State of the Union in May

Kat again.  This time, I have some more statistics and our on the road spending, all related to our first month and 2 days of life on the road (all of May and the last 2 days of April).  Slightly delayed, but at least it’s only June still, and not next February…….

Again, if you’re not interested in this sort of stuff, look away now, and come back some time next week when Bert will be talking about unicorns and rainbows.  And fluffy puppies.


This time I think I’ll do a little chart where you can see what we spent our money on……

Campsite $824.17 It’s our rent and utilities, all mixed up in one
Fuel $253.37 Mainly diesel for the truck, but we got about $6 of gas to test out our generator.  It works, but haven’t had to use it in anger yet.
Grocery $435.16 More than we’d like to spend in a regular month, but we did some entertaining.   And we have a mouse,  who must have been eating a large share of the groceries.
Restaurant $247.69 Ok, again, more social time…..
Alcohol $212.56 We spent a lot being social with friends and family.  Because of this we were aiming for no drinks other than water being purchased from 22nd May to the end of June, but we’re not 100% on that one so far – we went to see some live music in Nashville (‘cos you HAVE to) and had to buy a couple of beers.  There’s no such thing as free.  But I prefer to think of it as paying for the music and I got beers for free…….. I can justify anything if I want!  But this is the total before 22nd May……
Household $15.23 We got some plants – we have a basil plant, a dill plant and a cilantro/coriander (depending on the English that you speak) plant – fresh herbs – Yay!
Camper $262.45 This was for things like the shock, a tire that we replaced to make all 4 trailer tires the same and 8 bags of ice that we tried to clean out the black tank sensor.  Note to self – 8 bags is way too much – we had to buy beer to put in the cooler so we didn’t waste the ice….
Equipment $114.61 $60 for weighing the rig – maybe that should have been in miscellaneous. $54.61 for a screened canopy to keep the bugs and the sun off.
Truck $123.32 All the maintenance costs – oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter
Parking $2.30 Parking in Boone
Entertainment $67.70 This includes $16 to watch 6 year olds play baseball (pros at such a young age!), $25.20 for firewood (fire is entertainment) and $26.50 for the Jack Daniels tasting
Laundry $8.00 Clean clothes are priceless (well, not really – they’re $8)
Miscellaneous $216.25 We splurged and got the camper cleaned whilst we were at the RV seminar.  DIY from now on.
Membership/ club/ education $350.00 We went to the RV Dreams seminar in Sevierville – definitely worth doing even if only for the cool people we met (but we learnt some things too).  Then $30 for KOA (Keep On Adding) membership


Other arbitrary facts:

Days in the reporting period: 33

Total number of miles driven: 1478

Average number of miles traveled per day: 44.8

Miles travelled towing the camper: 679

Average number of miles towing between campgrounds: 113.2

Number of places stayed: 6

Average cost of accommodation per night: $24.97


Highest diesel cost per gallon:  $2.239 at a Speedway in Baxter, TN

Lowest diesel cost per gallon:  $1.779 at an Exxon in Sevierville, TN

Average MPG: 13.08

Average cost of fuel per mile:  15.8 cents



Visits to Walmart: too too many


Things we broke and fixed (and some things that weren’t broken but we ‘fixed’ anyway):

1 bathroom faucet (see cleanliness chapter below) – the tap had been leaking the whole time we had the camper, it just got a bit worse. Until Bert put a new one in – good job Bert!

1 kitchen faucet – ok, it wasn’t broken, but just looked yucky, so Bert replaced it.  Double nice job, Bert!

1 tire/tyre – we had an odd man out on the trailer tires, and one of these tires was not like the other (Sesame Street with Bert and Kat!).  We had 3 ST tires (trailer tires) and one LT (Light Truck tires).  Although the same size, the tire pressure and weight ratings are off between the two, so although the tire was good, the people that weighed the rig recommended that we replace with the same type as the other 3.  So we did.

1 shock – as we were crawling around under the camper, looking at stuff, Bert noticed that one shock was not attached.  After examining, we decided to buy a new one and fit it.  We have no idea if the new one works or not – it’s not like we’re riding back there just to see if the ride got smoother.

1 landing gear leg – as we were setting up at the KOA in Lebanon one of the landing gear legs broke (maybe more on that in another post) – luckily it was only one, and luckily I’m quite short anyway, as I was standing underneath at the time.  After running out to get some bottle jacks and cinder blocks to prop the camper up, we ended up replacing both legs (don’t want it to look lopsided) – we broke it in May, and the costs to fix it come in June, so tune in around August time to find out how much that cost (given my current posting schedule).

1 oil and oil filter change, 1 fuel filter replacement, 1 air filter replacement – with the help of Berts Uncle and cousin we changed the oil/oil filter/fuel filter/air filter in the truck.  It wasn’t broke, but we seem to be getting a bit better mpg now also.  And we are breathing clean air now – we took the old air filter out and it was like it had been driving through the Sahara for 6 months on the way to DustFest.

1 amazing electrickery upgrade – I’ll do a post in the future about our battery upgrade that we did, but we added in dual 6V batteries as well as a switch to switch between those batteries and the 12V that came with the camper.

unicorns and rainbows

Cleanliness (it’s next to godliness, you know):

Highest number of showers taken before the grey tank was filled to capacity: 8 (and we didn’t even fill the tank up!)

Lowest number of showers taken before the grey tank was filled to capacity:  3 – we had a dripping faucet in the bathroom toilet that had some periods of excess dripping (that’s what penicillin was invented for) – this goes into the same grey tank as the shower.  The day we left, we opened the shower and found a small swimming pool in the base and a large spider doing the backstroke across it.  Time to dump!

Amount of times we didn’t shower and smelt really bad: I always smell of roses.  Next question….

Number of gratuitous unicorn and puppy pictures: 4

And number of words in this post:  1137.


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2 Responses to State of the Union in May

  1. Julie S says:

    OK. I’m laughing so hard that I can’t even comment! I need some time and a couple of IPA’s and I’ll get back to ya. Kat, you are too much. Bert, my heart goes out to you!
    Love and hugs,
    Julie and Casey

    • Kat says:

      Why, thank you so much, but I think you might have got a little muddled due to the IPA situation………. it should be that your heart goes out to me because Bert likes unicorns and rainbows too much. And fluffy puppies.
      Miss you guys – we’ll have to make our way down there after the summer turns to fall or winter or some other time where my pale and delicate English skin won’t turn to paper in the sun…..

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