Sacramento, CA

After leaving Reno we stayed at Sherman Marina and RV campground in Sacramento right next to the Sacramento river for a couple of days. We chose Sacramento because we needed to put the camper in storage while we were gone for the three weeks to Switzerland and England. We would have left it in Reno, but we are only back for 6 days before we leave again for another 3 weeks and when we finally get back we were worried the pass through the Sierras might be snowy.


Taken while out on a bike ride from a bend in the road. The campground is up behind the boats.


The evening view of the Marina.

I love California, not only because I was born there (quite near Sacramento inYuba city), but the weather, the smells of the eucalyptus trees and just the whole vibe. When I was working out of the Reno office in 2007 I took a drive up to the house where we lived for my first few years and checked it out. I don’t know if I really have memories, but the old pictures I have and the stories I was told have created semi-memories. My favorites are of my mom cutting the head off a rattlesnake because it was too close to our pig Rosebud.  I was also told that I was a chubby, happy baby that really enjoyed eating bugs. That I don’t remember, but I do believe it.

There are two levels to the campground. Up on top the campers are all parked in an orderly manner and they have full hookups, but down below there are about 10 sites and it is just willy-nilly parking. It seems to be that you just park however you want as long as you are in the confines of your space. Ok, whatever. We would have loved to park backed up to the river, but the spots that were long enough and level enough for us were taken. Going into the campground there is a steep dirt road with a sharp turn, but it was not bad to go down or even back up with the camper. For a smaller camper you can easily manuever and get parked, but with the big old shady lady it was a bit trickier. This was the most unlevel campground we have parked at so far and we had to re-hitch once after getting parked and off the truck and pull forward about two feet from where we originally set up because the back of the camper was digging into the ground at the back. We really liked the campground though because of it being right on the river with big trees all around and you just felt like you were in the woods. All the trees were nice, but before we left we did have to climb up on the back of the truck to get all of the leaves off the slides before we pulled them in.


No organized parking, just wherever you want to park. See how close the back is to the ground?

We were able to get our laundry done on Friday and get started on our packing as well as run errands to pick up a few things we needed for the trip. There are a couple of nice biking/walking trails close by so I had some good rides. I saw a lot of fields with leftover spaghetti squash and other fall gourd-like things. I also saw lots of fruit trees including pomegranates, lemons, limes and grapefruit. The weather was awesome and I had to remind myself that it would probably be the last time in awhile that I would be warm while outside. We had a visit by an ex-coworker and his family on Saturday morning as they traveled to see their family for the weekend. Thanks for stopping by Joe K. and family!


Just in case you have never been inside a laundromat.


One of the trails I road next to the Sacramento river.

We got the camper out much quicker than we expected to and figured that was a good sign for what could possibly lay ahead in the storage area where we were to park next. We had gone and checked it out on Thursday to see what we should expect. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, so we were prepared with extra patience. After 3 restarts and a time of 59 minutes and 43 seconds we were in! The problem is that there was not a lot of space in the front of the parking spot to turn or pull forward. The campers on either side were both a little closer to our spot than we had hoped, but we did it! There is about two feet on each side left to spare. I know everyone is wondering…yes, Kat backed in and I directed. The best part was that the guy who runs the storage area came over in his little cart just as we finished to check on us. He had been watching on the camera and was getting worried when he couldn’t see us any longer. Ha ha- that is because we got it parked and had moved the truck. He was amazed at our patience and happy attitudes. I think we were a little bit also.


Pretty darn close together!


YAY! We are in!

We had dinner out at Outback using our gift card (another factor that amazed me of our patience was that we hadn’t eaten) and then we parked Fat Henry at a friend’s house. Uber took us to our hotel that we had decided to stay at since we had to leave too early in the morning to have parked the camper that day. We had breakfast with a girls softball team and a boys soccer team who were also staying at the hotel then off to the airport we went.


Goodnight and goodbye to Sacramento…we will be back.

The long 5 hour layover in LA went by fairly quickly because of the awesome food and drinks at the Quantas first class lounge and the rest of the travel was happily uneventful.

Next post: Switzerland and England updates- most likely done when I get back to the camper in Sacramento.

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    So thankful for your smiles and happy attitudes! Happy Thanksgivingness!!

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