oregon, where we are now.




















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We finally arrived in Lubbock after a long anticipated visit. We stayed 10 days in Laura (Story) and Miriam’s driveway and had a great visit. During those days we drank a lot and ate a lot of chips and salsa at area restaurants we could just walk to, which proved dangerous. Most of the time we were probably the oldest people in some of the places since they are so close to Texas Tech and all the college students are out enjoying the same places. Margaritas and great mexican food everywhere we went, it was awesome and I was in heaven. We had a lot of good conversations about past memories and caught up on each others lives, so that was really good. It’s always easy to just pick up where we left off when it comes to Story and I.
Kat saw more of Lubbock than I did with a trip to the post office and out to volunteer at South Plains Food Bank, where she stacked cans of corn. One interesting thing was that she had to mark out the barcode with a sharpie because people will take them to the stores and return them for money. I had a very sore back that day because of my previous three days washing and waxing the Shady Lady. I did have help washing from Story, but the waxing was all me. Not too bad really because it was like putting lotion on very dry skin and then just rubbing it off. Not like a hard wax that goes on a car that takes a lot of muscle to rub it off. We had been wanting to get that done for a very long time so we could do some caulking….lets see how long it takes for us to do that since neither of us want to do that at all!

It was windy, dusty, hot weather as was expected from West Texas, but it was still great to be there. We enjoyed each others cooking and even got the neighbor who lives in their back house involved. He made a delicious Salmon dinner that we ate for lunch the next day too. See, we did skip chips and salsa a few days.

We left on Friday morning after getting our mail delivered that was supposed to be there Thursday, but we just did some cleaning during the extra time and we aren’t quick to get out in the mornings anyway. Laura and M had left Thursday evening for a two week trip of their own, so not much point in staying, plus we needed to get the tanks emptied. Before Laura left she said to us “Well, that visit went better than we expected” I got a good laugh out of that, but I knew she and Kat would get along and I already know I get along with her since we roomed together in college and I’ve spent time with Miriam, but you never know. You can read more of her thoughts about it on her blog: Up with Assist: Story’s visitors blog  She really wanted to do a guest blog while we were there, but since we weren’t going to take the camper out anywhere together we made a plan to do so later this year.  I made a deal with Miriam and shook on it to come back and go to Big Bend, so that is in the books for fall.

While we were there we also found out that we have a volunteer job at an Oregon Wildlife area near Klamath Falls, Oregon for the month of July! Yay, we had applied and I had called the three places we chose, but only one called us back. I spoke with two different guys who work there and it was all pretty casual, so I kind of expect the time we spend there to be the same. From what I gather by talking with them we will be doing landscaping and just general things to keep the area nice. I’ll do whatever they need, I hope I learn some cool stuff about the area plants and wildlife is all. Kat is excited to stay for free and bring our average cost of stays down.
From Lubbock we headed to Amarillo and it was just a short drive away, pretty boring unless you like grain and cotton gins. We got busy cleaning and flushing the black tank and also replacing the anode and cleaning out the hot water tank (for you Rvers you know what we are talking about….the hot water tank was full of crud). As we were finishing the weather was really starting to cool off and of course was still windy. We had just gotten inside before the rain started.
We were staying just off of I40 at the Cadillac ranch RV park. Nothing special about the park, but we really only wanted to have sewer so we could get the tanks cleaned out before going boondocking after this stop. Other than the traffic noise from I 40 it’s a quiet park. I finished the anniversary blog and we watched TV before turning in for the long night of listening to wind and rain.

Really eaten up Anode- we will change it every 6 months now.

We woke up Saturday to frozen rain and snow, so that put the kabash on our plan to go hiking at Palo Duro Canyon, which is supposed to be the Grand Canyon of Texas. I found out about Jack Sisemore’s Traveland RV museum on Trip Advisor and we needed a couple of things from the RV store anyway, so we decided to go out. We drove by the Cadillac ranch attraction, which is 10 Cadillacs upside down in a field off the road and decorated with spray paint. If it wouldn’t have been so cold, snowy, windy and muddy we would have walked the 100yards to get some pictures, but there may be time tomorrow. We went to the museum and wow, it was really cool! It is a building full of old RV’s that have been restored or are just in good shape and donated. The RV from the Robin Williams move ” RV ” is there and the first Airstream is too! There were some really cool and historic campers as well as a lot of Harley Davidson motorcycles. It was great and we were there about an hour. It was free too! Extra bonus! I highly recommend it if you are ever in Amarillo with some extra time.

Cadillac Ranch in the snow.

The oldest Airstream. (Kat loves Airstreams)

The rest of the afternoon was a trip to Walmart and then just hanging out in the camper watching TV, reading and researching some of our next stops. We hadn’t decided if we would leave in the morning or not. Our next stop was at Lake Meredith and is a boondocking spot, so we weren’t sure if it would be a muddy mess. We would have felt better about it if we had a full tank of propane too since we were probably low, so that could be another reason to stick around Amarillo, but we decided to go a little further. There really was no rush since the weather up in Northern NM and Colorado was cold and snowy too. We might as well wait for it to warm up in those places so we can enjoy it more.


Lake Meredith was a pretty nice campground just outside of the little town of Fritch, TX (pop 2000+). The reservoir/lake is formed by the Sanford dam and Canadian river.  It used to be a major water provider for Amarillo and Lubbock, but there has been too much drought to continue that.  There are a lot of different sections to stay in and we stayed in the Sanford Yates area. It was almost empty when we got there and so we chose a spot overlooking the lake, boondocking again. We had a really pretty view out the back window. The place got pretty busy that night and then in the morning it was empty again. Either people just used it as an overnight stay or they left because of the wind. Yeah, it got windy at night, very windy! I was pretty much over wind and dust, but not much you can do about it.

We had stopped at the visitor center on our way into the Lake when we first arrived and we signed up for a tour of the Alibates flint quarry. I had no idea what to expect from that, but usually we learn some good stuff from ranger talks. So, we showed up at the quarry park headquarters at 2pm for the walk and it had two other civilians attending and three other forest service workers. Jacob was our guide and he really told great stories about the area that helped you be able to imagine what life was like so long ago for the Indian people. The flint quarries are not like any quarry I would ever imagine. There were no huge holes in the ground with big trucks driving up and down. Nope, they are small (kid swimming pool size) depressions in the earth with lots of flint stone around where the Indians dug up flint that they chipped away at to make weapons and tools. The flint stone is really gorgeous and I think now if I am out hiking I can recognize it along with some of the plants that Jacob told us about as we hiked. A good two hours of time spent well.

Nothing too exciting to tell about the rest of our stay there, we took some walks and did reading as usual, but we did get our new propane tank filled for only 19$! Our next stop was Santa Rosa Lake in Santa Rosa, NM of course. That was a super quiet place. We took a walk after we got set up and just relaxed over dinner. We didn’t have much of a cell signal, so no surfing the internet, but we did have power, so we watched TV for awhile.  When we do watch TV we mostly watch BBC cooking shows and QI and Graham Norton that Kat downloads onto her computer.  We like to torture ourselves watching people bake full meals and especially bread with tons of space and all sorts of kitchen gadgets.  Kinda fun to figure out if we can do it too, but we have only tried a few new things.

