Where does the time go?

Is it really Thursday already?  Once again, I have to backtrack on my posting.  I either need to step it up and keep current or just accept that this is the way it will be.  It’s sort of funny to be always trying to remember what happened in the past few days and try to write about it because when I was younger I always kept a journal and wrote in it every night. Why can’t I seem to do that with this blog?

Let’s see what happens.  But, for now I’ll get caught up on the week so far.  Maybe tonight will be a new start-or not. haha.

Monday will be talked about in a separate email because the Jack Daniels Distillery deserves its own post with pictures.  That was an awesome day all around.

Tuesday, May 24th

We woke up early (7am) so we could have coffee before Kat had to get on a conference call and while she was doing that I took a quick bike ride over to the day area of Henry Horton state park to check out their big parking lot where we planned on doing some camper backing up practice.  We should have done this initially before we hit the road and have done ok in the meantime, but we both really want to be good at backing into sites and have accepted the fact that we need to practice to get better. When I got back we had a good breakfast of egg and green chili burritos, then packed up the camper.  On the way out we had to empty the black tank in anticipation of the next campground where there would only be electric and water on our site.  We headed over to the parking lot and practiced backing up for about an hour.  (Disclaimer-No cones were damaged in this practice exercise).     Kat drove us to our next stop only an hour away in Lebanon, TN.  This is the KOA I mentioned in an earlier post.

The KOA campground is unlike any other campgrounds we have stayed at.  There are a lot of semi-permanent and permanent campers here.  A lot of the people work in Nashville and stay here while they are working.  So far there are no people walking around the campsite with their dogs or kids like there are in the State parks. The people next to me have two kids, they are staying in a popup camper and a big tent and are here for 6 months while they save up a down payment for their first house.  The kids are super quiet and well behaved.  That makes them so much cuter.

I was nervous about which site they would assign us and my instincts were correct.  They tried to put us in a 34 foot site that was not wide enough for our slides. It was basically an unshaded gravel driveway at the front of the campground facing the registration parking lot. It kind of looked like an afterthought or an attempt at getting just a few more sites that could make money. We asked to be moved. We were honest when they asked if we liked it and said NO. The management huddled together for a while and juggled things around until they had a better site for us. The son of the owner guided me while I backed in and he was the best helper I have ever had, (sorry Kat).  We got backed in quickly and smoothly.  Then the poop hit the fan!  Kat was putting down the landing gear and all of a sudden there was a clunk and one of the legs gave out and the camper just dropped! Not far, but enough to freak us out.  We aren’t sure what happened, but one of the landing legs stopped responding to the motor and only one leg was holding the camper up in the front.   After debating whether to go to Walmart or Autozone to get a jack for a temporary hold we headed out to Autozone and bought two hydraulic bottle jacks. We figured we could use them at some point down the road to help stabilize the camper.  When we got back we found they were not even close to being tall enough to reach the bottom of the camper, so off to Home Depot for a fix.  We ended up with a few cinder blocks and that got us set for the night.  I got a phone number from the camp manager for a mobile RV maintenance guy (every campground has a local favorite it seems) and he said he would be here in the morning.  Kat was right about needing to get here early to get me all set up before she left on her trip.

After getting everything set up we took a walk around the campground and found there are some pretty nice sites further back. The laundry room looks clean and that’s good since I need to do a few loads of washing.  The sites in the back have nice views of big fields that surround the area and are not so close to the highway, so the noise from I-40 is less.  In our camper you constantly hear the highway noise.  I have a small fan running in the living room, so it’s not so bad.  Not my first choice of campgrounds, but I am happy to have a place to stay over the holiday weekend and it will all be fine.

Wednesday, May 25th

We headed for the airport at 3am to get Kat on her 5am flight.  Don’t feel too bad for her, she sent me pictures of her two breakfasts of fruit and champagne, then sushi and champagne (yes, she got upgraded to first class) and that was only on her way to Chicago!  The Chicago to London breakfast was to be crab eggs benedict!  I went home to the camper and went back to bed to wake up to my breakfast of cereal. Later in the morning I wanted to explore the area a bit, so I went to Walmart for a few things like fresh veggies ( I am going to ask Kat to include the number of Walmart visits per week into the Statistics).  I also went to the post office- woohoo!

When I got back the Mobile RV guy, Jack,  showed up.  He fixed the awning for me because it was coming off the side of the camper on one side and we were hesitant to use it.  Seems all good now, but I do need to caulk that area (along with the other spots that need it- all on my “Keep Bert busy list”) He corrected me on how we pull it out and put it back in. Now I know the correct sequence of knobs to twist and levers to push and pull.  Maybe someday we will invest in an electric one?    It rained like crazy last night so I put the awning back up during a rain break.  There were tornado warnings popping up on my phone and I am not sure what county I am in so thought I would be safe  until I could look it up on the computer.  As for the landing gear, he took the bad leg out and took it for the night to take it apart and discuss it with his buddies.  Hmmm- maybe we should just replace it, but it could be as simple as a broken pin inside. Shouldn’t be a huge deal to fix or replace. It’s not fun to have things break and have to put the money into it to fix it, but I am sort of happy to know the age and status of functionality of the parts on the camper.  We are always learning.

The best part about this campground is I actually have the best Wifi of any campsite we have been to!  I am super happy about that because I don’t have to use my hotspot at all unless doing things that need secure sites like banking, etc.  I also have a ton of TV channels, but found last night that TV is a boring waste of time, so I went back to reading.  Maybe it will be better to blog at night?

Happy Thursday!


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3 Responses to Where does the time go?

  1. Breck says:

    Blogging is far more difficult that people realize. I tend to wait until we finish a “stop” before capturing the highlights of that trip segment. What takes me longer than writing is processing the images that I want to save. Again, most people don’t appreciate the effort to use Lightroom and improve each image. I have over 1000 images so far this trip, and that’s only about 10-20% of what I took as I throw away most. Good luck with the leg… and relax- we’re okay if you don’t post daily!

  2. Diane says:

    All I can say is “Kat owes you!”

  3. K&D says:

    So fun hearing all about it! We love reading it!

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