Time in Napa

Chilly night air, bright stars, frogs singing loudly all around and a full moon. I love night time walks through the campground. And best of all during the day the sun is finally out! Life is good. We have had so much rain it has been crazy. It wasn’t always a heavy downpour, but when you are in a camper the noise is magnified quite a bit. It is like being in a house with a metal roof. We slipped in some walks when we could, but have been mostly in the camper. We did get productive one day and repaired some of the blinds that had strings which were starting to fray and creating unusable and lopsided blinds. It feels good to have those done so we can look outside and let some light in too. Now we are just waiting on an Amazon order for more string to do the last few who look like they will fail soon. The string has to be 1.4mm nylon which just doesn’t seem to be sold in stores. We have no TV signal, so watching mindless shows for hours was not an option. I have tried not to get so sucked into book reading as I tend to do and instead have been watching YouTube videos on website building. I have a small part time job helping a busy psychologist keep her website updated and improve her social media sites. I wasn’t planning on working this year, but I need to subsidize my Obama care. I was on the fence about taking time to learn this new skill, but I have always wanted to learn how and now seems like a good time to do it. I am hoping once I get this under my belt I can get a little more work from other sources and turn it into a real job. Other than making the time to do the work, I also sometimes feel I need to do something productive that adds value to someone or something. Funny how work is such a big part of how we identify and value ourselves. I think that is why when people get closer retirement age they wonder what they will do with themselves. Hobbies take our mind off of work and are fun ways to occupy ourselves, but when they are a main part of your day they lose a little of the joy they provide. They just aren’t special anymore. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely be happy without work, I am content most days to just read, ride my bike, run errands, explore the local area, do little improvements on the camper or just do everyday things like cooking. But, there are days where you feel “lost” and you have to either accept that it is temporary or do something that gets rid of that feeling and that usually works best if it is something productive.

A hawk waiting for dinner.

View of Napa from one of the trails in Skyline.

Part of the Skyline campground…lots of disc golf to be played here.

Love the California scenery.

Took a short 2 mile walk up to Lake Marie. The access trail is in the campground.

During the last week there was crazy weather all across the country and it left some people waiting for the rain to stop or being trapped indoors by ice, snow and flooding they have probably felt a little out of sorts because they aren’t sure what to do with themselves with no work or school to go to. Funny though because when we are busy working there is always a list of things we need to get done. Good for those people who cleaned out their closets, organized paperwork and pictures while having that unexpected free time given to them by the forces of nature. Mother nature will always throw things at us and we have to deal with them. Just remember the sun will come out and things will clear up.

River in Downtown Napa after the rain.

We moved yesterday to a new campground that is located in the Napa valley Expo center. It is really close to downtown and with the traffic noise we are reminded of that, but it is nice to be able to just walk to Starbucks or the Oxbow market where you can enjoy a coffee, wine and cheese, oysters or a good beer. We also had plenty of TV channels, but no NBC, so it wasn’t that exciting for me because all I really want it for is to watch the Today show for a little while in the morning. The Skyline Wilderness park was pretty empty the night before we left, but we had to go because you can only stay there for 14 days at a time and 90 days per year. They are mandated by the county to do that because they don’t want it to become a place where people stay permanently. So, the way around that is to move out for a few days and then go back, which is our plan. Campers come and go a lot, so I think everyone is doing the same thing,   It is kind of nice to be in one town for awhile even if we have to move around a bit. A couple of days I took some time to get rid of my stir craziness that the rain gave me to go run errands and I have found all the grocery stores that help us buy the good food we need for nice warm meals. Kat was content to hang out in the camper because she is fighting with a cold. I am hoping not to get it too. If I do I am happy the sun will be out to burn off some of the germs. The weekend looks to be full of good weather with lots of sun, so I am looking forward to that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Biggest Brussel sprout ever!

Parked at Skyline campground.

Napa Expo campground.

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5 Responses to Time in Napa

  1. Karl S. Kramer says:

    HI you crazy campers!
    We were wondering where you were with all the bad weather out there. It has been gray here too and warm which is kinda good for saving on heat and not burning much wood. I’m still out of work but am getting close to returning. I have enjoyed my time off but I have been occupied with PT and getting caught up around the hous but it is time to go back.
    Not hunting is driving me crazy but I knew I would be limited.
    I hope Kat feels better and you don’t get sick!

    Tak crar!


    • bertski3@msn.com says:

      The rain has stopped! Let me know how it goes when you get back to work.
      Everything is going well and Kat is still working on getting healthy… I ate a clove or two of garlic in the beginning and it didn’t get me as bad!

  2. Lisa K Bok says:

    Hi Bert & Kat! Great to read about your travels! We’ve been completely self absorbed in getting all of out stuff done to go full time and we are finally there!! Leaving for Quartzsite on Monday. We look forward to reading about your adventures and hope our paths cross again soon!

    Lisa & Dave Bok
    RV-Dreams class of 2016!

  3. Tracy Brousard says:

    You make a very good point about work being such a big part of how you identify with yourself. I hope you enjoy your new endeavor! I am in the process of looking for mine…..very slowly! 🙂

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