The next morning we took a hike on the shoreline trail. That was about 3 miles in total. A lot of great views of the lake and blooming flowers along the trail. We spent a few hours in the towns library, but their internet was not great either, but we were able to use our phones as hotspots. Not much going on in town, but it was Cinco De Mayo, so who knows how the evening turned out. We drove past Blue hole, there were some people swimming and diving, but we just snapped a few pictures and left. Apparently there are about 22 lakes in the area. I would have never guessed that by just looking around.  It seems more like a place for trucks to get gas after pulling off the highway.

We left early in the morning on Saturday so we could get into Santa Fe for a late lunch and do some exploring. We also needed to do a little shopping. For our stay we took advantage of the Harvest Host membership and parked at Blue Mesa Alpaca ranch about 15 minutes outside of Santa Fe. Bob and Louise were super nice and we basically just dropped of the camper in a field next to their barn and went into town. We got our Mexican food fix and then checked out the Plaza, as you have to do when in Santa Fe. Starbucks for internet was our next stop, but it was a slow connection so we only stayed until our parking expired. As we walked back to the truck I suggested a drink somewhere. I am really glad we did because when we stopped at the corner bar I was amazed at how crowded it was and wondered why. Well, hmmm- it was just about time for the big Kentucky Derby race! We remembered being at a party the year before and discussing full time RVing with Breck and Cheri. What a long time ago that seemed and now here we are actually living the life we talked about.
After a long evening of running errands we headed home to put away groceries and get some sleep before helping with Alpaca pen cleaning in the morning. Kat wanted to get in some volunteering in NM and I had told her we/I did it already when we went to Albuquerque. Well, only I did because Kat was working and she said it didn’t really count anyway because we weren’t staying in the camper at the time, we had flown in and were staying in a hotel. I disagree and think it counts, but I don’t mind doing more, so we offered to help Bob clean out the Alpaca pens in the morning. It didn’t seem like he was sure about letting us, but I told him we had helped on a friends farm before, so he accepted our offer. We scooped poop from 70 alpacas as they all watched us. Yes, they have 70 Alpacas. They sell the fiber and also breed them. He also has 12 horses, some are rescues that he saved. Like I said, he is a really nice guy. They also have a few cats running around, but the funniest one was Garfield who the Alpacas loved to follow around.  He loved to follow us around and be part of cleaning and feeding.  After buying a pair of socks and chatting we headed out to stay at Cochiti Lake in between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.


Really pretty country, quiet and relaxing.  It leaves me feeling pretty mellow and peaceful.

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The Random Numbers of a Year on the Road

Well, we’re sitting here in a chilly camper on a snowy, windy day in Amarillo, and now seems like a great time to review our past years trip statistics.  In some ways it hasn’t seemed like a whole year has passed since we left Raleigh on the 29th April 2016, but in other ways it seems like we’ve been doing this a while.  We’re used to having military showers (quick in and out, turn off water when soaping up), to having less toilets than the number of people (our Raleigh house has 3….), to staying out of each others way when we’re in the camper (it’s an intricate dance, similar to the tango but without the gracefulness), to packing everything up every few days and unpacking it again.  We’re a well oiled machine.

Here’s our wiggly, non linear route through the US – red dots are 2016, green dots are 2017:

So many more places to go!

These are some of the things we’ve been tracking on our trip:

Number of states visited = 20 (in order: NC, TN, KY, IN, IL, MO, KS, NE, CO, WY, MT, ND, SD, ID, UT, NV, CA, AZ, NM, TX)

Number of places stayed = 56 different campsites.

Average stay at a campsite = 5.47 days

How much we’ve spent on campsites since we left Raleigh = $7,233.13 (see all the other numbers below)

Most expensive campsite = $45 in Napa Valley during our ‘Month of Rain’ (actually it was more like 2 months…….. and it felt like forever).

Number of nights camped for free = 74.  The vast majority of those were nights with friends and relatives, the others were BLM, Harvest Hosts or National Recreation areas.  We’re going to do a better job of seeking out the free BLM campgrounds, now we know we can go for a while without hookups and now I’ve got the inverter hooked up.  We have a generator, but I’d really like to put solar on too……. it’s just a quite expensive accessory if we’re going to sell the camper in a year after we’ve finished our odyssey….. and like I said, we have a generator.  But solar is so much cleaner and quieter.

Number of friends visited = not enough!  We spent some good times with lots of people – stayed in friends driveways in Knoxville, Webster Groves, Berthoud and Lubbock, and had friends visit us at campsites in KY, SD, ND, WY, NV, CA and AZ.  We are truly blessed to have shared some great times with friends, and deepened our relationships with others.  But, if you’re reading this and you haven’t seen us on the road ………. there’s always this year! We welcome visitors.

State we stayed the longest in = California at 69 days (not including the time we parked the camper when we were in Europe).  Second longest was Arizona at 42 days.

Number of miles Fat Henry towed the Shady Lady = 8,110 miles

The average number of miles in transit between each campground = 135.16 miles

Number of miles we drove altogether = 20,248 miles

Average number of miles driven per day = 54.9

Number of gallons of diesel Fat Henry has drunk = 1495.36 gallons

Highest price we’ve paid for diesel per gallon = $3.499 in Cambria, CA.  What!  It was an emergency, so we put $15 and went 50 miles down the road and filled up with $2.759.

Hitchhikers = 2.  Then we exterminated them (as detailed here).  Just like the daleks.

Number of times we filled up a propane tank – 2.  We’re not too sure how much we had when we started, but we think they were quite full.  So we’ve probably used about 120lb propane since we’ve been on the road (each tank is 30lb).  We use propane for cooking inside, and also powering our fridge, water heater and furnace when we’re not on shore power.  In the summer we use less, in the winter we use more.  Simples.

Number of haircuts on the road = 3.  All Berts.  None of Kats head hairs have been harmed in the making of this road trip.  No comment on the other types of hair.

Camper modifications and repairs we have done:

Before we left, Katie (of the amazing 507Designs) did a fantastic job re-doing our crappy window coverings.  We had very dated waterfall window surroundings in a nice 70’s pattern.  The side bits got removed, the top bits got re-covered and sprayed and now it looks a lot better.  She also made a cute little curtain and covered the 70’s sofa (see the theme here – the camper was made in 2005, but the camper designers all live in the past.  They probably all listen to disco music, wear tye-dye and eat fondue when they have dinner parties).

Two new 30lb propane tanks – the old ones were over 10 years old and therefore nobody would fill them up.  We could either get them recertified for another 5 years (~$35) or buy new ones (~$55) that would be good for another 10 years.  We went with the new ones, because it’s easier to get a new one shipped to us rather than have to try to find somewhere that recertified the tanks when we were travelling…….. addendum……. Just a day after writing the last paragraph (but obviously before publishing this post) we went to get the new tank filled with propane.  The lady there told us she would have recertified the tank for $4.  Doh!  Just shows how much difference it is regionally – Napa Valley CA prices vs Amarillo TX prices.

Added 2x6v batteries to the battery bank, with a switch to swap between the two ‘sets’ of batteries (1x12V or 2x6V).

