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Kat here. Bert has very kindly asked me to make a guest post on all the interesting points of our trip so far (not really – I just used my own initiative and I’ll put it in when she’s not really paying attention).


Anyway, as the resident tracker, I thought it would be of interest to very few people to know all the statistics  behind this trip, so if you’re not interested in the content of 12 interlinked spreadsheets, then look away now……. I’ll tell you when you can start reading again.


By the numbers:

Days on the road: 23 days from when we pulled out of Raleigh
Total number of miles traveled: 1092
Average number of miles traveled per day: 47.5
Miles travelled towing the camper: 618
Average number of miles towing between campgrounds: 123.6
Number of places stayed: 5
Average number of nights stayed in each place: 5 (well, after we finish up this stay)

Average cost of accommodation per night: $28.55

Accommodation cost extrapolated out to monthly:  $856.50.  This isn’t a bad number at all – less than a mortgage and it includes most of the utilities needed (water and electric, a sewer or sewer dump) – the only extra thing we need to pay for is the propane (oh, and the firewood.  That comes under a separate line item in the budget.)


Highest diesel cost per gallon:  $2.099 at a Murphys in Carthage, TN
Lowest diesel cost per gallon:  $1.779 at an Exxon in Sevierville, TN
Average MPG: 12.39
Average cost of fuel per mile: 16.2 cents
Hours the truck has been running: 32 hours 47 minutesThat gives an average speed of 33.3 miles per hour.  Not bad, when it takes approximately 2.7 hours to back into a campsite, so a good proportion of those engine time hours are spent going backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards accompanied by a healthy dose of shouting directions and maybe a little light swearing added in for good measure.




Average number of bratwurst eaten per week: 2.375  Who knows if this is correct or not.  But it feels like the right number.  In more ways than one.
Packets of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies consumed: One third.  They have to be rationed severely – they’re the only package of Thin Mints in the camper, and it’s not the season any more.
Times we said “That was such a good buy” about the Weber Q100 when cooking out: Every time




Number of times I said “I can’t believe how tiny chipmunks are”: 17
Snakes seen: 2
Snakes run away from: 2
Snakes that didn’t give a shit that we were there: 2
Butterflies caught in the front grille: 3.  We leave the dead ones in there as warnings to the others.




Most number of days gone without emptying tanks: 10.
Number of tanks that have sensors that are sort of accurate:  2. The grey water (shower and bathroom sink) and the galley water (kitchen) tanks sort of have some sort of indicator.  The black tank (the one where the nasty stuff goes) is always showing Full, and the Fresh water tank has no lights on there at all – must be a loose connection or something.
How we knew when it was time to empty: The toilet makes a funny noise rather like ‘blurp’ and starts stinking.  Try not to put any more in at that point – there’s only one way it could go, and it’s not pretty.
Number of times the tank capacities will be tested again:  at least 11 – you can’t make any conclusions without a healthy dozen data points.  Which means that sometime around the middle of September we might know with a degree of confidence how many days we can stay out in the wilderness before stinking the joint up.


If there are any other statistics that you would like to know, please mail them in on a postcard to the editor and at the monthly meeting the management will take a vote on the statistical significance of the desired statistic.


Oh, and as per the previous warning; if you don’t like spreadsheets, you can start reading again……
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18 Responses to The statistics edition

  1. Sam says:

    Loved those stats! Keep’em coming!

    Adult beverages consumed? Has the road made you more of beer or wine connoisseurs?

    • Kat says:

      Funny you should mention adult beverages….. the challenge for the rest of this month and all of next month is to not buy any drinks except water….. so we’re rationing what we have left….. with the one exception of our visit to the Jack Daniels distillery tomorrow (of course!). In the next stats edition you’ll see how much we spent on alcohol so far….. ouch!
      As far as whether we’re more beer or wine drinkers on the road, actually it’s all about size and weight (as with so many other things in life…..) and so the best thing to drink is probably spirits (more concentrated) followed by box wine (easier to store than bottled wine) and beer last. However in practice we practise non-discriminatory drinking. Which means we drink anything and everything.

      • Debbie says:

        Speaking of black tank…and beverages consumed, be careful…the contents may be flammable.

      • Breck says:

        We think we just abandoned our Canada border crossing – best we can tell we are limited to 2 bottles of wine or equivalent, and we’re up to 2 cases at the moment. When you get west, we’ll give you some pointers on how to really destroy your budget.

        • says:

          Not a terrible problem to have. 🙂 We are not going to buy any alcohol until June 30th in order to get our budget back on track. Those first 3 weeks on the road showed us how much drinking can affect our budget, which we knew, but sort of ignored. It’s better for us not to drink anyway, but a glass of wine at the end of the day while eating dinner sure is nice.

  2. Breck Barker says:

    The black water tank may have “through the tank wall sensors” which may have some “debris” on them. Perhaps after being filled and jostled around while towing will help clean off the sensor elements. Or use a wand “down the hole”. If no luck, you can shift over to a See-Level system one day.

    BTW – keep the statistics coming… this OCD RVer is very impressed… and diesel out here in the west is around $2.50/ gal if you shop around. Thank you GasBuddy!

    • Kat says:

      I agree – GasBuddy is the best!
      We have the ‘through the wall’ sensors, so my plan is one time after we drain (and do some washing/flushing) of the tank, I might remove one or two, clean them off and reinsert them. With gloves of course!

  3. Karl S. Kramer says:

    Since we are mostly scientist keep the stats coming!

  4. Shelby Bowers says:

    Average number of showers taken per week? Average length of shower?

    – Shelby and Debbie

    • Kat says:

      Funny you should mention showers – that’s the next statistics gathering stage. In order to work out how many showers we can have without needing to dump the grey shower tank. So not only are the showers being counted, but timed now, and the results go on the whiteboard, prior to being logged in excel.
      On average, when we have a sewer hookup, or we’re in someones driveway, showers are every day. When not, then it’s a shower every other day and then wash ‘pits, tits and bits’ the other day. Stay tuned for the shower statistics episode, coming to a website near you soon…..

  5. K&D says:

    That’s interesting data! Yeah and also how many books have been read and what is the average age of fellow campers? Love the bratwurst and snakes…too funny!

    • Kat says:

      Books read – quite a few. Ones that I have read this week – ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, ‘Extreme Early Retirement’, ‘The Jakarta Pandemic’ and ‘Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success’.
      It’s nice to have time to think!

  6. Laura says:

    MOAR data! 🙂 Love this post.

  7. Alice says:

    I agree with Karl, love the stats.

    • Kat says:

      How about this stat:
      number of oatmeal raisin cookies consumed in the last week – 0
      number of oatmeal raisin cookies consumed in the week before moving – 0.25 per hour……. Thanks for the cookies!

  8. Karen Kwitnieski says:

    “Not bad, when it takes approximately 2.7 hours to back into a campsite,…” LMAO!!! The true test of any relationship – parking. It is why Rob and I park our own- Enjoy!

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