Rocky Mountain National Park

Tuesday, August 2nd we decided to get moving and go do some exploring of Colorado.  We had gone into Boulder the day before, but just walked around a bit, did a little shopping and had lunch, so it was time to get out to the wilderness.


Pearl street in Boulder.

We were advised to go up the one way dirt portion of the road that goes up to the top, so that was our planned route.  We packed a picnic for lunch and  took some warm clothes so we would be prepared for any coldness up at the top, then off we went.

This blog doesn’t really need much explanation, just a lot of awesome pictures and maybe a few captions.


On the way to the park!


Getting higher.

P1150554 P1150468


Part of the dirt road drive to the top. Lots of tight switchbacks on the way up.

P1150470 P1150458

P1150450 P1150509P1150476

P1150438 P1150500

P1150496 P1150503

P1150492 P1150510


You can just see the rooftop of the Alpine visitor center.



Alpine visitor center.


Once you get to the top there is a short, but steep and breathtaking walk to the top. It is called huffers hike.




The Top! 12,000 Feet.


Look closely and you can see a whole herd of Elk. We saw a couple of herds as we drove back down.


It’s unusual to see so many male Elk together and we saw at least two groups of 5 or more. Stag parties?

P1150523 P1150525


Chapel on the rock on the way back home. Still open for mass.



Lilly lake. We took a quick mile walk around it.


A beaver cruising around Lilly lake.


Lilly lake view.

As you can see it was just gorgeous.  Not too chilly at the top.

The parking lot at the Alpine visitor center at the top was pretty busy.  Most had taken the paved road up so they missed some fun on the dirt road.  As we excited the parking lot we saw a couple of bicyclists who had been trying to hitch a ride for awhile.  We figured if they were going our way, why not throw the bikes in the back of the truck and help them out? They just needed a ride down to Estes where we had to pass through anyway, so they hopped in.  They were a couple of young guys who had ridden up earlier and one of them slashed his tire just before reaching the top.  We figured what could they do to us when in biking shoes and spandex?  They had been out there an hour and were super happy for the ride.  Neither of us have ever picked up a hitch-hiker before and we were glad this worked out ok for all of us.  Not something we plan to do on a regular basis though.

It was a really nice day. It was really amazingly beautiful and I highly recommend it to everyone.

More from Colorado soon…



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8 Responses to Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. Karl S. Kramer says:

    The groups of elk are called bachelor groups. This is very common this time of year with all animals especially the deer/elk types. When it gets closer to mating season, November for deer October (I think) for elk these groups break up and start gathering their does. Deer just cruse around fighting for what is available. You would not wat to get that close to bull elk in September or October, they would stomp you badly!

    I am sure you had a smile on you face all the way to the top!

    Pretty high at 12,000 feet!

    I was hoping for a care package from Kentucky but I’m really hoping for a care package from Colorado!!!

    Keep the blog going! Beats the crap out of baby blogs!

    Love ya and always will!

    PS, amazing photos!
    PSS, I need to teach you how to fly fish!

    • says:

      Thanks for the lesson on Deer/Elk and I would love to learn to fly fish. We have seen a lot of people doing it and I would love to try it too. We won’t be doing any baby blogs…you are safe there!

  2. Kelley says:

    Awesome pics!

  3. Tracy says:

    Such beautiful scenery! Can’t wait for more!!

    • Bert says:

      I have a plethora of photos just begging to be posted. There are just so many beautiful things that we have seen sometimes I don’t know where to start.

  4. Breck says:

    Happy to see that you took the Old Fall River Road to the Alpine Center. It’s our favorite way to the top, with lots of pull-outs to take images of the river. When I saw the heavy clouds, I was hopeful you could still hike a bit – very dangerous in the summer when the lightning storms move in. We waited out one thunder-snow-storm under a rock overcropping during our climb up Long’s Peak.

    For the number of images, I usually erase about 75-90% of what I take when I look at them back at the RV, and then only a very few of those will make it in our blog. Still, I have about 2000 images saved from this trip, which is far too many. It’s so easy to have digital clutter when hard drives are inexpensive.

    But we do have baby images that rightfully creep in… so don’t feel guilty adding them.

    • says:

      We were so lucky to have been given the advice to drive up that way. We really enjoyed it, but I was a bit nervous at times. Kat had to drive that section.

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