The battery compartment. The original battery is on the right, and the two 6v batteries that were added are on the left. The inverter (see below) is mounted on the plank in the middle, with a 100A fuse switch.

The switch that we can either disconnect batteries, use battery bank 1, or battery bank 2.


A 1000W inverter so we can run things like fans and charge computers when we’re on our house batteries.  We installed a dedicated outlet for it in the camper as we don’t really need to run everything when we’re not on shore power.

The dedicated inverter outlet installed in the camper, with the inverter on/off switch above. And the retro cassette player above that (original equipment)

Adding a little voltage readout in the camper, so we don’t need to go outside and put the voltmeter across the battery terminals every time we need to see how much battery we have left.

Small display showing the battery voltage

Replaced the front landing legs for the Shady Lady – less than a month into our trip they broke in Nashville

Added a shock that didn’t seem to be there anymore on the camper.  Oops.

New taps for the bathroom and the kitchen

Replaced the dining chairs with ottomans for more storage.  Then broke the dining table in the first couple of weeks of being on the road, so we’re now using a ‘temporary’ folding table, which actually is way more versatile.  ‘Temporary’ being an attitude and not an actual period of time.  Obviously.  As we still have it….

As you can see – the original dining room table that bit the dust. And the old ‘waterfall’ window accoutrements.

Restrung the blinds numerous times- thank goodness we bought 9 miles of nylon string!

Recaulked bits and pieces- still a lot to do now that it is washed and waxed.

Replaced the roof vent caps.  Repeatedly.  They shouldn’t really be treated as a disposable, but we are leery of replacing them and creating a leak in the roof.



Here’s the spending summary – I know it’s what you’ve all been waiting for so you can live vicariously through our budget:

 Annual TotalAverage Per MonthAverage Per DayComment
Campsite$7,377.5$614.79$20.16Cheaper than a mortgage
Fuel$3,134.43$261.2$8.56Fat Henry drinks a lot. Not quite as much as twice our drinking line item, but close…….
Grocery$4,412.69$367.72$12.06We like eating……. Too much sometimes.
Restaurant$2,665.59$222.13$7.28See above.
Alcohol$1,891.07$157.59$5.17‘Nuff said.
Household$783.26$65.27$2.14Things like paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning materials, propane for the grill and other things like that.
Camper$2,118.8$176.57$5.79Repairs, upgrades and maintenance to the camper itself.
Equipment$331.58$27.63$0.91Things like camp chairs,
Truck$498.88$41.57$1.36Fat Henry is pretty cheap – no major repairs or expenses yet. But the big service will be upon us soon.
Parking$78$6.5$0.21Not enough of a category to be a category next year. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.
Entertainment$971.7$80.98$2.65Museums, National Park Pass, bourbon and wine tastings, firewood for camp files, rodeo, generally paying to enjoy ourselves.
Gifts$520.41$43.37$1.42Most of this was postcards and stamps. Money well spent.
Fixed Costs$2051$170.92$5.6Truck and camper taxes and insurance
Laundry$130.66$10.89$0.36Cleanliness is next to godliness. As we only spent 36 cents per day, we’re probably not close to either of those things.
Miscellaneous$1,433.4$119.45$3.92Some clothes, some transportation (ferrys, Uber, buses, trains etc) and a Shady Lady Wash N’ Wax (Ooh-Er Missus)
Membership/ club/education$708.9$59.08$1.94Good Sam, Passport America, Harvest Hosts, RV Dreams Rally (a lot of fun – maybe should have been in entertainment)
Health/Medical$6,150.73$512.56$16.81Cost of being self employed in the US
Phones$1,755.67$146.31$4.8Cricket and Verizon. It’s not till you don’t have WiFi at home that you realize how much you use…..

When we first left, we wanted to try to keep it to $1500 per person per month ($18k per person per year, $36k per year total).  Looks like we’re around that mark, or a tiny bit above.  Next year, I’d like to keep it to the same amount, but as health insurance has gone up, something else has to go down.

Sidenote:  (Not to get into politics, but health insurance in the US is a non-negotiable expense for me – I have to have it.  The way I see it, I have worked too long and hard to risk it all being taken away if I get cancer or have an accident, or need an appendectomy or anything like that.  Coming from a country where having access to ‘free’ basic healthcare is a right (like ‘free’ basic education is) and not a privilege, the thought of having to pony up hundreds of thousands of dollars if something untoward happened to me is unconscionable.  If anyone wants to discuss this further offline – I’d love to engage with you!)

So the biggest areas that we can make a difference are our campsite and our eating/consumption habits.  So now we have the inverter, we’re looking at doing a bit more free camping – we can run for a week-ish on our water tanks, and we have a generator that can top up the batteries every 3 – 5 days.  We’ve got a month in Oregon doing volunteer work lined up (Bert will tell you more about that), and we get our campsite free…… so that will bring it down a little.  And if we like it, we’ll do more of it.  If not, we’ll live in Walmart parking lots, and underneath underpasses.

I collected a LOT more statistics from our year on the road, but as this post is getting super long, I’ll leave it there.  If you have any other statistics that you would like to know, let us know in the comments!

And I’ll leave you with one other thought:

Your regular program of unicorns and rainbows will be resumed by Bert shortly.  Thank you for your patience.

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Happy Anniversary!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to our traveling adventure!
We officially left Raleigh on April 29th. Our last day and evening was spent cleaning the house and garage of all the last little things. Our neighbors all came over and joined us in the garage for a final farewell. The rain came down heavy for a short while and the neighborhood kids had a blast playing in the downpour. I admit that I may have instigated that a little, but that is the kind of neighbor I was. I hope to be again someday.
Settle in a comfortable spot and enjoy some of our favorite pictures from the places we have visited in  the last year. I did my best to choose as few as possible, but that was hard since we have so many.

We will be on the road for one more year, so we hope to share many more pictures and tales of places we visit. I’d like to say we have an absolute favorite place that we were able to go, but as Kat says “There is something good to be said about everywhere we have gone, sometimes it is totally unexpected.”  I agree, whether it has been the weather, the scenery, the people, the food or whatever, we have just made the most of everything and tried to be happy wherever we were.

Goodbye home and great neighbors….see you again!

Our first week was spent in Sevierville, TN at an RV rally.  Good start!


Visiting Cousins and The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.


Louisville, KY






Bailey’s point, KY


St Louis.


Omaha, NE



A quick stay in Illinois.

Sterling Lake, Colorado

Berthoud, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.



Great Salt Lake, Utah


North Dakota.  Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Montana- site of Custer’s last battle.

Wyoming- Grand Tetons, Laramie, Yellowstone and Cody.

Devils Tower, WY

South Dakota






California (January and February)





New Mexico



Thank you to everyone who we met up with on the road, old friends and new ones.  You really have added a lot of enjoyment to the trip for us.  We appreciate you taking the time to hang out, eat and drink, letting us park in your driveways (or pastures), allowing us to do laundry and shower and just enjoy each other’s company.


We will spend our 1 year Anniversary in Amarillo, TX and it will probably be rainy and cold.  Yeah, I know, but you have to take it as it comes, so we will make the most of our day and just have fun.  Hope you enjoy yours too.








