Some sort of Statistics for July

Well hello there.  What’s a nice reader like you doing in a place like this?

Yes, it’s time again for some fantastic statistics, brought to you by the wonderful folks at Excel OverShare.

Today we’re going to delve into the magical life of Bert and Kat by the numbers – we’ll be tracking things by the day, by the week, by the month and also by the trip.  I’ll do the budget by months, and then everything else will be up to todays date (hopefully it won’t take me 3 weeks to write this, because then I’ll have to re-write it.

We’ve been on the road now for 112 days (as of 19th August), and we’re currently in Wyoming (just moved from Colorado).

Number of places we’ve camped = 19

Which makes an average of 6 nights per stay (by the time we leave this campsite).

We’ve been super fortunate to ‘moochdock’ with good friends, so the average nightly cost of our stays = $16.20


Number of states visited (counted as staying overnight in) = 9

Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming

We’ve visited a Walmart in every state we’ve stayed in, except Wyoming ‘cos we just got here.


At this rate it’ll take us a tad under 2 years to the see all of the lower 48, but we haven’t really been optimizing our route, so we’ll end up with a highly inefficient ‘traveling salesman’ dilemma.  Oh dear – we’ll have to spend a bit more time driving around then.  What a pity.


We’ve seen 3 snakes in total on this trip – the last one was massive:


The snakes run away from correlates to the previous number, at 3.

Luckily, the ‘snakes that don’t give a shit that we’re there’ statistic is also constant at 3.

We’ve also seen several other species (as you can tell from Berts last posts), including turkeys, cows, goats, elk, chipmunks, goblins, chickens, alpacas, toads, rabbits and small children.  We didn’t see any mice, but we smelt one.  I also found a praying mantis on my shoulder the other day, and before I had the presence of mind to take a photo with it perched there, I brushed it off, and so had to take a photo of it in some grass.  Which looks like a photo of grass.



Another statistic that I thought you might be interested in, seeing as we live in a ‘classic’ (read ‘dated’) home on wheels that has an amazing entertainment system (do you like the faux wood enclosure? Classy):


Number of cassettes listened to = 0


Total number of miles driven in the trip:  6793

Average number of miles traveled per day: 59.6

Total number of transit miles driven in the trip (campsite to campsite) = 2581

Average number of transit miles per trip = 135.8

Longest distance traveled between campgrounds = 240 miles

Shortest distance traveled between campgrounds = 12 miles

Average cost of fuel per mile = 15.8 cents

Cheapest diesel = $1.779 on 6th May in Sevierville, TN

Most expensive diesel = $2.399 on 26th June in Carlyle, IL

Best mpg as reported by the truck = 19.2 mpg

Best mpg as reported by my spreadsheet = 17.85 mpg

Which data do I have the most faith in = spreadsheet, but I like the trucks numbers better…..


Here’s an overview of our spending in the first 3 months (excluding truck/RV insurance that we paid annually before we left, health insurance and also cell phones – I suppose I could share all that stuff with you, but it’s in a different excel spreadsheet, and I can’t quite bring myself to amalgamate it at the moment.  It’s a lazy Thursday evening.)

May June July
Campsite $824 $653 $345
Gas $253 $144 $354
Grocery $435 $400 $255
Restaurant $248 $274 $360
Alcohol $213 $230 $204
Household $15 $24 $54
Camper $262 $648 $65
Equipment $115 $42 $0
Truck $123 $25 $0
Parking $2 $10 $13
Entertainment $68 $109 $126
Gifts $10 $50 $74
Laundry $8 $10 $4
Miscellaneous $216 $0 $87
Membership/ club/ education $350 $0 $0
One-Off $0 $0 $0
Total $3,143 $2,618 $1,939


Yes, I know – pretty big drop from May to July, but I think July was an aberration, and expect things to be more like May/June than July going forward.  We spent a large chunk of time at friends houses in July (and some in June too), which decreased the accommodation costs a lot, but now we’re back on the road till we reach our next victim place to stay ………………….(Volunteers, please write your name and address on a postcard and we’ll carefully consider your application).

Alarmingly our parking category has been climbing rapidly.  We’ll have to park in Walmarts and walk to places in order to keep our spending on that under control.

Altogether, the average spent per day = $78.87 (nice numerical symmetry)


We also need to start a ‘things to fix around the camper’ category – we have:

  • Fix a vent cap on the black tank – the other one fell off apparently
  • Black tank flush tubing
  • Reattach waste water pipes to the camper body – the brackets seem to have rusted away, and now it’s just flopping around a bit
  • Rethread one more blind
  • Fix leak under vanity sink
  • Fix bathroom fan (yes, still not done after a month….. must try harder)

…. And that’s to start with!