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Hello New Mexico

There is nothing like traveling when at your destination you are really looking forward to seeing a friend or family. I felt really excited and driven to get to Phoenix to see my family and every stop was exciting because I was a bit closer. Right now we are headed through New Mexico to get to my college roomate’s house. We have that relationship where you can not talk for a long time, but then when you do it’s just like you saw each other last week. We had some good times and I am looking forward to reminiscing. We all have friends like that and Laura is one of mine. I also think Kat will have a really good time because they like to debate and get into good, deep, possibly intellectual discussions and I think Kat is ready to do that with someone other than me. And that’s ok, I am too. Really looking forward to this visit and I only hope we fit in the driveway.

We left Catalina State Park as our last stop in Arizona and headed to New Mexico on Thursday. We really wanted to stay at Big Rocks State Park about 30 miles outside of Deming and we could only get a one night reservation. We planned to stay longer, but took that reservation to ensure we had at least one night there. They have 45 unreservable sights and friends told us that we should just show up and trade for one of those if possible. I had called the ranger station and was told since it was Easter weekend they expected to be pretty full, but just to give it a shot anyway. Having no reservations always makes us a bit edgy because we like to know where we are going and not have to wing it after we arrive and nothing is available (hasn’t happened yet, but you never know). We got there about 1.30pm and things were looking pretty good except for the camper in front of us, I was really nervous he would get the very last spot for a camper of our size even though he was smaller. We got a great spot in the one right after his. It took some tricky leveling and back and forths, but we got it in the end without too much trouble. It was really worth it! We were parked right next to the rocks and on the other side we had a fantastic view of the wide open desert. We could see for miles.

I had a nice bike ride after we got setup and checked out the rest of the campground and a bit of the scenery while Kat had a short nap. The sunset was amazing and the views were incredible of both the rock formations all around and the desert. Later that night the stars felt so close it was almost like you could reach out and grab them. No light pollution anywhere close by will do that and I forgot that about New Mexico skies. It got down into the 30’s at night, but in the day the sun brought it up into the low 80’s. Perfect, except the late afternoon and evenings were windy after the first day, so we didn’t get to have a fire.

View of the campground from a close by hill.

Friday we headed up to the Gila Cliff Dwellings about 2 hours away. It is not that far in miles, but the roads up the mountain from Silver City are really curvy and steep. No problem for Fat Henry and there wasn’t much traffic. Even though I lived in NM for a long time when growing up I had never been there, so it was cool to finally go. The round trip walk is only about a mile and you get to go through 4 caves that have some really interesting structures that have been nicely preserved. The drive home was a bit easier because we took a different way through Mimbres, NM. It took us longer to get there and back than it did to walk through the caves, but it was worth it. When we got back we went down to the visitor center with our coffee grinder and some beans. We forgot to grind beans before we left AZ and needed some good coffee for in the morning, so we used an outside outlet to grind our beans. We weren’t the only ones who needed a bit of electricity because we had to wait for someone else to finish using the plug to blow up an air mattress.


We really enjoyed our walks around the camp and checking out what spots were taken and by whom. There was quite a bit of turnover, so if you wanted a spot you could most likely find something if you got there at the right time. All the campsites were named after constellations, planets and stars. We were staying in the site named Crab. During our walk we checked out the original spot we had reserved and it was Uranus. We were happy not to have stayed in Uranus. Jokes about Uranus are always funny and we had quite a few laughs about it during our stay. My nephew told me while we were visiting that he thinks Kat and I combined together have maybe the mental age of a 30 year old- I don’t take that as an insult because sometimes it seems kind of true. I won’t even go into how that age gets divided. lol (Kats note – Easy: I’m 20 and Bert’s 10……) 
Saturday we had planned just to take it easy and let Kat rest a bit, but we were on the fence about leaving Sunday and so decided to at least go into Deming and get fueled up. While in NM who can resist the opportunity to get good mexican food, so we decided that is what we would do for lunch while in town. Easter weekend and Irma’s is closed! Oh no. Ok, just walk around the corner and there is El Senors restaurant, which is packed. Either they were all going to Irma’s too, or it is just that good. We can’t compare, but we did really enjoy lunch and had leftovers to take home too! We made our obligatory NM state Walmart stop (Kats note – A Walmart in every state, baby!  That should go into the next stats page, in 2019), got gas and went home. That park has lots of locals coming out for picnics and camping, so we got a lot of traffic passing by. We were blocked by the camper, so it was not really a big deal. We had a good evening and had decided to head to Oliver Lee state park near Alamogordo. Again, we had no reservations-we have really been living on the edge! That park was nowhere near as full and once more we were in the beautiful desert in the middle of nothing except cactus and mountains.

We got setup and went back out to get Fat Henry filled up and go see White Sands National Park. I’ve been there many times while growing up and driving by, but Kat never had. We got to use our pass, so it was free! It was busy, but I guess that can be expected on a holiday. We saw the signs as we entered that No Alcohol was allowed from February 1st to May 31st. We didn’t have any, but why would those dates be important? So, we asked the ranger and he by the grin on his face he seemed to know what Kat was going to ask as soon as she told him she had a question. Spring Break! They don’t want people having spring break parties out there. Makes sense. We took a little walk down the boardwalk path and then started driving the rest of the loop, but it was so wash-boarded out and we were bouncing around and rattling so much in Fat Henry that we stopped about half way. I am so glad we didn’t bring the camper down through here too. I went out and walked on the dunes to get some pictures and Kat joined me after a few minutes. So, we were there, we saw, we left. It would have been nice to drive the whole things, but we did enjoy what we saw. Back to camp for us to relax because we are leaving again in the morning.

After dry camping for 3 nights it was nice to have power, but we could have done without. We did watch a couple of shows we had downloaded since it got really windy outside after the sun went down. When the wind was gusting we felt the camper rocking and realized we had forgotten to put down the stabilizers. Hmmm-first time for that, but we got distracted as we set up because our electric plug had water in it and also the surge protector was showing no ground? (Kats note – Well, one side of the surge protector was showing no ground and the other was, so we’re not too sure what was going on with that.  After we plugged it in, I checked the 120V outlets, and they were showing a ground, but I’m sure there’s probably some electrickery formula to work out whether it was a good idea or not……. I have no idea, but we didn’t explode or short out, so that’s good)  We used it anyway after drying it out and all seems ok. With power we also got to heat up our leftover Mexican food in the microwave and enjoy that for dinner! I love leftovers, especially mexican food.

Our next stop was Brantley Lake about 15 miles outside of Carlsbad, NM.  It is a pretty nice campground, but the Easter crowd left quite a mess.  I really don’t understand why people would just leave all their trash (plastic Easter eggs) laying around when they leave.  I guess the campground host hasn’t been through to clean up because it is a mess in some spaces. It is a pretty isolated and dry campground, but we enjoyed the quiet and views.  There are lots of rabbits and Jackrabbits around.  Did you know that a Jackrabbit and Hare are the same thing?


The wind didn’t let up all night, but the stars once again did not disappoint. One thing that did disappoint me and left me sleepless was my supposed Verizon unlimited data plan. While in Tucson we went to a Verizon store to find out about their unlimited data plan. I have a 16G plan and Kat has 12G and we have made do with that ok, but we have to go to Starbucks if we want to do some heavy duty downloading or it takes forever. Well, I specifically asked Zach at the Verizon store if the Jetpack was under the same rules as a Phone in terms of when you reach 10 Gigs using 4G it goes down to a 3G for the remainder. He said NO, it is only on phones that those rules apply. We were both super excited to not to have to worry about how much data we had used and we could now go online whenever for however long. You don’t really think about it when you live in a house and you have unlimited access. We always took it for granted too. Anyway, while I was getting the last of the Arizona blog done I got a text message from Verizon telling me I was about to hit my 10gb limit and get dropped from 4G to 3G. What? Yes, everything slowed down immensely after that. Did you know that 3G is 1/20th slower than 4G? That is a lot when trying to upload photos! When we researched it online the stories are all over the place with similar experiences and no resolution. I was really disappointed. Now, do I keep that plan and suffer through the slowness as much as I want or go back to fast speed internet and just be careful about how much we use? I called Verizon in the morning after going through it in my head all night and I was told: ‘”yes, that is the way the plan works with Jet-packs and if you tether a phone, sorry you were misinformed”. She gave me a 20$ credit because I told here I am paying $20 more for a lesser service. I am still unsure if I will keep this new plan, but maybe I can use my phone for another 10 and that would give us 20gb of 4G service and then it would get slow. All you Verizon users, don’t be fooled!

When I think of Carlsbad, I always think of Carlsbad Caverns and of course we had to go there and check it out. Carlsbad has a population of about 55, 000 and is known for potash mining, petroleum production and tourism. That means lots of trucks and hotels in town. I had been to the Caverns when I was young, but I wanted to go again and take Kat. We headed out early and were very happy to find it not very crowded. It is a 3.75 mile hike on a self guided tour if you take the natural entrance and go through the Big Room. There is also an 800 change in elevation. There are warnings all over that it is a strenuous hike. It was steep going down and of course back up, but the path is paved and really well done to keep people on the path. The walk down was pretty with all the formations, but when you get into the Big Room it is amazing. The formations made it seem like a cross between science fiction and fantasy, just amazing. I was thinking how nice it would be to listen to some good music to match the views.  If you lived locally it would be worth it to have a membership or annual pass so you could go there and get some exercise when it was hot out.  We really enjoyed it and it was really nice that it was not crowded and we had the path to ourselves in many areas. We have been to Mammoth cave in Kentucky and a couple others in South Dakota, but this was absolutely the best. If you have the chance to go, it is really worth it.

After the cave walk and listening to Kat’s stomach growl the whole time we went out to lunch at Blake’s Lotaburger. To me it seems like NM’s version of IN and OUT burger in CA and AZ. The burgers are freshly cooked and adding cheese and green chili really make the burgers extra delicious. I give it my vote for best green chili cheeseburgers! (Kats note – it was indeed delicious, however I went into the situation blind, not knowing what the options were and did not do the appropriate research beforehand.  There was a choice between an ITSAburger and a LOTAburger.  I naturally thought the LOTAburger was bigger, and thought it had two burgers in there, so I ordered that one.  The MOST important part of a burger is the Holy Ratio.  That would be the ratio between meat and bun.  Too much bun:meat, then it makes for an unsatisfying experience.   Too much meat:bun is not possible.  The LOTAburger was a bigger burger, but only one single patty.  So with the benefit of foresight, I would have gone for a smaller burger but double meat.  Or triple meat.  (side note – the best BigMac I ever had was the Double BigMac in Bangkok – 4 patties)  Apart from the Holy Ratio being a bit off though, the green chile in there made it Delicious, with a capital D).  A bit of relaxing, talking and watching the stars came while hanging out at the campground ended our evening. Another great stop in the desert. Beautiful, but very different desert from Arizona.


We leave this morning for Lubbock, Texas and are very exciting to visit Laura and Miriam since we have been talking about it and planning to be there for quite awhile. Wagons Ho! Texas here we come!

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Final stays in Arizona

After leaving Desert Shadows in Phoenix we headed only about an hour away to Usery Mountain Park in Apache Junction/Mesa area. What a difference to where we had been in the city. It was a great desert campground. Very rustic and natural with shrubs, tons of Chollo and Saguaro cactus and lots of open space. We really liked the area and the layout, but the views were icing on the cake. The mountain range close by was nice and the waxing moon made every night so enjoyable to be outside. The stars were fighting to be seen in the bright moonlight and were doing a good job of it. The park is part of the Arizona Maricopa county park system, which is the largest in the country with 120,000 acres. They have a top rated archery range, about 60 picnic areas, Camping (of course), horse trails, hiking trails and a really good activity schedule. We went to one talk by Ranger B on roadrunners which was interesting and fun and sure did come in handy later in the week. We also went on a moonlight walk with a group led by him. That was nice because we might not have gone into the desert on our own at night, but it was odd to hike with 50 other people.

The thing about being there was the people we met. When we first started our trip we met Lee and Tracy at a rally and we followed their blog ever since, but one night while we were in CA we talked with Tracy to see if we could help each other out with some questions. We found out we were going to be in the Phoenix area at the same time and it just all came together that we could actually meet up and even meet some of their friends. What a great group! We had a lot of laughs and shared experiences and now we can put faces with their blogs. It was really good to be around others who understand your lifestyle’s challenges- for me when I hear someone say they’ve got toget their blog done in the morning before they go out- I can relate! I don’t always do it, obviously or you would have read this a long time ago, but I do feel the nagging need to get it done. We picked up some good ideas on how to make our lives easier, like reading other people’s blogs to get ideas for campgrounds, look closer at google maps of campgrounds or maybe just reach out and ask. It was amazing how small of a world it seemed when we talked about where everyone had been and where they were going. It helped us immediately with our next stop. Thanks guys!

So, here are a few more blogs you can read if you are enjoying ours:
Tracy and Lee: Camper chronicles
Deb and Steve: Down the road with Steve and Debbie
Cori and Greg: The Restless Youngs

Along with great food, lots of drinks and fun times we also did some other things like we all went to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum together one morning and another morning we hiked up to Wind Cave in the park with Deb and Steve. The Arboretum/Botanical garden was nicely laid out.  It had different areas which showed vegetation that went with it and the surrounding rock formations really added to the scenery.  I liked the succulent garden section full of different types of cactus.  So many desert plant varieties and so little time!  The hike we went on was only 1 1/2 miles with an 800 foot increase in elevation. We left early to beat the heat and it really wasn’t too hard, plus the views were great. We actually met up with Deb and Steve on our next stop when we both left on Monday to head to Catalina State Park just outside of Tucson.

Yep, we are headed to the top right, where the wind cave is.

From up high you can see our campground.. the white spots in the middle way down there.

Almost there.

Well, here we are. Not too much of a cave, but the hike was fun.

Time to head back down.

Rock formations in the Botanical garden.

Hummingbird in its nest.

Fat, juicy lizard.

Sure grow them big out here.


We had a good weekend with the family before we left when we attended my nephew-Kyle and his wife Abbey’s gender reveal party. Food, drinks, games and the announcement of a baby girl to be added to the family! It was sad to say goodbye because it was so fun to spend time with them all, but we hope to be back later in the year and we are very happy we got to see them for as long as we did.