Also of interest – number of times Bert has drunk from a toilet = 1 (I hope…..)  – more on that one in another post, but here’s a teaser pic:



And the best statistic:

Most fortunate people in the world to be able to get to see and do all this, and meet some awesome people along the way = 2 – us!

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16 Responses to Some sort of Statistics for July

  1. Diane says:


  2. Laura says:

    Los Angeles has a special tax on diesel, so it’s about a dollar more per gallon there than in San Diego. I learned really quickly to fill up before I go there. The price in SD is about what you’ve paid at the highest. I once saw $4.99/gal in LA!

    Can’t wait to see you both! When are you here?

    • Kat says:

      That’s crazy – might have to drive around LA………. but we have no idea when we’re going to be where – we’re trying to work out where we want to be in two weeks (got to book up Labor Day soon, if it’s not too late already), and it feels really uncomfortable to schedule out that far!
      But you’re definitely on the list of people to visit……… how long is your driveway 😉

  3. Breck says:

    Ummm… I would not move again until I got that waste pipe secured. If you break the joint at the waste tank or develop a stress crack in the tank walls … that could be a really really big deal to fix. Maybe you can use some copper or zinc plated pipe strapping to stop it from moving.

    For the sink, I discovered that the nut securing the basket in our sink had loosened, and a few twists solved my kitchen sink leak. Just have to track down where the water is coming from. We do put large plastic bins under every sink to catch the inevitable leaks until we discover them. (And we now put our toilet paper rolls inside a garbage bag under the sink to keep them dry if we do “spring a leak”).

    And since the snake doesn’t care- could one of you stand near it so we get an idea of size ? Actually, I wouldn’t get close to that last one…

    • Kat says:

      We just discovered the waste pipe thing whilst leaving – we got some strapping and we’re doing it before we’re moving next. And we think the leaky vanity just needs some plumbers tape, and its been a little dripping from time to time in the bucket under the sink (we learnt that one from you!) – and we keep our toilet rolls above the toilet, and not below the sink, so no danger there – we just have to remember to close the toilet lid when we get them out of the cupboard, otherwise we could potentially get into a nasty situation.

      And the snake doesn’t really care because we run away so fast – I’m sure if Bert went to stand by it (notice I said Bert, and not me) it might care more. And we have band-aids and a whistle in the emergency kit, not snake bite anti-venom, so I thought it prudent not to get too close.

  4. Jeff McLean says:

    What a cool update. Facts and figures love it. Will look forward to a power point presentation upon your return unless you find a better place to call home the we will come see you. We are so happy that your experiencing Ll that you have and more to come o am certain. Miss you both and as always safe travels

    Jeff, Michelle and Jensen.
    Ps. I am camping tonight with Jensen. 90 degrees and high humidity. No alcohol, plenty of bugs and possible snakes. No blog to follow. 😉

    • Kat says:

      Can’t condense the trip down enough to do a PowerPoint – well, I could try I suppose:

      – Amazing
      – You should do it
      – Too much to see, not enough time

      Enjoy the camping – sounds like fun! It’s 43 degrees Farenheit here this morning – wish it was a little warmer!

  5. Julie S says:

    Great job on the statistics, Kat! Ya’ll have covered a lot of territory in 3 1/2 months. And made lots of new memories to boot. I appreciate the budget numbers. My guess is ours will be a bit higher, particularly in the alcohol category ’cause I just can’t see Casey giving up his martinis. Oh, and you might want to add a new category – bottled water. Poor Bert has had to resort to drinking from the toilet. Lordy, I think I have seen it all now. Can’t wait to hear the backstory on that one!
    Love and hugs,
    Julie (and Casey)

    • Kat says:

      Thanks Julie – it feels like we’ve gone everywhere but nowhere when I look at the map and see what else there is to see out there. You guys will love it – especially with martinis in hand! But that alcohol category does add up quickly. You’ll have a choice – keep on working for another year or start drinking no name well liquor to get on the road earlier!
      Can’t wait to get down south to visit you – how cold does it get in the winter?

      • Julie S says:

        Winters aren’t bad, 40’s-60’s for the most part. It’s possible to have a few days below freezing but that didn’t happen last year. Casey was kinda bummed that he didn’t get to try out his heated water hose. Definitely not as warm as the Rio Grande Valley (S. Texas) but I like more than one season 🙂
        Ya’ll come on down!

  6. Debbie says:

    We may have a few Cassette Tapes for you when you come visit our neck of the woods.

  7. I know this is an older post, but I have started reading from the beginning and had to say how much I love the monthly summary posts and the picture of Bert drinking from the toilet…absolutely priceless. Thanks for making me laugh.

    • Kat says:

      Thanks Tracy – Have to let you know – that was not a stunt toilet, that was a real one…….. hmmmm. OK, maybe not. But we’re very glad you’re reading our little musings – Camper Chronicles is our favourite ‘life on the road’ blog! And we loved meeting you in TN – hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

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