Ready, set…


Its going to be a girl!

Mystery is over.

The whole crew.

Sunday we headed back to the camper after spending the night with at my niece Alli’s house. We don’t need a lot of prep time to get ready for a move the next day, but just wanted to relax before we had to move again. I also needed a nap! Monday we left for Catalina State Park- 14 miles outside of Tucson. It was an easy drive and we were impressed by the number of RV’s on the roads. They all seemed to be headed to Phoenix and we were wondering what was going on. We don’t usually travel on Mondays so we were thinking it may be normal and we were happy we don’t usually do that. HAHA- joke was on us. As we got further down the road we saw signs for a special event causing delays. Well, it turned out to be the site for the Country Thunder concert that had been held over the weekend and where obviously they allowed RV’s. Traffic thinned out after that.

When we got to the campground and I was backing into the site we had a roadrunner as our audience (and an old guy across the road- not unusual). I took seeing that roadrunner as a good sign that this would be a nice campground. It was not as rustic as Usery, but you know for sure you are in the desert. The mountains around us again were beautiful. Not so many cactus as before, but more shrubs and trees. The camping areas were pretty spacious and we were happy with our decision to stay here. Very rarely have we ever regretted staying somewhere (once for sure somewhere in Missouri.)

Such different vegetation from Usery mountain.

Taking home a lizard.

Great views..


That night we met up with Deb and Steve for dinner and we all had plans the next day, so we made plans for a breakfast goodbye on Wednesday since they were leaving that day. We were leaving Thursday. Tuesday morning Deb and I ended up going for a bike ride around the campground. If you go down each road to the picnic, group area, equestrian area, both campging loop and to the trail head you can get in about 5 miles. I did do an extra loop after she went home to grt in a few more miles. Later that day Kat and I went into Tucson to check out the downtown and University area. It was hot and Kat wasn’t feeling great due to some stomach pains and so we just walked down 4th Avenue and drove around the downtown area. Seems like it could be fun to spend some time there in the evening for happy hour and dinner, but it will have to wait for next time for us. We had a nice dinner and took a walk around the campground while enjoying the sunset views.

Wednesday after breakfast we planned on either going to the museum of the living desert, which we heard was fantastic, or going to the Biosphere 2. Both sounded like we would enjoy them, but Kat just looked miserable and had no energy, so I was cool with hanging around. Maybe I could get caught up on my blogging—Haha, didn’t happen. But, I did have a very exciting nature day. I was sitting outside reading and the roadrunner and his partner kept running right by me and going out to find lizards. One would go out, be gone for a few minutes and then come racing back with a lizard. Then the other one would do the same. They did it like 5 times each. I was so excited to be seeing this. I knew lots about roadrunners after the talk by Ranger B at Usery. They mate for life and both take care of the babies. They eat lizard s and snakes, but will usually just walk around with them in their mouths nibbling until they are gone. The fact that they kept going to get more and more led me to believe they must have babies somewhere. I did see where I think they had their nest by watching the dad take a lizard home. I didn’t go check too closely because I didn’t want to cause problems.


I just spotted dinner, no time for a picture.

Holding sill for one good picture.

I’m busy fixing up my nest with this dried grass.

Action photo.


As I sat there I was also watching the little ground squirrels in between roadrunners. They are fun to watch and more than once I would look down and see one stretched out under the camper right next to me with his belly on the cool dirt. So cute and so much easier to get pictures of them. Those roadrunners are fast! After awhile the roadrunner activity stopped and I got hot, so i went inside and asked Kat if she felt up for a ride. She is a trooper and said yes, so we headed out to check out Saguaro National Forest. No hiking involved, you can just drive through on an 8 mile loop and check out the scenery. I am happy they are making the effort to preserve these cactus and the land that supports them, but we had seen a quite impressive growth of the Saguaro’s just outside of Phoenix on the way to Sedona. It was still worth it. It didn’t cost anything except gas money to get there, but that also allowed us to check out Tucson a little more as we drove to the park. We both agree that the National Parks Pass we bought in August of 2016 was the best purchase ever and we have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of it. When you enter a National park it can cost you 20 bucks to enter. Well, not us…after our inital investment of 80 dollars we can go in for free. We haven’t added it up, but we know we have made out by having it and have gone places we normally wouldn’t because it costs too much. So happy that Carol and Sue told us how good it was to have one!


And our day got even better when we got back to the campground. As we came into the park we saw coyotes! One caught my eye as it crossed the road and when we approached and looked where it went we saw two others. Ok, call me crazy, but I got excited because we hear them a lot in different campgrounds, sometimes quite close, but I have never seen them. We were in no danger being protected by Fat Henry and all, so Kat was able to get some pictures. What a nice day after all, except for Kat not feeling 100%. We had an early evening planned t so we could leave early in the morning to head into NM and try to get a good site at City of Rocks State Park just outside of Deming, NM. Goodbye Arizona! Until next time, thanks for good memories.

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More in Phoenix

It’s weird but kind of nice at the same time being in the same place for so long. We have days when we are just antsy and don’t know what to do with ourselves. We have tried to be productive and get some of our jobs done around the camper. For example we finally put in the bathroom fan and got started on the inverter installation. Those took quite a few trips to Home Depot. There were also a lot of breaks to chat with people walking by and commenting on our work. It’s amazing how seeing a woman working on a camper with tools all around her brings so much attention. I think Kat enjoyed it and I teased her that she was just sitting out there looking productive.  We bought and put up our map showing the states we have traveled through and have done a lot of other little jobs. We have even done our taxes! I have never gotten too excited when I got a refund, but this year it makes a difference. I feel more relieved to get them done than I thought. Turbo Tax took barely an hour!

We did go out and do volunteering at St Mary’s foodbank. St Marys was the very first food bank in the world apparently. Who knew? It was a little more exciting than just sorting food items because we were working with female prison inmates. I almost made a joke when we first got there and a woman in her orange jumpsuit showed us where the sign in office was located, I am so happy I kept my mouth shut. The big letters ADC (Arizona Department of Corrections) was a tip off. It was probably and hopefully the closest I will ever get to Orange is the new Black. Everyone was really nice. We found a couple of other opportunities, but they were bad times for us because they were always on days we wanted to spend with the kids. We almost signed up to work at the Final Four basketball tournament, but even the orientation was a long commitment. I hate to think we are picky volunteers, but it was not really helping anyone in need, except us needing to go to the tournament.

Our herb garden is going well now that we have everything up on a table where the rabbits can’t eat everything. We have been able to enjoy cilantro, rosemary, basil and lettuce without a trip to the store. I miss having a big garden and a yard to go out to and putter around. No doubt we would be at the farmers market every weekend if we were home. Kat met one of the neighbors who lives here permanently and he told us we could pick as many of his grapefruit as we want. So, we had a second night with Alli and Logan where we enjoyed fresh squeezed grapefruit cocktails. We even got Alli to try some green curry. We think she liked it enough to at least eat it without making a face of disgust. The Asian market was the cleanest one we have ever been in and they had everything we needed, which is rare because those Kaffir lime leaves are hard to find. I am still searching for a Thai Basil plant or at least a pack of seeds to start growing my own.

We took a drive up to Sedona Wednesday and that was a pretty trip even though it was almost a two hour drive. Just outside of Phoenix there were so many Saguaro cactus it looked like a forest. I am looking forward to Saguaro national park outside of Tucson. The red rock formations around Sedona were amazing and I can see why it is famous for its views around the city. Our camera gave out and so I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but it was still nice. We stopped at Montezuma’s castle on the way there and at Tuzigoot monument and ruins on the way home. Both very cool to see. In Sedona we just went for a walk and had lunch. We hadn’t planned on a hike, but that would have been good to do and I bet it would have been really pretty.

Montezuma’s Castle

Tuzigoot ruins

Thursday night we all went out to dinner for steak at Lonestar steakhouse. It was nice to have everyone sit down together. We were able to put our gift cards to good use and enjoy them in a great way. We convert credit card points to restaurant gift cards and that way we kind of get a free meal. When we feel we need to go out we can do it guilt free with no worries about breaking the budget. Our budget the month of March was pretty much shot, but this didn’t affect it at all. It’s a great way to make use of money we had spent anyway. I used to get I-tunes cards to rent movies to watch when I traveled, but I like this much better. I like this life much better period!

At dinner my niece told us about a walk to raise money for Oral Cancer awareness on Saturday that she might attend and Kat thought it would be cool for us to volunteer at the event, so with a couple of emails to the coordinator we were in. We showed up at 5 am on Saturday morning and helped get the tables, banners and other displays set up. By 9 am everything was wrapped up and we were finished. The event was at the Zoo and we got free passes to go in along with a t-shirt. We walked around for a little bit, but were so tired we didn’t stay too long. The rest of the day included a nap and a whole lot of nothing.

It sounds as though we stayed busy and were having a good time and we kind of were, but we were also in funky moods for a few days late in the week. Luckily earlier in the week when I went out shooting with Kyle I was in a good mood.  We shot his AR-15, shotgun and 9 mm.  I am no sharpshooter, but it was fun to do that together.  I can’t pinpoint the exact cause for our moods, but I was a little restless and I think Kat is having to get used to not working. I went through that a long time ago and am usually pretty good with not having too much to do. When you live in such close quarters and spend almost every minute together 24/7 your moods feed off of each others. Think about it, if your spouse or a close co worker is in a bad or even good mood you pick up on it and it can affect your own mood. I like the good mood transfer much better and was done being in those moods, so on Sunday when I went out to Walmart on my own I decided to shape things up and get us back on track. I proposed a couple of activities and in the end we went out to Lake Pleasant for a picnic lunch. We packed up some leftover bratwurst and nibbles along with our postcards and headed out. Of course it was a sunny nice day because most days are in Phoenix. We checked out the campgrounds around the lake to see if they are somewhere we would stay when we return later in the year. Yes, we would stay out there even though it is a little far from family. It was really beautiful and I guess the 6 dollar fee was worth it. Later we bought a roasted chicken and had Kyle and his wife Abbey over with Alli too. Eric was busy with a friend of his who was in the hospital. It was a nice visit and by the end of the day we were feeling much happier. It does seem like whenever we get together we just eat and hang out, but it’s a good time to talk and I guess really that is what happens at family get-togethers. We really do need to get back on our simple little meals and feel fit and healthy again. Oh well, we will.

Our month stay here at Desert shadows is done today and we are moving a bit further away to Usery Mountain Park. We want to stay in the Phoenix area a little longer so we can attend my Nephew-Kyle and his wife Abbey’s gender reveal party. I had a few ideas on party games and although they provided a good laugh, they were nixed. A little nudity was involved and so I kind of understand, but I thought it was pretty funny and would do it if I were having a baby. ( Haha-not gonna happen.) We also have friends who we want to see that are going to stay there too. Tracy and Lee are couple who we met at the RV rally in Tennessee during our first week of our trip. They have a great blog that we follow:  As Rv full timers they are full of good advice and we hope to learn some new tips and tricks from them about living on the road as well as having some good laughs. Although we are doing quite well it never hurts to learn from other people’s experiences. And it is so nice to see people you know when on the road who live the same lifestyle. I even feel connected just by sending postcards that let people know I am thinking of them. Dare I say I am getting a bit homesick? Maybe its just being stationary that has given me too much time to reflect. Geez, I am even thinking about getting my resume updated and about what I will do in my next life stage. I think I need to go for a walk and get these things out of my head!

Goodbye to Desert Shadows

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Family fun in Phoenix

The campground we are at in Phoenix is called Desert Shadows. It’s a really big campground with about 600 spaces. However, there are some camper sites and a lot of permanent spaces. A lot of the permanent ones have nice porches and patios. No one really has much of a yard though. When I called originally to make the reservation we were given a spot right across from the office on a corner. The lady called me back and said it was getting booked as were speaking, so it was her mistake, but we couldn’t take that spot, but they had another one. The only problem was that the second spot was next to the gate, the dog park and the dumpster, so it could get loud and busy. We discussed it and said we would go ahead and give it a shot. We are pretty happy in our spot because we DO have a lovely little back yard off of our patio and throughout the day there is always a shady spot to sit. There are a group of quail that wander around and so cute to watch. We also get to chat with all the people at the dog park and it is super easy to take out the trash! The best part is that we are across the street from Costco and since we renewed our membership while in Simi Valley we can go over for free samples or cheap yogurt as often as we want! It does get busy sometimes with people going in and out and taking the trash, but it hasn’t bothered us really. We enjoy checking out everyones spaces as we go on walks and it’s fun to see groups of people having cocktails in the evening and I even saw a big breakfast gathering today.

There are quite a few amenities here to keep the snow birds busy during their winter stays: there is a hot tub and swimming pool ( it’s indoors, so kinda useless in the summer if you ask me), shuffleboard courts, bocci ball courts, a card room, a billiards room, a library, an exercise room and a very lame and useless computer room. We have each gone to the exercise room once and I used the rowing machine for 30 minutes and lifted some weights then couldn’t walk right for 3 days and that was it for me. I would rather walk outside and get my exercise that way. The best thing other than the library is all of the grapefruit trees! People leave out boxes of them and we get them that way or we just grab them off of trees (we usually ask first).

It was pretty nice for the first few days we were here and then it got HOT, HOT, HOT. After almost a week of temperatures in the 90’s we found the refrigerator wouldn’t keep things very cold, so we borrowed a blow dryer from Alli and defrosted it. Took about 1/2 hour, but helped a lot. Also bought a fan to put inside and keep the air circulating. The fridge is directly in the sun until late afternoon, so we are thinking of getting some sun protectant fabric. It’s just hard to figure how to attach it to the outside.

We need to wash and wax the camper, so we got two estimates from companies who come onsite here in the park. Both made us really regret not getting it done in Quartzsite. One was for 280.00 and the other was 850.00! When the guy said 25 bucks per foot, we almost broke out laughing, thinking he was joking. Nope, he was serious. We tossed around the idea of going to Yuma and getting it done, but that is going backwards quite a ways, so maybe we will look in Tuscon since we are headed there next. Or, we could wait to get to Texas and maybe if we stay with our friends Laura and Miriam they will be ok with us washing and waxing it in their driveway. That is cheapest, but a lot of work!

A few days after we first got here Kat told me she felt like she was truly on vacation. Haha- took almost a year for her to feel that way, but then again she has had periodic spurts of work. We haven’t done anything super exciting or amazing since we have gotten here. We do a lot of running around to visit everyone and run errands, buy things we need to fix little things around the camper. We have been hiking a couple of times early in the mornings and the desert blooms are beautiful. We were also lucky enough to get to see an Owl sitting on its nest. You definitely need to get out there early before it gets too hot and also wear sunscreen! One afternoon we played disc golf with Alli’s boyfriend, Logan. That was almost like hiking, but with a purpose. We really liked it and I could see us possibly even playing on our own. We do as much walking around the campsite as we can when we are home, but usually we either have company in the evening or are out.  The desert trails are really pretty right now and the sunsets are amazing too.

It has been terrific visiting with my niece and nephews and their dad. We have had tried to have some time alone with each of them and we have had really fun and delicious family meals too. I’ve always tried to visit when I was traveling for work and so have seen them pretty much at least once a year since they were little, but getting to know them as adults is really cool. I like learning more about them and their lives. Their happiness, troubles and worries are interesting to hear about and discuss. They are great young adults and I am very happy to be in Phoenix visiting with them. My heart is happy and my feet are warm. Life is good.



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CA stops on the way to Phoenix

After leaving Lake Casitas we did get a good spot in Tapo Canyon of the Simi Valley. It was a pretty tiny campground, but really nice. It was almost at the end of a road up the canyon, so it was really quiet and the Canyons were beautiful and green. The weather was decent, but there was no convenient hiking or biking trails leaving directly from the campground. We had only planned on a couple of nights, but stayed two extra just because we liked it. One reason we stayed there was to go to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. We had never been to one and don’t let the name fool you, it is really more of a museum or historical information center all about Ronald Reagan’s life and the things he did while in office. It was interesting and we got to go on Air Force One. Also, the views from the back window looking out at the valley were amazing. At the campground we were also really close to town and it was easy to go shopping. We found our favorite grocery store (Aldi) and we spent time at Home depot where we bought some herbs to start our potted herb garden of Basil, Rosemary, Cilantro and Thai basil. It was a nice stay, but nothing terribly eventful happened except for getting out of the rain. Well, we did have an unexpected visitor that just wouldn’t go away…7 O’clock Charlie. He was a little mouse who would pop out and run around the camper between 7 and 8 pm every night. He freaked Kat out because she was afraid he would run up her legs. He feasted on apples, tortillas and some chocolate biscuits (cookies). He traveled to Tapo Canyon from Lake Casitas and was with us for 3 days and then, well, you know what we had to do…Sorry Charlie!

From there we had two stops before we got to Phoenix. From Tapo we headed to La Quinta, California which is just past Palm Springs. We cruised past LA with no major traffic, but the roads were pretty messed up and bumpy. We also neglected to check the weather and about half way through it got super rainy and I could barely see. It was not a nice drive, but when we arrived it was just a sprinkle, so it turned out ok. We camped at Lake Cahuilla. Not much of a lake since it is a man made reservoir, but a good place to camp. There are 91 sites for RV’s and an equestrian camp area, along with a primitive camping area. The primitive area was really popular with tenters and RV’s too. In the primitive area you pull up right next to the water, but you have no hookups. They looked like nice spots for a few nights. I really like the desert and being next to a lake with mountains and palm trees all around you is just beautiful. There are some good hiking trails around and we did get in a nice 6 mile hike one morning. We got a little sunburned on that hike because we forgot what the sun was like and didn’t put on any sunscreen. It was a good hiking trail through the hills and desert and we saw a beautiful big horned sheep on the way back. We also took a day to go to Palm Springs and have lunch even though we had both been there for work trade shows in the past. Visiting nice places like that is much more fun when you don’t have to work! The campground was packed with Canadian campers who winter in the area or further south and we met a very nice couple who we enjoyed sharing stories with one evening. They pointed us to our next campground in Quartzsite, AZ.

Rainy upon arrival

So much nicer the next day.

Gotta love a lake in the desert.

That’s a big cactus!

Our campsite.

Yum, tasty.


We just had to go to Quartzsite before getting to Phoenix because not only was it perfect for our driving distance limit of about 120 miles, but it is known as an RV mecca. It wasn’t even peak season for Rvers, but I have never even imagined seeing so many RV’s! It was amazing. We were excited for being there even though we were showing up at the end of the season and also to get our first BLM camping experience under our belts. BLM lands are free camping with no organized sites, you just drive into the designated land area and park wherever. We stayed in the Scaddan Wash section. We really like that remote camping. It was very nice to just park in an open area and have no nearby neighbors. We could see other campers around, but not many and no one was very close. The desert was really beautiful after all the recent rain and the stars at night were incredible and so were the sunsets. I can’t say it was super quiet because we were about 1 1/2 miles from Interstate 10 and you can hear the hum of traffic all day and night. I still wonder why traffic noise always seems louder at night? There has to be a reason.

Hello little Quail.

We were only there two nights and the first was uneventful. The second day we went into town and did some shopping/looking around, got fueled up and went back to camp. There is a lot to buy at the flea market tents if you are into flea market stuff and there are lots of places to buy all types of rocks. It makes sense why it is named Quartzsite. After lunch I went for a bike ride on the trails into the desert and enjoyed the views and quiet of the desert then when I got back we decided to go to the bookstore, but instead I talked Kat into going to a little local outdoor bar…Beer Belly’s. We had gone by there earlier in the day and it looked interesting, but when we went back later it was jamming! The place was packed, there was a band and some interesting people dancing and flashing body parts. We showed up just in time.

The desert gets cold as soon as the sun goes down and we figured it would be a great time to use our firewood up so we don’t keep dragging it around with us. It was easy to gather up some sticks to get it started and we had a nice fire going for quite awhile. That all came to an end when I was sitting outside letting it burn out and a coyote started “talking” super close by. Well, that wasn’t the scariest part of our night because barely 10 minutes later someone was knocking on our door. We are in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors….what the heck? We had gotten good advice from our friends Breck and Cheri earlier on in our trip to NOT answer the door. This was some guy saying he was our neighbor, but was lost. I told him the road was just to the right of us and follow it to the highway. Then he asked for water and said he would back up 10 feet if I would give him some. I had turned the outside light on and Kat was looking out the window. She didn’t think he even had shoes on and had a beer bottle in his hand. The area is very rocky and you would be in a lot of pain walking with no shoes! I told him I would call the ranger and get him some help and they would bring water and at that he said he was leaving. Hmmmm…. very fishy and I am really glad we didn’t open the door. Who knows what could have happened. We did hear an ATV driving around after that, so maybe he found someone to help him find his camp? We hope he was ok in the end if he really was lost. Thanks Breck and Cheri for having that conversation and giving us that advice! I didn’t think I would sleep well that night, but I did and we woke up ok. Nothing was disturbed outside and no sign of our “neighbor”.

Next Stop Phoenix!!

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